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  • troubled 95w

    One day it will all make sense. One day you will realise how your love was enough and you were just spending it on the wrong person. That's all

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    Do not beg .

    Beg no one to stay when they
    decide they want to leave. Your love
    is not a cage for wild heart's. It is
    a gift to be well received.

  • troubled 95w

    Not wanting me.
    The beginning of me
    wanting myself.
    Thank you

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    If he's stupid enough
    to walk away,
    Be smart enough
    to let him go

  • troubled 96w

    Your break up doesn't have
    to break you. Either you see
    pieces OR bricks.

    Break ups can build you.

  • troubled 96w

    Right now, I'm a mixture of very happy and very sad. And I'm trying to figure it all out, all these feelings and emotions and thoughts and words, and what they all mean.
    Everything I feel is contradiction of itself, and I do not understand any of it.

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    There's always been a little sadness
    inside my happiness.

    I have never been able to
    separate the two.

  • troubled 97w

    Sometimes the best way
    to help someone is
    stepping away and letting
    them heal.

  • troubled 98w

    May be we'll meet again, when we're slightly older
    and our minds less hectic, and we'll be right for
    each other, but right now I am chaos to your thoughts and you are poison to my heart

  • troubled 98w


    One last word
    One last moment
    To ask you why you left me here behind
    You said you'd grow old with me

  • troubled 101w

    Someone once said those who
    carry the deepest pains
    Also have the greatest joys.

  • troubled 102w

    It's better this way. A
    Little lonelier but better.

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    You were fine before her/him
    And you will be better after her/him.

  • troubled 102w

    Don't love too deeply

    Until you are sure that the other person
    loves you with the same depth.

    Because the depth of your love today is
    the depth of your wound tomorrow.