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  • true_sam 3w

    Your success is incomplete until you wrap it up in the delicate bubble of humbleness.

  • true_sam 4w


    are those who wear multiple layers of skin and peel off each layer at the right time, showing their underlying colour.

  • true_sam 4w

    Chase happiness cause problems will never stop chasing you.

  • true_sam 6w

    Learn to live without people before they leave you devastated.

  • true_sam 7w


    Conceal me,
    Don't reveal me.
    Feel me,
    Don't deal me.
    Seal me,
    Don't steal me.
    Heal me,
    Don't peel me.
    Relieve me,
    Weave me,
    Believe me,
    I'm "we",
    Not just "me".

  • true_sam 9w


    'Tis a strong hand ,
    Strong enough to hold mine.
    Pushing me through dark way,
    Making me glow and shine.

    I'm high with you,
    Like a person in wine.
    Thank you for making me realise,
    That I'm solely mine.

    Smiles, love, laugh and play,
    Jumps,leaps, and giggles all day.
    Like the gentle winds caressing my soul,
    You play one of the most important role.

    My most true secret keeper,
    My tear holding beaker,
    Blessed to have you as my brother,
    You are way better than most other.

    At the day end, when the sky is gold,
    You shape my wings and I emerge bold,
    Bold enough to outcome atrocities and pains,
    On my barren land, you are my rainbow after rain.

    Beyond speech is your glory,
    Our bond is so precious and holy.
    In my music, you are my chord.
    Can't say anymore, just Thank you Lord.

  • true_sam 10w

    Humans are violent,
    Humanity is silent.

  • true_sam 10w

    When you are silent, they think you are dumb.
    When your successful, they think you have cheated.

  • true_sam 11w

    You trusted me and I believed you.

  • true_sam 13w

    When people don't find us in their galaxy, they think we have stopped shining.

    The truth is that we are a star to the Universe, don't limit yourself to a galaxy.