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  • treasureoftrash 105w

    Forming relationships can be easy,
    Sustaining them is tough.

  • treasureoftrash 105w

    It's not easy to stay where your memories dwell.

  • treasureoftrash 105w

    After the last few years, I have finally realized, the only thing that holds the power to heal you actually, is "you". You can find your escape in someone or something but there's always the fear of losing that someone or something, that fear of what if I'll wake up tomorrow or day after tomorrow and this won't be here. This will go on until you decide to heal.

  • treasureoftrash 107w

    What is to be a gentleman?

    From the childhood parents or society asked them to wipe their tears.
    You teach your boys to not cry
    But one can still be a man if he sheds tears.
    You expect them to act masculine
    And then you complain about toxic masculinity
    But you guys are the one who blended poison in their masculinity since their childhood.
    Every girl desires to spend her life with a gentleman, but they just forget that they're the one who sucked "gentleness" out of them. They're judged if they say that pink is their colour.
    One can still be a man if he is petrified of darkness, one can still be a man if he has no beard and one can still be a man if he wears pink.
    Gentleman is not about hiding tears, beard or six packs, it's about "The one who's heart turns cold in someone else's sorrow"

  • treasureoftrash 107w

    Pain is a loan shark,
    It leaves you with a Debt
    That you can never pay back.

  • treasureoftrash 107w

    Sometimes distance is the only way to find peace

  • treasureoftrash 108w

    A broken relationship is far better than a forced one

  • treasureoftrash 109w

    No matter how long it's been,
    There are times when it becomes harder to survive, suddenly becomes harder to breathe, difficult to forgive and painful to forget.

  • treasureoftrash 113w

    Love takes you to all kinds of emotional rides
    When it starts giving you pain it's time to let go.

  • treasureoftrash 114w


    Once again...
    He was there in my dreams
    I thought his love was true,
    Next morning,
    I woke up
    My heart filled with pain and grief
    Eyes with tears,
    All I wanted to express it all out
    On a white canvas
    trying to fill it with ink
    But all I had now is a sheet not so pink
    I looked outside,
    To the moon
    How he promises to die every night
    So that the sun could shine
    And then I decided to set myself free again
    I looked on my blank white sheet
    As Rhythm of my pen proceed
    Go away fears
    Gone all the days of tears
    Let's welcome a new chapter of this year.