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  • twographites 25w

    Hey you!
    don't hang on his collar
    He'll choke.
    Why big brother
    why do you smoke?

    He has duties to fulfil
    Pulses and grains to brim tins up with.
    Why big brother
    Why do your hands smell of anguish?

    He has got to work, you know
    Bills won't Pay themselves.
    I've seen you walk on eggshells
    But then why Big brother,
    Why is there always a gift under
    my favorite knit sweater
    On birthdays and Christmas.

    He's a boy,
    He has got to sweat,
    Be strong and leave no regrets.
    But then why, Why big brother
    Why do you look so sad.

    Why are you not allowed any second chance
    Is it because i wear skirts and you pants?

    Why do you hide me behind you
    And say I've got to grow stronger.
    Why when you can always be here,
    For me to hold onto.

    There's a reason for sure,
    And while I'm still figuring it out
    You seem at peace,
    Hanging up from the ceiling,
    Like an angel you are--
    a reason,
    Like you said, I'll grow to understand.


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    The joys of domesticity (II)

  • twographites 27w

    My photo hung,
    On their naked subtles
    lied about stories and tears,
    They hum, and they sigh.

    A new bride,
    which danced
    With dimpled smiles
    Bloomed like aprils
    Fell adjourned and died.


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    the end.

  • twographites 28w

    Call me once you're done with your hoes,
    Because I'm a sleepyhead who sleeps in sins
    Of thy, but I'm selfish, and the grand prize
    Of it, is to my body and sweat i shed
    At the sight of you, not butterflies,
    but my stomach now frets, Even so,
    I'm willing to summon numbness in my core
    If not a lover, I'll be a whore.


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    Call me naive, but let's not sleep in this night


  • twographites 29w

    I know I'm to end,
    I'll lay as cold
    As the tea she left behind,

    Half drunk, i kiss her,
    As indirect as it may seem,

    Spilling some love
    On my clothes to reach into
    What's within,

    and cover up
    The winds of arctic with
    Muffled up coughs resonating
    A wholesome laughter.

    It hurts, as if
    Living didn't,
    But this is peaceful atleast,

    Peaceful until,
    Beeping and faint havoc
    Summons trance,

    And i feel,
    what feels like I'm living again.

    But I know I'm to end,
    Soon, before you can call out to me
    For the last time.


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  • twographites 29w

    Simple clouds,
    Not trying to blend in
    With voguish whereabouts,
    My grandma sits camouflaged
    Under until a drop hits
    And marks the territory
    For her grave.

    She irks at the sight of me
    When i say of the new me,
    Too bad she's become stagnant
    with bad hearing, But
    she wakes up
    at the first chirp. Blending in yet again.

    She merges with grey,
    A little more each day.
    And I'm afraid she'll fade
    With the blue emerging from edges
    But she's so peaceful
    Under what seems grey enough
    To not be called a bad omen.

    What is to be done,
    Only if i could undone,
    Those cold stares,
    And bare gray could i sewed
    Above my head for you
    But i know very well, it's just
    The dead's immoral remains.
    Memories my heart contains
    Truth and a dream which I'll wake up to.



    #letgoc that girl.

    @aditii_ prompt was difficult. So i just weaved around it. :P

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  • twographites 30w


    Aaj sham aasaman se wo gulabi rang churaya hai,
    Tere galo par sajaya hai,
    Tu muskura to sahi
    Ek pal ko nazre jhuka to sahi
    Baate hazar ho jayegi un sharmili palko tale,
    Jo baat reh gayi thi adhuri,
    Kyuki jana bhi mera hai zaruri.

    Kabhi socha hai
    Kaha jati sari dua hai?
    Ishq mai kurban hue jo
    Wo aakhir milte kaha hai?
    Kuch bate adhuri reh hi jati hai,
    Jo kai unkahi kahaniyan sunati hai,
    Kahi to milte hi hoge wo do dil,
    Yaha nhi to taro mai hi sahi.

    Tu bhi yhi hai,
    Or mai bhi,
    Par mera jana bhi hai zaruri.
    Sawan ki hawayein,
    Jab bhi chu kar nikalegi mujhe
    Tujhe aasaman ke us aur dhunduga mai,
    Tu hogi waha, murad si
    Par fir bhi, mai akela yaha, chidiya sa, ek yaad sa.


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  • twographites 30w

    You had promised-
    To meet under this falling bridge,
    To gather what remains,
    The last of you and me and flee,
    Since, the Alchemist you were/are,
    The traces of gold and perfectness disguised,
    Is all I would ever find.
    Neither you or me,
    Or something we could ever be,
    Something we'll never be.

    I was foolish enough
    To try and spruce up my locks with stars
    Enjoy a walk down the street
    And grab a drink or two
    And meet you --
    Forgetting, that nights
    could be nothing more
    Than a devil's dark hour.
    But only for ofcourse, a women like me,
    Fragile and stagnant,
    Nights are a curse, and respect
    just another belonging in our purse,
    Which would eventually be stolen, darkened,
    So that I won't ever be able to face myself
    Or mom and niece probably waiting,
    By the door,
    which I'll never come back to again,
    With the icecream i had promised-
    Now under this bridge,
    I lie numb and in anguish.

    In anguish,
    Of not being able to see them and you
    for the Last Time,
    The sky is getting lighter around the edge,
    And these beautiful stars
    Have started to fade in the direction
    You would come from, because
    you had promised-
    To be a perfect family,
    But of which the imperfect me,
    Can no longer be a part of,
    You are late, but
    Maybe I'll wait just another second,
    A second too long.



    *The person you are trying to call is not answering. Please try again later or leave a message at the tone-*

    //Where are you! I feel something..someone. I need you-//



    // If I don't make it, lie to them that I was perfect. Perfect enough. If you ever come, if that.//

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    A second too long.

  • twographites 31w

    This too shall pass-
    Along the drizzle and
    Monotonous winds
    The hymns i sing,
    With the clouds darker than
    The black eye, i would cook
    Another ritual and conceal
    The bruised, above the stove
    I was burnt upon, i will cook
    Meals, and apologize for the sin
    I've committed by being a useless
    Mother and a wife to the male,
    And burn dreams,
    flushing them into the sea,
    The only one I've seen so far-
    Inside these four walls, of my tears,
    Which i collect to nurture
    The being I've birthed.
    Because I have to be useful,
    But I'm just a maid
    He sleeps with.
    Because I'm just a maid
    To make his child sleep.

    Now I shall pass this
    onto my daughter-
    She should glow pristine
    With the halo of perfection,
    And haya under the veil, above her head.
    she should not complain,
    When her brother's friends
    Touch her and blame her
    For being a women.
    16, is when she will be his,
    Yes, is what she'll say
    When asked if she's happy-
    To make her father proud,
    Of how he's never wrong,
    And she would not cry but cook
    For her husband who's out drinking
    With his girlfriends.
    She will be a maid, he will sleep with
    She will be a maid,
    Just that.


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    The joys of domesticity (I)

  • twographites 31w

    My Nimbus clouds, grey inside and out
    Trying to be hypocrite to the numbness of,
    Under my skin and above the hoax,
    And you then ask if I'm alright,
    When glass chambers and gas lamps haloed in mist
    Choke me and hold my wrist to the lake of winters,
    And Summon the last few crystals the night shed
    Ultimately embedding me in it and i would embrace it,
    Because baby I'm just f-i-n-e.


  • twographites 32w

    Bijli ye
    Aasaman mai jese
    Chupke se hasti tu.

    Kab tak dari bethegi
    In kanto mai nhi
    Phulo mai jachti hai tu.

    Ab nikal
    Ghar se bahar
    Garajte nhi badal aajkal.

    Barishe to yu hi
    Aati jati rehti hai
    Mausami pyaar ki tarah.

    Sun pariyo ki kahaniyan
    Mai yaha khada
    Tere intezar mai.

    Chal sath chale
    Kahi dur
    Kahi gairo ke sansar mai.

    Na puchega koi
    Na janega koi
    Heer Ranjha ko na pehchanega koi.

    Sun chalte hai kahi dur
    Jaha band palko tale
    Na ho kho jane ka dar.

    Sun chalte hai kahi dur
    Jaha na mare hum har din
    Sath rehne ko pal bhar.