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  • tricky2006 29w

    Judgment Paradox

    Solomon, a soldier,
    protected his country
    By killing many others
    Who protected their country.

    He died a martyr in a war,
    ended up in the Hall of Judgment.
    Now God was to judge,
    Shall he be punished for killing thousands
    Or be rewarded for protecting the weaks of his country.

    What shall be the God's judgment,
    He froze in a dilemma.
    This is what I like to call
    His Judgment Paradox.


  • tricky2006 29w

    Whispering Words

    Get out of my head, Get out of my head
    I kept crying whilst
    The words inside my head kept whispering,
    Different feelings that I do not comprehend,
    Different feelings that never existed.
    Thus I chose to handpick
    Those unexplained words
    And write them
    As an artist who chose
    To paint on an empty canvas.