i wrote whatever daily happen in my life , all are related to my life . that solve ....

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  • unknownwrite07 4w


    No more request
    No more msg
    No more calls
    No more overthinking

    All are happy in their own places

  • unknownwrite07 7w


    Thing that we plan never be happened
    What a joke naaa

  • unknownwrite07 20w

    Sudhar jaa

    Sara jamana har jayegaa tuze samjate samjate , hum bikkar Kar tuth Jayega ek din, lekin hamesha ki tarahe jis din tuze pata chlega naa ki to galat thi tab jayke Yaad karega hame kund ki Zindagi barbaad Karke Hume Yaad karega aur bolegi Yaar soory tum thik the plzz jara si help cahiye thi , tab hum tuz par gussa hoge tappad bhi lagayenge likin tuze gale lagakar bolege kamini tetion naa Lee hum hai tere sath.

  • unknownwrite07 20w

    Corona days

    Go Corona Go!!
    Somebody thinking someone one telling some one blessings somebody dying sometime lockdown starting someone r suffering , sometimes the year is ending but the virus is not finising

  • unknownwrite07 20w

    No title for this

    I shall on a demand but fell off for a luck they kick me out and extraordinary people are offered.

  • unknownwrite07 21w


    Have u hear a sound off a nature , a best way to relax an feel happy be with nature you will forget all your pain , an feel like u will never dream u can never thought about it..

  • unknownwrite07 22w

    The life changes

    The people will say u don't do this thing it is risky but, then u say to them that if I get rejection then it's okk but without taking a risk ,the life is incomplete...

    Because the most powerful motivation is rejection.

  • unknownwrite07 23w

    Think like idiot

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    The thinker can think soo much an make a plan but the genius r those who act like an idiot but


  • unknownwrite07 24w

    Some time we take , more care of a person
    That we never having an idea that the person


  • unknownwrite07 27w