Everything Happens For A Good Reason ��

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  • unknownpage 8w

    There is no harm in injuring oneself
    But the mate issue was suffocating
    It's not your fault, it's yours

    The eyes do not see you
    There is no sign of conflict
    I do not know
    An unknown pain is slippery
    Neither you nor I are myself
    The burden is life
    I can not reach you

  • unknownpage 9w

    A word appeared while bathing.
    Lines formed from the word branch when rubbing the soap.
    When the cloth is washed and wound; Three-quarters of the poem is born. The last two lines were emotional.
    Wiped head; When writing in front of the computer; The wife has arrived.
    To speak of worldliness
    Unable to last until the poet .

  • unknownpage 11w

    I love you...
    Because it would be impossible
    for me not to love you.
    I love you without questions,
    without calculation, without reasons
    good or bad, faithfully, with all my heart
    and soul, and every faculty.

    Believe it, these all words are true.
    If you cannot believe, still I being at your side. I will make a drastic effort to force you believe me. To trust my feeling for you.

    I love you unconditionally

  • unknownpage 30w

    Your eyes always
    drives me crazy...
    Is it me or your fault
    that makes me jealousy...
    You are the one
    who is in my lady...

  • unknownpage 31w

    If u go as a moonlight in the sky
    Water pouring clouds would pour milk..
    If your footprint is embedded in the sea,
    sugar would bloom instead of salt....
    Flowerpiece in the dress worn by others
    Flower garden in the dress you wear ...
    If you walk down the street like honey
    The sight of seeing is all upon you...

  • unknownpage 41w

    You can travel
    for many days
    with affection ...
    Let's travel
    a long day
    with love ...
    You can never
    travel with disguise ...

  • unknownpage 42w

    These eyes that see you,
    why do they need to see
    anything else in the world?
    Why such big punishments for love which surprisingly is only a two syllable word?

    When you breathe i feel like
    my lifespan increased
    Please stop throbbing my heart like
    a sharp thorn!

    I will destroy all those flowers
    That try to touch you
    I will remove those eyes
    That stare you even if it is for a moment

  • unknownpage 46w

    Don't hide the first love like this
    Don't hide your little smiles like that
    It's breezing the cold winds
    Just to reach You

    Let yourself come out from you
    like a full moon breaking out
    From the black clouds

    If this rain knows the sense of touch,
    It'll touch your heart
    Your name is being spelled
    in my heart today...

  • unknownpage 49w

    I will keep loving you even if my breath stops
    I will keep loving you even after my death

    You come in my dreams and destroy them
    You kill me once every second
    You are like snow but ignite fire in me!
    You follow me and burn my mind to ashes

    The rain drops that want to
    touch you and shine
    Should i collect the clouds
    and burn them away?
    The parrots that want to
    imitate your voice
    Should i destroy their voices?

  • unknownpage 49w

    Tonight I'm Happy
    A cozy dream
    The frozen season melts
    with our warmth
    A wonderful night I dream
    in your arms
    Let's whisper our wishes
    for a long time
    We're together I'm happy
    This dream will last forever