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  • unicornworld 5w

    #end #wod #pod

    I was a carefree girl,
    Pain had not yet tainted my soul,
    My smile was joyous
    Shining through my eyes
    Life - came like a whirlwind
    And stole my breath
    Like a piece of art it enchanted
    Blinded by it's witty charm I fell
    Inevitably the fog lifted
    Baring it's ugly scam
    A girl once innocent
    Now holding a broken heart
    Life betrays each one of us
    Sparing no one , I know it
    Pouring heart ache in one and all
    Everyone becomes a poet.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Life betrays each one of us
    Sparing no one , I know it
    Pouring heart ache in one and all
    Everyone becomes a poet


  • unicornworld 5w

    You told me you were mine and I believed you,
    Now I wonder how many people did you belong to!


  • unicornworld 7w

    I knew saying your name would render me disreputable,
    Someone mentioned you, something unintelligible.
    For a moment I was pulled into a flashback,
    Than I was shaken back to reality by a smack.
    I heard my name being called in distance even with my eyes shut,
    And I accepted a truth I knew in my gut.
    Your face now just a horrible eyesore,
    Our names once perfect, now dont fit together anymore!!


  • unicornworld 8w


    Woh : tumhari shayri itni dard bhari kyun hoti hain?
    Main : Arre , dard bina woh shayri hi kaha?

    Woh : kahan gaya wo waqt jab muskurahat masoom si thi tumhari?
    Main : waqt ne hi looti hain berehmi se khushi hamari.

    Woh : Milti thi jab tum pehle, mohabbat pe yaqeen tha kamil.
    Main : Ab kaise batau janab, mohabbat ke naam pe fareb tha shamil.

    Woh : Zindagi ne kaisa khel hain khela?
    Main : Sabke qareeb hone ke bawajood lagta hain akela.

    Woh : ab jaana kyu Khush haal log kabhi shayar nahi bante.
    Main : kyuki shayri nikalti hain un dilo se jo tutke hain bikharte!


  • unicornworld 10w


    You once called her your fairytale , your fantasy, a dream come true.
    But when she stood up for herself, she was Ragnarok for you .
    You tried to subjugate her to your meaningless platitudes,
    When she saw through your facade you claimed she had attitudes.
    Your feelings like a see-saw , leveraged by her compliance,
    How fickle your love Mr. Ex, you called her strength defiance.
    You forget a woman can be a million things , it is what makes her a wonder.
    Don't underestimate her various facets, you are powerless against her thunder !!

  • unicornworld 27w


    I cried and cried until I couldn't cry anymore,
    And than I cried again until my eyes were sore.
    Your absence hurts me like a wound that refuses to heal,
    I have no idea how to cope with life, how do I deal?
    I want to blame you for leaving without any warning,
    But would I ever have been prepared for a lifetime of mourning?
    I reply to condolences with a heart of steel,
    Are you gone for good? It seems surreal.
    Wasn't it just yesterday I saw you in your favorite chair?
    Now the same room haunts me like a scary nightmare.
    I know You'd want me to live a full life and be truly happy,
    So you'll always be alive in my heart, forever a cherished memory.


  • unicornworld 30w

    The little girl and the woman now , is every girl out there in various stages of life. I wish I could have gone back and given words of encouragement to my own little self but I do so now. Speak to yourself in a positive,  encouraging manner and see yourself reach new heights and places .

    #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #apology

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli

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    An apology!

    I am sorry you had to face your nightmares alone, The dark frightened you I know,
    It was ok to have kept your light on.
    Oh little girl, I am sorry for everytime a friend excluded you and left you on your own,
    I know you sobbed plenty when you were all alone.
    I apologise to the teenager who fought to grasp at her self esteem amongst over confident bullies,
    I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, Adorable in your glasses and warm little hoodies.
    To the girl who was called an adult at 18 my heart broke for you everytime you are expected to deal with your mistakes independently.
    I wish I could have told you its okay to make mistakes, you will find your way eventually.
    At 21, I wish I could have held you when that boy shattered your heart and left you in pain,
    I wish I could have told you that you will love again.
    I apologise to the young woman struggling in the world of predators waiting to exploit,
    It was only because you surpassed them with your exceptional intelligence and revolutionary viewpoint.
    I apologise to the lady who was forced to meet unrealistic societal standards for her inlaws comfort,
    I wish I could have told you it's okay to have put yourself first .
    Turning weaknesses into strengths , absorbing the ugly,
    You fought each battle bravely and reflected only beauty .
    I was that little girl once, now that I am old and wise with rich experiences,
    I wish  I could have gone back and hugged myself while  overcoming life's crises!


  • unicornworld 37w

    How safe it is that no one knows of your dark acts,
    But evil that lurks dangerously beneath superficial layers seeps through your cracks.
    Supressing the urge to unleash your inner monstrosity,
    When the sun shines you adorn the mask of kindness like some diety.
    What do you see when the mirror stares back at you?
    Can you spot your conscience or is it poisoned through and through?
    How do you convince yourself that you're pure white,
    When you know only too well about the demons that possess your soul and steal your light.
    Oh son of Adam, I am apalled at your obscene ignorance,
    Your flawed self so full of arrogant confidence.
    Devouring with entitlement, exploiting without remorse,
    Living amongst innocents ,You, a Trojan horse.
    The biggest shame of all comes when you blame,
    'In the name of love' is your reason you claim!


  • unicornworld 43w


    She's like a butterfly in many ways
    From a distance you admire her grace
    A different species she used to be
    She's metamorphed and now she's free
    Painful growth has changed her shape
    Now wild and beautiful, she leaves people agape
    She's broken the cocoon and the ties
    Try to come near and away she flies
    Tattooed in bright colors and patterns anew
    She's learning self love, bidding anxiety adieu
    She's soaring high on her new found wings
    A queen on her own she needs no kings!


  • unicornworld 43w


    Wo aata tha kabhi kabhi
    Bin mausam ki baarish ki tarah
    Khushboo mehekti thi kuch yu
    Bhigi hui mitti ki tarah

    Lipat ke reh jati thi main
    Badan se uske kuch is tarah
    Rozdar ko mila ho iftar
    Barso ki bhook ke baad jis tarah

    Mila wo mujhko
    duniya k bhawar me is tarah
    Bhatakti hui rooh ko milta ho
    Koi Humsafar jis tarah