Truth hurts, Lies far worse! Yet truth has its own beauty ❤

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  • truthseeker 22w

    The fall might be ungraceful but Raising up should be graceful AF !

  • truthseeker 23w

    "I paid the price for loving you."

    Is the worst insult you can get.

  • truthseeker 32w

    There's a deep connection between 3 am and vulnerability

  • truthseeker 33w

    Life's not a movie,

    Truest of love is denied,

    Deepest of lovers get rejected.

    These kind of people are forced to liberate themselves by loving less.
    Is this the world we want to build ? Bunch of heartfull people turning heartless?


  • truthseeker 38w

    Does anyone feel that Karma is very kind to non-believers of Karma ?

  • truthseeker 46w

    Ego is lame & futile.

  • truthseeker 48w

    Anxiousness of life

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    Sometimes we are so dead inside that
    even the thought of feeling alive,

    Leaves us breathless


  • truthseeker 53w

    We spend a lot of pain on people who reject us than people who deserve us.

    Pain is precious, don't use it everywhere.

  • truthseeker 59w

    Healing cannot always be internal.

    In fact, for a human being it's mostly external of oneself.

    Be it another person or another perspective.


  • truthseeker 59w

    Sometimes no matter how many layers you build over your heart, no matter how good your life gets. You will always feel the pain.