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  • truth_of_two 6w


    I lie
    Yes, I’m a lier
    I lied to the entire world,
    I don’t believe in love.
    I still wait for that love,
    And showing is not my talent anymore.
    So, I lie….


  • truth_of_two 22w

    To the one, who wants to fall in love with me!

    I’ll laugh with you,
    I’ll cry with you,
    I’ll even take the journey with you,
    Only if you really deserve to be..
    I’ll love you,
    I’ll trust you,
    I’ll care you,
    Even I’ll be loyal with you,
    Only if you feel I’m created for you
    And return me the same..


  • truth_of_two 40w

    All the alphabet shuffles in my heart
    But couldn’t create the word


  • truth_of_two 52w

    What’s woman?

    Woman is a magic, born with bravery, responsibilities , commitments, dreams, perfectionist and burdens.
    Woman is never tough to be woman, She is expected to be a woman. No special training has been give but always reminded that she is a woman.
    After all she was created to be the best among the rest.
    Woman is not to be understood,
    Not to be underestimated, she is to be loved, cared, embraced, Worshiped and respected.
    Woman doesn’t have to fight for powers as she is born with powers.
    The power to be a daughter, sister, wife and a mother.
    Power to take all the pain and give all the love.
    Power of patience to be kind until her last breath.
    Power to take all the blames and set you free.

    That’s woman and words are not enough to describe her.


  • truth_of_two 59w

    Love is painful #mirakee

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    Cozy Home

    Love, once done, is hard to forget
    You may know that
    I will still want you tomorrow
    As much as I did yesterday

    It’s been some time since we separated
    But the memories are still the same

    Like the rays of the morning sun,
    Shine into my life…
    I will keep you safe inside
    This strange little heart of mine

    Fly like the bird in the sky
    I will be your cozy home
    Bloom like a flower
    In your own garden
    You be mine
    And I will be your support

    Like the colors of life,
    Flourish into the world
    Let’s create our own little home


  • truth_of_two 59w

    Be happy for what you have. #mirakee

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    Don’t you!

    Don’t you complain,
    For what you have.
    Don’t you cry,
    For you already have enough.
    Don’t you be angry,
    For you have no reason to be.
    Because, it’s someone’s fairytale,
    For what you have.


  • truth_of_two 85w

    I’ll never leave your Path

    I didn’t ask for a favour
    I asked for your love
    You agreed to it
    That’s why I asked for a partner
    Fearing from strangers
    And your city
    I swear I won’t break the relationship

    If this is not it
    Than who knows what love is
    You’re my victory
    Who cares what loss is

    I’m alive but
    I don’t have that charm
    In my hands
    Your hand is not there
    Love has a big name
    Even I have done big things
    I won’t do it half and leave it
    I’ll never look away from you

    My love for you
    It’s not my fault
    The heart is emotional
    It’s not compelled
    Even if I break my head
    And break my body
    Still I won’t break my promise
    I’ll wear a headdress
    And not a shroud
    I’ll never leave your Path


  • truth_of_two 86w


    I wish you were by my side now.
    With having endless faith in you,
    I would still pretend to doubt you.

    But it didn’t happen.
    As you’re somewhere far away from me.
    I desired to enjoy your company for a moment.

    But your love has reduced me to tears.
    My heart doesn’t listen to me anymore.
    How do I console it now?

    Somebody, please bring me to my lost beloved.
    My eyes are consistently shedding tears,
    Please do me a favour and make me smile.

    Your love has left me in tears.
    This heart of mine doesn’t accept it.
    How can I console my heart now?

    My friendship is closer to tears than my dreams.
    In the hope to live, I have been choking every second.

    We’re separate now as you’re the morning, and I am the night,
    And we’re never going to get together again.
    I kept yearning for you and missing you.

    Your love has made me forget everything.
    Your love has brought tears to my eyes.
    How can I console this heart of mine now?


  • truth_of_two 95w

    I can only write my feelings,
    Emotions, and love
    As words are not enough
    To lay my pain....


  • truth_of_two 96w

    Everything becomes harder when you don't understand yourself...