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  • treble_clef 6h


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    They are the lullabies mother sang
    rocking her baby in her loving arms
    They croon till the anguish fade...

    They are the best buddies
    always there in lonely times
    They build a whole new world...

    They are soldiers
    that protect from darkness
    encapsulating the soul..
    They fight.. fight hard until they bleed..

    They become the merry songs in joy
    They become the years in despair
    They become the voice of revolt
    They become the ushers of new age


    They become..


  • treble_clef 3d

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ������ #ecluv

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    Clutches on;
    Sun won't stay.


  • treble_clef 1w


    I did some digging...

    @murryben thanks for the title ��


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    Whirl Blows the Wind

    Like feathers in a whirlwind,
    Memories of you;

    are caught in an spiral
    And I lose control.

    I fumble with a dizzy spell,
    unaware where I'd land.

    Disoriented, I gaze
    as the reality fade.

    I stop fighting, I surrender.
    It's time to accede to the power.

    Being helpless is an art
    I learn as time passes

    After all Winning and losing
    is only an illusion',

    The realization dawns..


  • treble_clef 1w


    Ever wondered why since ages people have been looking for elixir of youth.?

    Well thank you @writersnetwork for this pleasant surprise ������������������ #wnluv

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    Just a number?

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the receding hair
    that's rapidly changing color 
    and now can be counted on fingers

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the gathering wrinkles 
    which once were called soft and supple
    now wilting on the shrinking muscles

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the slowing wobbly gait
    needing a stick to share the weight
    Or two extra hands to keep you straight

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the ever weakening senses, 
    the hours of the nights spent sleepless
    the tremble, the tremors, the uncalled penance

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to your ignorant future self
    that one day will sit alone wishing longingly
    for those wasted good ole merry days. 

  • treble_clef 1w



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    Illusion called Forever

    I used to love the bright daylight
    I loved to see the shine in your eyes
    It sang of the love you held in your heart
    It promised me the sun, moon and the stars

    Time walked in so stealthily, and has
    cleared away the cherished dreams
    All that's left are the hollow words that seem fake
    The love songs we sang have become prosaic

    How I've come to love the night and it's darkness
    that gloriously hides away all my disillusionments
    Lying to self is an art I learn as I go along. 
    I thought that love would last forever.. I was wrong. 

  • treble_clef 1w

    Midnight bloom

    When the flowers bloom
    at the midnight stroke, 
    and the mind gulps in
    the stillness of the night, 
    caged thoughts flee into
    the moonless sky and 
    make stars forget their 
    twinkling regime.

    The sentimental tears 
    take a quick U-turn, 
    when reason reclaims
    the charge of the wheel,
    like the soldiers eager to
    learn the combating lessons
    the tumultuous thoughts 
    follow a disciplined order. 

    Trapped tears find relief
    in the stream of flowing ink
    Monochromatic petals align
    into an ordered sequence. 
    Pages break the insomnia spell
    and fetch a few fake smiles,
    tutoring in preparation to quell
    the battles the next morn brings.


  • treble_clef 1w

    What's white? 

    It's the
    the cloak Kindness wears,
    that reflects sunshine
    even in the darkest hour. 


  • treble_clef 1w

    What's black? 

    The flakes of people's singed past
    that block the views of the rainbow
    forming on storm cleared sky.


  • treble_clef 2w

    #imagery or not!

    Life is a tasty affair..
    but you gotta cook it right
    and savour it right..

    EC!!! A double delight!!! Thank you @miraquill .. Such a treat ����������

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    Savouring Life

    While stirring a pot of
    simmering love
    I tasted a spoonful 
    and burnt my tongue. 

    Life is an expert
    culinary teacher
    Teaches the secrets 
    of how to perfect. 
    It reminds me the
    forgotten tips;
    minutest details
    like, how to sip. 

    Says 'wait'.. 
    a while longer
    Patience always
    gives the sweet results. 
    Perhaps two drops
    of familial tang 
    will cut through 
    sugary profusion. 
    It helps to away 
    with disasters
    that leave a
    bitter aftertaste. 

    Life keeps teaching
    as we bake along
    to bring more depth 
    of flavours. 
    How about adding
    nutty textures
    from hardships, 
    won't it serve
    the purpose? 

    Honeyed love tastes heavenly 
    savored in smaller portions  
    Added flavors and textures
    give it the added dimension. 


  • treble_clef 2w

    I was thinking about the penguins, that are being displaced and forced to live in artificially created space, just for a few minutes of our pleasure.  

    We humans are really cruel, the real 'wild' of this beautiful home called Earth. ��

    This poem is written from the POV of those displaced penguins specifically, and caged animals in general. 

    In this poem #wild is used as a natural state/ or uninhabited region.

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ��������

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    Freedom in a cubbyhole

    Born to relish the seamless nivea canvas;
    instead we yawn at these faces frivolous. 

    Our sky is veneer, our home a sham, 
    enforced on us for their paid distraction. 

    Clear glass panels, a hideous divider
    between our petty gloom and their costly leisure

    They trap our freedom inside a cubbyhole, 
    A prison sentence for the victims; without parole!

    Wild is our home, wild our way of living
    Wild is where we are meant to be thriving

    Their regressive growth, falty advancement
    Pity, it has cost us our natural habitat.