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  • turmoilmoon 1w

    Leave a false projection
    Memory preserves it well
    Under the fiery fire ball
    Big mood and thirsty
    The mirage shimmers
    In the hottest desert
    Where the hurt was buried
    Night storm scoops the sand
    Dancing to the distant hum
    Of a drying up oasis
    The granules know it well
    The taste of the mundane waters
    But they displace to a newer slopes
    Forced to strip the trace of the past
    The stars have stories to tell
    To the Sleepless and the faceless
    To the nomads who wander
    never knowing their existence
    To the new places they depart
    At the end to be the strangers again


  • turmoilmoon 4w

    In the mid of summertime
    The breath you exhaled bathed my skin
    And let your fragrance absorbed in me
    We stripped the shy softly
    Cherishing every kiss
    The elixir floated on your curves
    And the bosoms erected in love
    I sucked out in gulp

    It's winter and cold
    Frozen and choked
    Soon be Enbalmed
    In my lost senses
    Where the days are long
    And nights seem forlorn
    If there exists a final touch
    Before the meltdown
    Just like the old days
    When summer could strike again


  • turmoilmoon 5w

    There was an invisible scar in the light
    And there exists the mind traversing
    through the the lies
    In the deeper realms of oblivion
    Merging into the lanes of perdition


  • turmoilmoon 10w

    A thick blanket of night sky
    Draped over me
    You dance on it spilling the colors
    In every withered dream
    Like the slurry slippery dusk
    Fading down the boulevard
    You tread inside my head
    Absorbing in my skin
    The hasty lazy dawn
    Pierce through the windows
    Sunshine is a bitter enemy
    For it, Intruding the Serenity
    Noon whispers in hushing silence
    Growing as a tempest
    Indie songs playing offbeat
    From the best of eightees

    Darkness comes in a gulp
    I see the pins and needles
    Good I am losing my senses now
    To this sickening sweet lobotomy


  • turmoilmoon 14w

    Remember what's killing your time
    I found you so Damn petrified
    Remember you called it a sweet home
    Where all the paths just disappeared
    Remember your dance at the edge
    To the chime of bad circled air
    Remember you adored the mannequins
    Finding the peace standing still

    Forget the deeds of our twisted minds
    It's always good to lose control
    Forget the knife close to our veins
    There is no blood.. Just let it go...
    Forget the bridges we burnt
    It's all a debris to walk alone
    Forget the light that chased us
    Devoured by the shadows we are safe in the dark now

    We never loved this existence
    Failed to cross the hard fence of this bitter lives
    We raced against the wicked time
    But hut ourselves and left behind


  • turmoilmoon 16w

    Mind clock ticks away into the realms of the oblivion
    Nomadic Holograms hang onto the memory lanes
    An impulse contraction lustrous with a Dormant axon
    Lingers the incessant grey thoughts in haze

    Faded colors spill the monochrome into the visible light of lies
    Asymmetrical cobwebs ripple for the dead spiders play
    Celestial bugs spawn from the cortex, pierce deep to hide
    Infest the Infernal wounds as they crawl, licks the flesh to dry

    Now the ethereal dreams walk into the purgatory
    Conscience frees itself from the nocturnal sins
    The night freezes the skin, strangles the life
    As the haze settles down, eyes behold the abysmal shrine


  • turmoilmoon 28w

    As I skip the reality
    Dreams of you invade me
    Bitter waters of love flush me deep
    Channeling me into an ocean of Catharsis


  • turmoilmoon 38w

    Madness spilled like the blood
    Of an unpleasant murder
    Impulse spawned out of the untethered diabolical hate
    A cracked skull hung loose sidewards from the tip of the neck
    Incessantly red and tasteles
    The goat's kill was adornly sacred
    Pegions devoured on the maggots
    Crawling on the cerebrum
    Suicidal as the belly churned
    Humming the disfigured memories
    Sleepless with the eyes
    dripping the pictures of Melancholy
    Flew high to fall down
    Gravitated to the soil
    Breaking the beak, clawing the coffin
    Burying itself, death loved the peace
    Darksome clouds Withered
    Harvesting the rotten flesh and decayed bones
    Memory afresh begot from the floral sprout
    A leaf killed by a Lamb
    And a lamb for the meat


  • turmoilmoon 45w

    Time and time again
    I swim through the endless bottom
    and drown on the surface
    I lurk in the eternal darkness
    And invisible in the light
    I drive through an endless highway
    And Conceal in the woods
    I talk to the naked projections
    And absorb the hollow cries

    Memories outnumbered and only moments to pass by


  • turmoilmoon 70w

    I hear your silent whispers now
    Embracing the inferno in me
    They travelled too far ,
    Million light years absorbed in cosmos
    Old and feeble
    Torn and frayed
    Perishable glow is my turn
    and we'd meet again
    at a distant time
    in the hollow pastures
    When the rumble strikes again

    Now that i am a white dwarf