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  • twinklemetwisted 5w

    Did you think I would give you the chance to break my heart again? I might flash you a glimpse of it, just before I smile with no regrets.
    And strut away giving you nothing but the back of me.

  • twinklemetwisted 5w

    By unknown writer

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    He smells of Cinnamon & Sin

  • twinklemetwisted 7w

    The best way to find out exactly who conspires against you is to tell your worst enemy that you just won $5000. Then wait to see who of your best friends & family talk to your worst enemy behind your back. Wait and see which of your friends acts like you suddenly have money that you dont really have.

  • twinklemetwisted 8w

    I apologize for my absence...
    But vacancy is all I can seem to give!

  • twinklemetwisted 8w


    Angry Beasts
    Whimpering inside books
    Down on knees
    Kissing bees

    Folding instead of holding
    Drenched in darkness
    Only seeing Alone
    Not finding a way back
    Throwing the stars at his back

    Holding Moonless expressions
    Escaping bleeding Aces
    Agape doors breaking
    Under foot
    But not before the Shore
    In a Storm

    Battered hands holding Sunbeams
    With all sixes & switches
    Open mouth but no speaking
    No jumping Ocean Waves
    Eyes having no Meaning
    Under Water Footing Falters

    All Crimson & Weeping
    But no tears it appears
    His neglect swallows
    My redemption
    & I hide behind the clock
    On the wall

  • twinklemetwisted 8w

    The Takeover

    Something is here
    With me
    Just below the surface
    & This I am certain

    I can't say when it got here
    Or if it's something I should fear
    Its under my skin
    And deep within
    I can feel it growing

    I try pulling away
    Every single day
    Only it really
    Wants to stay
    & it waits

    I feel it wanting
    To take over
    Spreading through me
    Like clover

    It changes
    Within me
    Not wanting me to see
    That it's going
    To come for me

    A hostile takeover?
    That comes from
    Happening to
    Winning from sin?

    Has it been here forever?
    In the sands
    Of a grin?
    Hidden from the start
    Just so it can tear
    Us all apart

    Knock us on our asses
    & Stomp out our heart
    Snuff out Humanity
    As we fall into the dark

  • twinklemetwisted 15w

    Glitter & Stars

    Under the full moon
    & Glitter rain ☔
    I'm really glad you came

    Sparkles falling from the sky
    Making all the flowers shine
    Emotions running high

    Looking like stars in your eyes
    The thunder drowning
    Out my cries

    Lightening crashed
    Upon the ground
    And scattered all around
    As you made my heart pond

    When our lips smashed
    Between us
    We came together
    Like we couldn't
    Get enough

  • twinklemetwisted 17w

    Neptune plays the Moon
    They do their dance
    Gracefully swoon
    And Venus wants some too
    It's like Jupiter in June
    Saturn's ring sings them a tune
    This dance wont end
    Anytime soon

  • twinklemetwisted 17w

    I stand alone
    In the bright of day
    And I wait
    For you to find your way

  • twinklemetwisted 17w

    Form a new mindset
    Through baby steps
    No matter how long it takes