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  • uchay_egwuatu 57w

    If I were to love you, dear one
    It wouldn't be with the rushed affections of one running out of time
    It would be with the gentle, sweet fondness of one who has eternity
    I would with every beat of my thumping heart, drum into the ears of all around reasons to envy us

    If I were to love you, my precious
    It would not be like the unsure fall of rain on a December noon
    It would be with the unwavering consistency of the rains in June, sure and certain that it is my time
    I would make sure to wet the garden of your heart with showers of my unrelenting passion

    If I were to love you, princess
    It would not be with the complacency of one who has gotten his way
    It would be intentional and with the deliberateness of one with an unending purpose.
    I would give life to the words, always and forever

    All because I love you,
    But I don't, at least not yet.


  • uchay_egwuatu 57w

    How do you say it without looking weird?

    How do I tell you of this side of me?

    How do I tell you of the many times I have shot myself in the foot?

    How do I explain that at every point when I am about to get that thing I so desperately desire, I convince my self that I don't deserve it?

    How do I explain the urge to implode and self sabotage?

    How do I tell you that I feel so unworthy?

    Believe me, I want it all to stop, but how do I save my house from burning when my hands are made of wood?

    ©A widow's grandson.

  • uchay_egwuatu 57w

    On your darkest days
    When the gloom threatens to eat you whole
    May your face be illuminated
    With the radiance of true joy
    And may your smile be as beautiful
    As the sky seen from my window.


  • uchay_egwuatu 58w

    Seek what sets your soul on fire, they say

    Even when it burns you to crisps?
    When like the moth and the flame
    It will be your greatest undoing
    When like fire and ice
    It must end in tragedy
    Do you pursue that flame
    Even when you know that fire will kill you?


  • uchay_egwuatu 60w

    Have you ever taken a breath and heard your soul lament, why am i still here?

    May we heal from the things we can never speak about.


  • uchay_egwuatu 60w

    I am not that person

    I am not that person who is constantly judged

    I am not that soul who is forever misunderstood


    I am not that person who hides behind walls, adding a hundred more bricks per day

    I am not a jumble of imperfections tied together by a string of good intentions

    I am not that heart that implodes at the slightest hitch

    I do not parade myself with a veil made of smiles nor a mask to hide my many bruises

    I am not that man who suppresses his pain to carry the weight of others

    No, I am not any of these people described.

    Look and you will see that I am all of them.

    ©A widow's grandson.

  • uchay_egwuatu 62w

    The thing about the castles and high walls
    We constantly build around ourselves
    Is that it locks out the world
    And seemingly protects us from hurt

    But it also locks us in
    And hides the beauty of the world from us.


  • uchay_egwuatu 63w

    Dear girl,

    I hate how you make me feel
    I hate that your words and actions affect me so
    Even your inactions too
    I hate how you make me doubt myself
    I hate that I go to my bed every night with a weight on my chest
    I hate how the knife of your double standards slices me to bits
    I hate that no matter how hard I try, I will never be it for you
    I hate that I am in this situation with you
    I hate that I cannot hate you


  • uchay_egwuatu 67w

    That just like candles
    Only the wax remains
    After it burns out
    So also our works, when we are gone
    May we remember, may we never forget

    That life is fleeting
    Here this second and gone the next
    And nothing, not even tomorrow
    Is guaranteed to us
    May we remember, may we never forget

    That the struggles
    The petty grudges we hold
    And the larger than life fights we have
    Do not actually matter
    And will never be worth it
    May we remember, may we never forget

    That we are all we have
    You and I, together
    Living in the hearts and minds
    Of all that we come in contact with
    And so leave smiles and joy
    And little pieces of ourselves
    In the people we meet
    May we remember, may we never forget


  • uchay_egwuatu 67w


    Drawn by the deep
    I stand at the precipice
    Taking in the drop below

    Breath leaves my lungs
    As it pulls me
    Slowly over the edge

    Against my better judgement
    In the arms of gravity
    Home beckons...

    © Egwuatu