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  • unhinderedwriter 72w


    "Music leads you inwards - complete bliss"


  • unhinderedwriter 72w

    "Being is the highest form of worship"


  • unhinderedwriter 72w

    'I', 'me' and 'my' (or mine) are good for references; however, identification with them is a problem.


  • unhinderedwriter 77w

    || आशा का दीप ||

    अंधकार मे बस एक ही कोशिश।

    कोशिश यह की जलाया जाएं बस एक दीप।

    दीप उम्मीद का।

    दीप बेहतर कल का। 

    पर जलाएं कौन? 

    जलाएं वो जो हैं उलझे इस तम लंबी रात में।

    जलाऊं मैं.....

    .....जलाएं आप.....

    जलाएं हम सब।

    निश्चय गेहरी हैं रात।

    हैं डरावने वो सारे शोर।

    तुफान हैं हर जगह।

    खिडक़ी खोल बाहर ना झाकी हम।

    कहीं ना डगमगाए हमारा बावरा मन।

    हैं जिम्मेवारी, हम भूलों ना।

    रखें अजेय उस दिपक को।

    जब तक जलें:

    काहें ना मनावौं हम दिपावली।


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  • unhinderedwriter 79w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Regret


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    Conception of regrets is because of the expectations one has.

  • unhinderedwriter 83w

    "We can only control that's what is within our circumference."


  • unhinderedwriter 84w

    Teaching is Leadership

    "Teaching is Leadership because it's about bringing Alchemy in Self, the Students and the World."


  • unhinderedwriter 84w

    Are you braver still?

    I knock through this post:
    'Are you a braver still?'
    In a prolonged Helter Skelter of life and death,
    Are you a braver still?

    In an overlong pursuit of bread,
    Are you a braver still?

    In midsts of untimely deaths,
    Are you a braver still?

    In a boat of lone uncertainty - with no islands in view,
    Are you a braver still?

    With world is to end - a tag,
    Are you a braver still?

    Is the braver a braver still?
    Are you a braver still?


  • unhinderedwriter 85w

    I imagine an excellent education:

    When education becomes the new and foremost religion;
    Where heads, heart and hand unite for the enlightenment;
    Where educators and students are equal partners;
    Twosome uncovers shells (of learned or comfort) of each other;
    Educere (Latin root: to Draw out) the innate potentials of students: The Prime Aim.
    Students are given amplifiers to exercise their real voice;
    Where classrooms go shorter in compare the massive possiblities;
    Where twosome climb over the narrow domestic walls;
    Where education's outcome lies not in the earnings;
    Where education is more of a lifestyle;
    Where learnings forms all destinies.


  • unhinderedwriter 87w

    "The Earth represents the green,
    Such as the orchard;
    Rings the delicate music: That's pure.
    The nature, an Anonymous Musician;
    Her instruments being: The zephyrs, rain, the babbling and the thunder;
    Accompanied by a songbird,
    Puts up a stunning Musicale"