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  • unloved_poetries 29w

    I wish they give back the option to insert pictures :(

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    Grief from the horizon rises through the clouds, blotting the halcyon days in insipid greys.

    Sunset drifts from pastel to an achromatic shade , as if mourning to my unhappiness, like a lover does.
    I walk over untended grass, blowing away half lost dandelions.

    Looking for someone that has left is still a ritual I ardently follow.
    I refuse to find solace in a home painted with plastic paints, when all my life, I had breathed forest in my cedar walls.

    I have been contemplating on all the things that define me, but nothing seems to complete me.

    Anyways, losing yourself in this vast universe is neither surprising nor a failure. Even the stars and planets lose their way.

    Asking about how monochromatic my thoughts are, you might wonder when I'll let them go.
    Tristful memories are my muse. How can I ever let them go?

  • unloved_poetries 30w

    Why do you give a home in your heart to all the things that broke you ?
    Why is it that you make your heart a burial ground
    And then survive on the decaying memories until the end of last dawn?

    Why must it be you who is too kind?
    Why do you need to blame yourself for every little thing that do and don't happen?

    Why don't you feel your fragile heart crushing under things that you seem to know already?
    Why do you take so long to run away from things that break you totally?

    For once, you should remember that everything starts and ends within you.
    And you never not know what's the right thing to do.

  • unloved_poetries 30w

    Another one of those days,
    When your eyes look heavier.

    I wish I could slip in from behind, kiss you on your shoulder and tell you how things would fall in place.

    I remember the first time you had cried infront of me.
    How I had held you like a baby and how in the end, out of all things,
    When everything was falling apart,
    You had whispered an I love you.

    When the next day you told me,
    That no one knows how you break at times,
    And how loud in grief ; you cry in silence,
    A fear had built in me.
    I promised to take care of you.

    But today, when you are as wilted as a decade old summer flower,
    And inspite of me loving you a little more than the moon and stars,
    I can't even call out your name.
    Forget about anything else.

    I worry about how people around you are ignorant about you.
    I wish I could reach you out and walk with you through the storms,
    But now, your and my skies are unaware of each other's existence
    And the sunset in my sky feels like a new goodbye everyday.

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    When you want to put things back into their place,
    Life doesn't give you the chance to.
    Some things are better fallen apart.

  • unloved_poetries 31w

    The song of Achilles.

    - It felt like the end of everything.

  • unloved_poetries 32w

    //.....Woh jahan durr jisse gaye the nikal
    Phir se yaadon ne kar di hai jaise pehel//

    We had walked away on different paths long time ago.
    But every step I take on this lonely road, I wish you would magically walk back from the other side, come and hold my hands and tell me, " I missed you" - like you did everytime, your voice deep and soft.

    We could walk together for some more distance and I would tell, how this feels so much better with you.
    The unknown streets would start feeling familiar, and every strange road would feel home - because your heart would be calm, and in love - and mostly, at peace.

    But for some reason, the day would end,
    The sun would set, and our grey glooms would share the same horizon with the blue and pastel sunset sky. Time would fly....

    //Lamha beet ta huwa
    Dil dhukata raha
    Khamakha bewajah khwaab bunta raha//

    The nightfall would arrive and you would be gone with the sunset and merge in the darkness. I would be left alone, cold, once again.

    Standing on the parched roads, with a withered forget-me-not in my hand, I would write another poetry in your name.
    (Or maybe just stare at the void of your absence.)

    //Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar
    Is shehar mein na apna thikana raha//

    I decided to leave behind everything. This place feels so familiar and strange at the same time and I find no ground nor any home here.
    I would keep you alive in me, in my words. I promise you that. You are too precious to be forgotten and unloving you would be the worse kind of heartbreak.

    //Durr chahat se main apni chalta raha
    Bujh gayi aag thi
    Daag jalta raha//

    I know it won't be easy.
    But when did I ever choose the easier way to love?


    Hindi lines from Tu ne jo naa kaha

    This song has a special place in everyone's heart.

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    Hum safar mein toh hain
    Humsafar hai nahin

  • unloved_poetries 32w

    If you happen to enter my room, it would reek of sadness. Loneliness would once in a while hit you, like blowing wind and linger within you, long after it passes away.
    You would smell burning papers while ashes settle on your skin and a salty smell of dampness hidden within every fabric of the linens would prick you.
    Pasts would be decaying in a corner and I would be trying desperately to preserve it. The sky outside would be dark and the world a busy place, isolating me out.


    I stare at the world outside on days when I'm too tired of all these cycles. I reach the window, and pause to look at the people too occupied within their life, rushing everywhere, reaching nowhere.

    I step back and lie on my bed. I stare at the ceiling. So lifeless and still. I wish it were a person beside me lying right now, caressing my hair, asking me how my day was.

    I wish it weren't the rancid aftertaste of bitterness and grime stains of all the gloom.
    I wish it were lavender fragrance of love and happy gossips of coy forehead kisses that flutter like tiny butterflies amidst the green lemon grass fields.

    I wish you could see something else when you would meet me, instead of what you would see.

    #lavenderc @writersbay #writersbay

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    Life smells more like moist autumns, bringing goodbyes at your doorstep every time the wind blows.

  • unloved_poetries 32w

    18 autumns later,
    I walk like a stranger
    in a place once called home.
    I smell dampened paints
    falling off the walls,
    and broken tiles
    paving ways for moist soil.

    Mosses and weeds bloom
    against the dark of the room
    And fabrics of the curtains
    have worn off,
    trying to stop the wind
    that from the cracked panes,
    blew in.
    The curtains were afraid
    that the wind would
    carry away the last warmth
    of the abandoned room,
    And they would be barren cold
    till they would see another noon.

    Last few decaying leaves
    Of the once green graceful
    Gulmohar tree,
    Lies scattered on the floor.
    Two more red flowers,
    I assume the last when it bloomed,
    Mourns beside the rotten leaves.
    You could tell they were lovers,
    The soothing green
    And passionate red,
    The way they lie tangled,
    Decaying slowly, after death.

    And before the fading memories,
    Of my own lost beautiful stories
    Could cloud my mind
    with pain laced calm breeze,
    I run away forever
    To one more strange city.

  • unloved_poetries 32w

    "This was where we met." I say with a distant look in my eyes. You look at me with confusion in your eyes but nod nevertheless.

    The sunset looks beautiful today.
    I didn't want to make it a sad day.
    Does it matter anymore? I mock myself.

    I didn't know where to start from.
    All the floating dandelions, and on one, set my dreams and hopes. I stare at it silently, as I watch it carry them away, towards the drowning sun.

    " This is where we part." I speak out, the words bitter on my tongue.
    I don't know what you say after that or how the emotions play on your face.

    I've been watching the fall of everything lately. You became like this lost star that wandered away too far.
    I have seen you falling out of love and I really can't blame you,
    For all that blooms, withers away too.


  • unloved_poetries 33w

    In the fading memories - wrapped in the lyrics of a song, you appear, like a gentle storm. You kiss my forehead with all the lost love I miss. I shed a tear, you wipe them away, I smile a little, you smile wider.
    Peace gets stolen and replaced, while you keep drifting away like a dying star. All the words I don't speak, I wish to write them to you someday.
    Holding my hands, pulling me in, you keep taking me away to a world of hynotic feelings, beyond all the beautiful things.
    As the dawn breaks in and darkness dies in between, you are about to vanish like another incomplete dream.
    You warn me with your silent eyes - to let you go. And if possible, this time, forever.
    I keep my fingertips on the curve of your lips, close my eyes and lean in to your beating heart. Something between a sorry and a goodbye leaves your lips.

    The heartbeat gets dull, a distant thumping .
    And then the song ends, like another beautiful dream.

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    You are like a poetry encased in a song.

  • unloved_poetries 33w

    Trickles of anxiety run down your skin.
    Citylights gleam under your tears and you blink them away.
    That was the only moment of you, about to breakdown.
    But you hold up.

    While others talk, and tell their love stories, you hide yours.
    You don't want them to hate the person you loved once and you don't want them to love the person who left you, all at once.

    All these torn apart thoughts and chaotic feelings you bury and burst,
    all the times you heal and hurt,
    the long empty stares at the starless dark skies - keeps you stuck in a place, where no one finds your soul anymore.

    You lose it part by part- in little scattered pieces - and sometimes - the whole of the heart -all at once.
    And all you do is lose yourself because things that make you find yourself have lost their way.
    And the ones that found you, fail to seep into your tragic heart, because you find the darkness comforting, between all the bright stars.
    You weren't like this always. You don't know when you had turned into someone who held onto all the dark sides and never even noticed it, because you were always a good observer for as long as you remember.

    Two hours has passed. And just like that, you realise, you were again lost in that vicious world, too deep - to notice the drifting time killing your present - part by part.
    And one day in the end, it will be all that will remain of you.
    And you fear that.

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    Am I lost again?