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  • understanding_life18 41w

    Random day feelings..

    Sometimes just overthinking on small things
    Linking different perspectives and feelings
    Making yourself feel like loser
    Who is tired of all its sufferings

    Feelings make u ashamed of yourself
    Thinking when will u be able to do people's welfare
    Tears automatically falling down the cheeks
    voice all full of sobs

    Crying silently taking care not to make a single noise
    Wanting to scream but having no voice
    Recalling past sad moments and feeling guilty and having regrets
    Crying and having strong headache trying to fall asleep

    At some point some day we all feel this but remember are star u have faced a lot and fighted it like a warrior this time will also pass❤️never lose hope.....

  • understanding_life18 44w

    Work hard to make yourselves proud not doubt

  • understanding_life18 45w

    Heterogeneous but United

    Its the Beauty of Indian culture
    Amazing and diverse in its every form
    Whether it is festival or the rituals they perform

    There are numerous cultures and believes our nation acquires
    All traditions gives us happiness ,joy and beauty in its every form of attire

    Languages may be different
    But all have there effects magnificent
    We all are proud on our rich heritage
    Glorious history and traditional knowledge

    Nevertheless democracy and diversity go hand in hand
    Despite all odds in every situation together we stand

    Here people workship whom they choose
    And never disrespect other's views

    Maybe there are different perspectives and lifestyles
    Different clothes , different faces but all have a beautiful smile

    We respect everyone's thoughts whether its there ,your or mine
    In this diverse nation together we shine


  • understanding_life18 46w

    When u feel u dont have any achievement till now don't be sad because u have a blank space to create your achievements ❤️

  • understanding_life18 46w

    Why just sometimes everything feels blank ?
    no where to go ,no where to think
    stuck in certain situations
    Crying but taking pause thinking
    U are strong enough
    Failing at everything
    Not able to fly something stuck in wing(mind)...
    Don't know what to do
    How to do , feeling as a loser
    And thinking to fight back

    Remember u have potential nothing can stop u not even your circumstances just belive.......

  • understanding_life18 47w

    Enjoy each day as what will happen next u can't guess

  • understanding_life18 47w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Oasis

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    True friend is oasis in world...

  • understanding_life18 48w


    जन्म तो देती है मां
    मगर जीवन जीना सीखाते है पापा
    जीवन की हर मुश्किल में देते है साथ
    चाहे हो दूर या पास
    कभी कभी गलती होने पर देते है डांट
    कभी भटकू तो दिखा देते सही रास्ता
    कभी नहीं छोड़ुगी आपका साथ मुझे है खुदा का वास्ता ‌
    आपनी नींद उड़ा के सुकन की नींद सुलाते हमें
    आपने आंसु छीपाकर हंसाते हमें
    मां तो सीखा देती है चलना
    आपने पेरों पर खड़े होना सीखाते है पापा
    हमेशा पूरी की मेरी हर इच्छा
    ना मिला दुनिया में कोई उनसे अच्छा
    मेरे दिल में हमेशा रहते हैं पापा
    बहुत याद आते हैं पापा......
    ©Saloni Gautam

  • understanding_life18 48w

    If u are feeling low or just see something really amazing u should definitely checkout this webseries "The Summer story" on YouTube ,u will surely love it ❤️

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    A Summer story

    Don't wait for weekends to live life .......

  • understanding_life18 48w

    When u are feeling bad
    Looks like u are sad
    Don't want to speak
    emotions are on the peak
    u feel emotions are out of control
    Suddenly a tear roll
    It acts as a shower
    For the soul
    Like the dew on flower
    All emotions are carried in a single drop which further roll
    it rolls down the cheek
    Don't consider this a sign of weak
    Crying is sometimes good
    But don't misunderstood
    Crying makes your mind feel light
    Close your eyes and hear your inner voice for opinion right
    But don't make this a way to attract attention
    As it will only cause u tension
    Brave are not one who don't cry
    They are the one who has dreams high
    Weak are those who can't show their tears
    Situation or thinking makes them fear and a fake Mask of happiness they wears
    Don't cry in front of people as many don't care
    And the one who cares is already aware

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    Don't want to speak
    emotions are on the peak
    u feel emotions are out of control
    Suddenly a tear roll.....