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  • transient 51w

    Every "not right", does not have to be "wrong"

  • transient 55w

    The basement

    A quite place to be
    only for the rains
    visiting multiple times a day
    ignoring my drains
    through amateur walls making its way
    uninvited guest
    sweeping across my floor
    fullfilling her quest

    a quite place to be
    for the occasional stinks
    along the cool breeze
    from the leaking septic tank
    through my broken window shield

    the most happening basement
    choosed for the piece of land
    anticipating for the lil flower
    tiny beans and dancing bee
    its a quite place to be!

  • transient 56w

    As far as the eye could see
    through the misfeed alley
    rhizomes of ignorance
    and limitless arogance
    as far as the ear could hear
    Message fogged along the way
    whats true here is a lie there!

  • transient 56w

    I ended up drinking 4 ltr of water and visited the rest room multiple times at a party...

  • transient 56w

    Just a week into my job and i can already feel the shift of generation in me...

  • transient 56w

    Smile if you feel low
    Smile when you are off
    Smile just so you dont regret

  • transient 57w

    What is that Stage of life called when weekends feels lonely...

  • transient 57w

    Mourning the whole night
    Now that the dawn is here
    Tell should i face the day light

  • transient 59w

    Distance is not about miles..its about time

  • transient 61w

    If you think your family is perfect, you dont really know your family.