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  • unknown_inks 20w

    Ended up with 2 things,
    1. Scars
    2. His favorite music on my playlist


  • unknown_inks 161w

    It might seem one sided love without reciprocation doesn't worth,
    but what else do I need when I have started living him eternally!?

  • unknown_inks 163w

    #mom #mother

    Stop saying,
    Mom you don't understand!
    She is not just the God but above the God.

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    Nobody could hear the cry of a lady inside the maternity ward,
    keeping her life beyond,
    struggling the conflict of child birth complication,
    won the battle of miscarriage,
    breathing to see her very own little doll,
    supposingly heart to heart fear of labour death.

    Granting all, she could feel the happiness of a life surviving inside her,
    That's Mom!!

  • unknown_inks 172w

    I make sure to bury all the scars you left in the diluted heart of mine

  • unknown_inks 172w

    Breaking up is excusable but patching up with the same rotten soul is inexcusable.

  • unknown_inks 184w

    Between the blotches, I opt to choose your Alien love forever! I do not really care about the uncertainties I face, all I speculate is your acceptance!

    I await morning, the ray of sun that splashes on your face makes rejoice touch my lips.
    I starve for companionship, your presence builds my Paradise.
    Your wishper that spills for me catches up the seventh heaven.
    Would you come for me if I'm Lost!?

  • unknown_inks 184w

    Beyond the wheel of fortune all I wanted is to make you mine because the heart of yours is the only place where I wanted to be locked in.
    I should have expressed when it was destined to!!

    I feel nerveless,
    Time conquered you,
    The lost vision can only see you,
    The choked lips slaving to utter your name,
    The freckled skin has halted for your art,
    The cloud burst inside my heart has pushed to the edge!

    Nourishing broken soul that breaths the scar is the only option for my span!

  • unknown_inks 185w

    Hope could have striked hard, it was clean duck though. Is it misdeed to have feelings?
    Yes, may be singularly for breaking my own promise that I do not fall.

    Why being self centric?
    I selflessly let him go, all required for this is protracted love!

    But I still breath him in the lost sleep,
    I still feel the transperant presence,
    I still live him as incipient flower,
    I still survive him in my tears that die without tasting the cheeks,
    I still keep him alive in the dreams of mine,
    I still love him in the pages of my dairy.
    All I demand is bliss not his heart!


  • unknown_inks 187w

    Dhanveer Karn

    God, the ultimate source.
    How beautiful it is when a tiny soul created by almighty out-distances almighty itself when it comes to the matter of being righteous.

    Each one remains good when everything is good to them but it matters how a person directs himself when everything is bad.

    This is the story of Dhanveer karn the greatest warrior who possessed all godly qualities who is known for his generosity, loyalty, nobility and lead a respectable life despite the fate.

    Durvasha granted boon to Kunti when she tried it out, Suryadev blessed her with a baby boy(karn). As it wasn't socially acceptable to have a kid before marriage kunti rejected further made a basket and left the newly born baby in the river.

    Though karn was a kshatriya he was brought by Radhe belonging to low caste family. Karn was determined towards learning knowledge, skills and warfare. For seeking knowledge he approached Dronachary(teacher) but he refused to teach as he thought only kshatriya boys despite the truth.

    The need towards knowledge made karn lie parashuram (teacher) that he is a brhamin boy when parashuram realised the truth cursed karn that he would forget all the knowledge thought by him in the acute time.

    Karn accidently killed a cow when he was practicing archery further he was cursed again that he will be killed when he is defenseless.

    Karn won Draupadi in swayamvar by shooting fish before Arjun but he was again refused by Draupadi as he belonged to low caste family.

    Karn was stronger than Arjun so Lord Krishna told karn his real identity and asked him to fight for pandavas but karn refused as he was loyal to his friend Duryodhan.

    Mother kunti weakened him telling not to kill his brothers. Karn again promised she will have 5 children it might be him or Arjun and he also promised that he will not kill other 4 brothers.

    Once karn was about to kill Arjun but Lord Krishna lowered the chariot and saved Arjun.

    Lord Indra appeared as a old brhamin and asked him for rakshakavach (karn was born with rakshakavach which would make him invincible and it was his core strength) open handed karn couldn't refuse him knowing that he is Lord Indra.

    Once Arjun's chariot was stuck in the mud further karn didn't continue the war as it was not fair but Lord Krishna insisted Arjun to attack karn breaking the rules of war when karn's chariot was stuck in the mud and was trying to pull out the chariot. It was crucial a situation and defenseless (curses) further killed.

    Karn remained good when each thing was bad to him.
    Karn remained good when each one was bad to him.
    Karn remained good when karma went against him.
    Karna remained good when the God also failed to favour him.

    Lord Krishna was impressed by the way karn lead his life leaving behind all humiliation. The power of karn's godly nature made Lord Krishna to come during his last minutes. karn died near his legs and he was the third person who saw vishwaroop of Lord Krishna.

    Proud to be born in the land where The man of God Dhanveer karn was born.


  • unknown_inks 187w

    The suppositions,
    the speculations,
    the hypothesis,
    the outrage,
    the barbarity,
    these were the signs of his own