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  • unloved_poetries 8w

    It was neither in your intention, nor my choice.
    It was in the wind that felt cold which struck me with a realization of an echoing emptiness residing outside and within.

    The stars that look like pieces of glass, once in a while falls over the horizon of an abandoned desert,
    So worthless, when devoid of eyes that admires its beauty,
    Same as the heart; so languid, when devoid of love.

    This, the world of love,
    Onism a constant incompleteness,
    You, a permanent scar on my memory,
    And things like these - etched on grief;
    too hard to be talked about,
    Yet too often grieved upon;

    I'm afraid, most of all,
    Of an infinite half, that can never be whole.

    And most of all, I'm talking about us.

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  • unloved_poetries 9w

    Blurring hopes decay your heart, yet you tell people, love is what keeps you alive.
    Grief of love weighs heavier than the happiness. Broken dreams make you cry instead of the ones you never dreamt about.
    And you tell, dreams are what keep you alive.

    Life must have a sardonic algorithm. Ready to fill your heart and emptying it, as if it were its favourite pastime.

    In every sunset, I see myself drowning within the depth of oceans, and pieces of me scattering away with the evening breezes.
    Somedays, I feel, that's how it'll stop. When I'll vanish in parts, and nothing would remain to bother me anymore.
    Yet every midnight, the grief swims out of the ocean, and sleeps peacefully by my side, keeping me awake.

    Tell me, if you ever saw them coming to an end. I'm waiting for mine.

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  • unloved_poetries 13w

    Sorrows stay like
    a permanent skyline,
    stuck with
    the sky of happiness.

  • unloved_poetries 14w

    What if my love isn't
    What I summarise in the poems
    In a few words
    But an eternal universe
    Of infinite stars?

    Incomprehensible at times,
    And chaos of pasts,
    Would you still admire them
    Like an astronomer does
    To a pile of rocks and crusts?

    Would you still keep them
    Close to your heart
    And memorise every syllable
    Like a devotee of love?

    What if one day you come to know
    None of it were true,
    Nor were they a lie?

    Would you still tell people
    Of a poet who lived
    With dying love in his heart?
    And you had always admired him,
    Like one did, the sunset and the stars.

  • unloved_poetries 18w

    When the sky falls
    Over the ocean floor
    And comets collide
    With the stars,
    I'll take a walk
    amongst the chaos
    And tell them how
    I have felt it all before.

  • unloved_poetries 18w

    Where had you lost yourself in the rainy night of a gloomy limbo?
    When had you returned?
    Did you find yourself again when you had returned or were you lost a little more?
    Your lover has left you a letter in the unopened mailbox. She said she misses you. When was the last time you looked her in the eye and told her that she was beautiful or that you loved her?

    Canvas on your tabletop smells of old paint. You forgot to repair your roof last autumn. The raindrops dripped on them, blurring and smearing the lines, untill all the colours mixed to give off a fresh stale smell.
    You should have seen the mess it created.

    The cat you used to feed has settled in a different home. A home from where there's no road that reaches your house. You should have seen how it had waited at the doorstep before leaving. Waiting to purr out a goodbye.

    The fallen leaves unswept in your porch covered up the path. All those who walked down your house were convinced that the house was empty.
    Not that they cared about your existence before, anyways.

    The town had celebrated an event last night and the corner where your house stood spoke of the melancholy to be mourned. It reminded every merry man to count his happiness as long as his gloom hid in the deep ocean.

    Were you still sitting by the dead oak tree, staring at the stars that night, choosing not to break your silence when the town was appreciated for bringing calmness while the quietness of your house was announced eerie?

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  • unloved_poetries 20w

    One of the rare write ups where I gave a title too. XD

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    If the waves have taken you oceans across, to a land where my existence doesn't exist, know that I miss you from a place where everything reminds me of you, where you don't exist.

    All these vague metaphors, and I know you were sitting right by my side at the next table in that cafe where you had once told me all your dreams plucked from different verses of all the books I didn't read.
    I still remember how happy I was,
    imagining me with you,
    In all those dreams you handpicked,
    In all those words you chanted,
    In all those promises you intended.

    I wanted to call out your name,
    or maybe shout out a line from those verses, to let you know that I was still here and we could still walk together to our dreams.
    I was almost about to do it, when I realised, you weren't looking for me at all.
    That it wasn't you who was carried away by the waves, but me, oceans away.
    Away from you, your memories and your dreams.

    And all you did was to wave a goodbye,
    never turning back to see, how far it carried me away,
    Or if I had just drowned before I could reach a place to harbor me.

    The sky flashed grey.
    So did my eyes and heart. I don't know if it was pain, gloom or numbness but I know it was heavy. I don't know if it was a relief in the most obscure form, but I know that I didn't feel right.

    I ran back home.
    On the barks of a willow, I carved out the dead words of our love and I saw the leaves wilting away.
    Now you know why one kind of willow is called a 'weeping willow'.

  • unloved_poetries 21w

    Tell me what lies
    In the forbidden zone
    Of an evergreen forest?
    How many caterpillars creep
    On the forest floor
    While dead birds rot by its side?

    Whose eyes get mesmerized
    When orchards bloom in the wild?
    Whose skin does a nettle leaf sting
    When no man walks around it?

    I had been to that place once;
    The place that carried
    The ghastly essence of a forest.

    Not the literal forest
    That eases your mind,
    But the dreadful scariness
    That lingers silently,
    As the wind warns you
    Of the mistaken step you took.

    When silence holds too heavy,
    Voices play sick in your mind.
    And till the time you know
    It's better to run away,
    You forget how to run.

  • unloved_poetries 22w

    Life's always been full of empty threats.
    Darkening of the sky before it rains, stopping you to go visit your lover for the one last time.
    Silent gazes across streets accusing you, as if love is a crime.
    Lonely, anxious walks of a heartbroken neighbour late in the night,
    Warns you of what lies beyond love, when it gets over.

    But what really counts is how you close down your windows, fearing one of it might get to you. Abandoning it abandons a beautiful part of you.

    You stay away from love.
    You don't know if it's the absence or presence of it that makes you more miserable, and thinking about it all only confuses you more.

    As empty as the threats hold, the joy you will find in falling in love is as fulfilling.
    Just that, it will be anything but empty.

  • unloved_poetries 22w

    'Forever' is the absence of you before we met and after you left.
    Everything else is only a flicker of transient happiness.