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  • twilightmusings_ 46w


    Mythical place to be
    Memories and mysteries
    Mourning and moanings
    Musings and intellects
    Mongering fears to cheerful hearts
    Meaningful some magical realism others
    Mind... indeed, a mythical place to be!

  • twilightmusings_ 65w


    Whiff of his cologne
    Goofy smile
    Careless whispers
    All elixir of life
    For her heart forlorn

  • twilightmusings_ 69w

    कभी फुर्सत मिले तो बैठो मेरे सिरहाने में
    की झांक सकू तुम्हारे उन दो आंखों में
    कुछ सुकून सा है, जो बयां ना हो पाए लब्ज़ों में;

    जो खो गई थी मैं इस दुनिया की भीड़ में
    जो रूह रूठ कर चली गई थी दूर मुझसे कहीं
    वो समेटी सी नज़र आती है तुम्हारी उन आंखों में।

  • twilightmusings_ 72w


    Her present is pretty tense!
    There was a time when
    Life was simple
    Past was tense but perfect
    And present continuous

    One day, in the simple present
    Knocked someone
    With a promise of present perfect
    And future perfect continuous
    That's what created all the ruckus!!

    Present became just continuous
    Future seemed little less perfect
    Past perfect continuous started
    Haunting the simple present
    And off flew the dream of
    A future perfect continuous!
    Wonder why scribble such a silly poem
    Well... Her present is pretty tense!

  • twilightmusings_ 73w


    Pane of my window
    Pain in my heart
    Pauses in my verses
    Plotting stories of an emotional carcass
    Planting melancholy in the heart
    Painted all in blue, by the pouring rain and
    Petrichor - either engulfing you or tearing you apart

  • twilightmusings_ 76w

    Some movies make you laugh, some make you cry, and then comes movies like "Into the Wild" that transit you into another world- a world so similar to ours, yet so different; simple, yet so profound! In today's world, when uncertainty is the only certain thing that we can vouch for, Christopher McCandless journey makes sense more than ever! He left his worldly possessions not just to wander, but to look within. Isn't that exactly what we are trying to achieve these days? His ultimate realisation that happiness is only real when shared, that's exactly what we need today. A little hope, a little kindness, and compassion to make this world a beautiful place to breathe in and survive!


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    I have got a mind full of questions
    and a teacher in my soul
    -Eddie Vedder

  • twilightmusings_ 77w

    Don't know what I was thinking!


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    Words often elude you, you say!
    Sentences often wander off to unanticipated directions
    And soon lose their way!
    Creativity cannot be squeezed
    Out of that brain of yours
    They come when they come
    You need to be in your mind palace
    And that mood, you say!

    So you are telling me you don’t -
    write every day?
    burn the midnight oil?
    pour out your heart through that broken nib?
    feel words churning out of you like a whirlpool?

    The center of your palm doesn’t burn like an epicenter of a volcano?
    Emotions built up inside you don’t weigh you down
    Like a paperweight on a crumbled paper
    Where you had poured every drop of your hurting a few days ago?

    Don’t underestimate yourself! For you are a writer and no less than anyone;
    You may not be a knight with shining armor,
    but have a pen probably mightier than a gun!
    You may not hit a club all night long to dance and sway
    But you are writer, you have words − enough to take a heart away!
    You may not be the epitome of attraction
    But you are a writer, you have a mind palace – where golden dreams come true
    As poetry or fiction!
    You may be a misanthrope and they may count you among odds
    But don’t forget, you are a writer, a wizard in disguise,
    and the prettiest flowers often bloom in the ugliest pots!

    Thousands of voices in your head
    And still, you pretend!
    That words have failed you
    And you have reached the dead-end
    Don’t let them rot in there
    Pick up your pen and take out your rage
    For you are a writer, you write to live or till you drop dead!

  • twilightmusings_ 79w

    Till my hope took it's last breath
    I sat in my cocoon - the safe haven of the mother's womb

    Of the blue of the sky
    Love in my mother's eye
    The water and the puddle
    where I'll play wet and joy

    Of the vast fields where I'll chase the birds
    The sweet sugarcanes, the green plantains
    The chuckles of children, playing around me in circles or girds

    I would be born in God's own country
    I'll raise my trunk to wave
    For I'm the embodiment of Lord Ganesha
    the lord of prosperity and fame

    Today, there are no blue skies, no fields or sugarcane
    For the ones who worship us, have put us to shame
    All the chuckles, all the merry making with the villagers
    Burned to death with firecrackers!

    They served a pineapple, put me on debt
    Humanity exists! was my faith
    As the sooth and smoke choked me to death
    What human race has become, I thought and wept
    I kept blessing them for their kindness, till I met my early death
    I kept hoping for once they feel our pain, till my hope took it's last breath!


    PC: To the rightful owner


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  • twilightmusings_ 79w

    That one cup of Black coffee that gives us a kick
    The Black of the little dress that perfectly compliments a hem or neck
    The matt Black of Harley Davidson that defines class
    The Black of a kohl whose one gaze can even break a glass
    The Black of Black Mirror - a series that took our hearts
    The Black of Black Panther - from the beast to the movie - feels like a piece of art
    The Black of carbon that diamonds make
    The Black of chocolate cake - someone's favorite bake
    The Black of the night sky - a vessel for stardust and our dreams to keep
    The Black of your eyes - vast than a galaxy and ocean deep
    The Black of the color, an essence of art
    that brings all colors together, and not tear them apart
    The Black of the Black Hole that holds it all in core of it's heart!

    Black is beauty
    Black is peace
    Black is gorgeous
    an intoxicating mistery

    Black is phenomenal
    Black is sensuous
    Black is elegant
    a symbol of purity

    We humans associate black with all things beautiful. We often choose black as our favorite color. Unfortunately, this doesn't hold true for humanity itself. It pains me to the core that at a time when we take pride in the advancements we made in technology, our quest to reach the moon, our quest to establish life in another planet, we are yet to learn how to respect each life on earth. A person's skin color doesn't give anyone the authority to demean them, discriminate against them, treat them as the lowest sect of the society. It's a shame that even in 2020 we have failed as a society, and innocent souls are losing their precious lives. It's a shame that we are dying more coz of racism and bigotry than the pandemic.
    We all are humans first! And each one of us contribute to the society equally! Beauty, humanity, empathy, compassion are all skin deep. Let's look beyond color and race and fight against such heinous acts together.


    Image courtesy: Pinterest


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    Black is beautiful!

  • twilightmusings_ 79w

    You can't be PERFECT!
    But you can be a BIBLIOPHILE;
    And that's pretty much the same thing!