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  • ummesulaim 8w

    One day you wake up and you're , 'five' with small feet and smaller hands , with your knees bruised blue-black and ears that are not marked with piercings, with a short straight hair that hides your little round head like hay stacks over that solitary hut, silly yet comforting.
    You walk down dizzy, in a catatonic fear, fear of? Of visible light and people, of chuckling, of disclosing, of leaking, of babling, of fumbling, of crying, of speaking of everything but 'living'.

    Oh! Child, you stumble and fall as if the world is just a slippery small ball underneath your facile feet and not an inconspicuous speck in the unknowns of this boundless cosmos.

    Honey, your head is a beautiful tangled ruins of the childhood you never had,
    You have been constantly loyal to the guardians of every merciless monster, hiding, fighting and coexisting with your exceptional reasonings of human relations.

    You're absolute, but it's been a decade and half there in your head, fighting, draining with them, day in and day out.

    If I ever happen to meet you,
    I want to meet your desperately,
    If I ever, met her,
    I'll take her gently by her little finger,
    Sit her down
    And talk about mountain tops, early dew, missed rainstorms, honey dips, burned pies and raspberry jams and everything lovely.
    And not about,
    Responsibilities, shame, communities, loneliness, wars, competitions, victory and losses..

    I'll listen to you, tirelessly.
    Come let me name your 'tragedy', your vulnerability, and I promise, I promise it won't be just 'dramatic' and 'emotional' this time
    Not this time.
    Your deserve it, have it,
    It's your world to live.

  • ummesulaim 26w

    My hopeless desire
    Remains to intrude
    Silently in her head.

    But the door's lock
    She blinks her eyes
    Like butterfly's flap
    In danger,
    Countlessly in despair,
    I'm sure I'll be
    Tragic in my efforts
    To catch a glimpse.

    On a blissful morning,
    I saw her curled
    On grass green,
    Softly soaked
    In early dew,
    Glowing over a little bird,
    I stole a glimpse
    Through the sides
    Of her earthly brown
    Which reflected on
    Something heavenly.

    I bleakly remember,
    A peep into her head,

    Stumbled over a huge tree,
    With crystals rare and painful
    They drip
    And shattered right
    Before my feet
    Like dying leaves
    In autumn shed.

    I think to myself,
    If you could surpass
    A limit on your supply of tears,
    Will it be happier then?
    Or feelings paralyzed.

    I took a step ahead,
    In a wardrobe
    Piled with
    Crushed pages and
    Diaries torn,
    In a liquid,
    Believed to be blood.

    I followed a light
    In that dead dark,
    I remember
    Reflecting to a river
    Gleaming hope,
    For once I was relieved ,
    Short lived,
    I caught up dreadful
    Running over a million per second,
    Foundling the flowing currents
    I tried catching a thought,
    It went in a blow.

    For last,
    I remember
    Blanking out
    In bright sun,
    To chirpy birds
    Intoxicated by
    Her sudden attention.

    My hopeless desire remains to enter her head.

  • ummesulaim 26w

    Midnight mask matches metaphorically,
    Mighty meanness messes in the mirror.

    Mere malice marks manifests monstrous moans.
    Marks on magical moon might fade,
    Marks on mine won't.

    Mother's moth made a mad move,
    Macabre memory mistakens malignant moments.

    Mystic miracles mere a madness.

  • ummesulaim 34w

    Reasons deceive almost every kind of love.

  • ummesulaim 39w

    Someone once rightly said,
    A person with great intelligence,
    and sound emotions
    Can't survive long .

    Since I can't change being intelligent,
    I'll stop being emotional.

  • ummesulaim 39w

    Love is a fanfiction,

    A fantasy
    Better in books and poems.

    P. S Somebody ban this for sale already.

  • ummesulaim 40w

    As long as,
    A wish rise
    From a dying star,
    As long as
    A morning exhilarate
    Tiny birds,
    As long as,
    A sun and a moon
    Rise and die
    On and off,
    As long as
    Love suffocates
    A dream
    Uptill and unless
    Galaxies shatter
    And collapse
    Into absence.

    I'll walk every mile,
    To stand next to you.

    I have loved you,
    through death,
    Not to death.


  • ummesulaim 40w

    P.S I wrote this one just to feel good, it's not a refine piece, I hardly know if this makes sense.


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    When you left,
    You slammed the
    Front door
    A little too intense
    And now it's locked.

    Hand me the key

    I might leave from,
    The back door,
    But I lost my
    Way to it.

    Come hand me the keys,
    Don't enter
    This time,
    For you're messy
    Beyond my limits.
    Leave my
    My dignity,
    My smile
    And my prior
    Me on
    The front door.

  • ummesulaim 41w

    No night ever summoned a new sunshine,
    Survive to observe.


  • ummesulaim 43w

    My bones leak
    A string of tangled letters
    Into my bloodstream,
    Each time it
    Subconsciously shivers.

    And all the
    Fuse and transfuse
    To, reform as a word
    That dictates

    Disperse and disarm
    The waves
    Of the quiver
    That has now
    Reached the toenails,
    Into the spine
    And over the nape.

    The letters,
    The unheard words
    Are wild
    On self destruct.
    Rupture and burst
    Open my veins,
    For heaven's sake
    Ooze out my body.

    As for now
    My breaths
    Are heavier
    And much
    Beyond my

    Traces of
    Past tales,
    Leave my
    As a hanging
    Only to linger
    On the walls of
    My throat,
    There it lives,
    Scratched and unclear.

    For some poems are better
    Not born.
    Not all poems are written to be read.


    #wod #start #writersnetwork

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    Rupture and burst
    Open my veins,
    For heaven's sake
    Ooze out my body.