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  • tr_tonyrodriguez 1w

    Wandering The Same

    Staying Thinking The Same,
    Keeps You Wandering Some More.


  • tr_tonyrodriguez 5w

    To My Sister

    When Days Rise & Dawns to Long
    Speak Less Nights & Days...

    Don't You Ever Think,

    That Your Sisterly Love Has Never Reached
    my Precious Memories
    Cause I'll Never Forget Those Lovely Days...

    When You Was Always There,
    When I Needed my Voice to be Heard...

    You Hold a Very Special Place
    to my Precious Memories That I Revisit regularly,

    When I'm Ever Alone Needing to be Heard...

    Love You Sis.


  • tr_tonyrodriguez 5w

    Blood Smile Above The Ground

    Blood Shivers Down Upon a Smile,
    When Broken Down...

    But Never Beaten to Bleed a Frown,
    as Arising Above The Ground...

    For Never Breaking With a Broken Beaten Frown.


  • tr_tonyrodriguez 10w

    To My Brother

    You Never Thought Our Brotherly Love Memories Cross
    Through Self Thoughts,

    While Living Our Self Own Lives
    That We're to Busy to Speak
    on a Daily Basis...

    But Never Doubt That
    You Mean so Much to me,

    Even When We're Far Apart, You're One of my Center Pieces For me to Make it...

    To Live Life With Patience, Never Worthless.


  • tr_tonyrodriguez 11w

    Never Bright With Broken Lights

    Filling The Darkness With These Broken Lights,
    That's Tearing-Up Within Inside...

    Begging to Get Inside,

    But Never Bright Enough Because of These Broken Lights.


  • tr_tonyrodriguez 11w

    Flesh & Bone Bullet Lead

    Bullet Lead Through Flesh & Bone,
    That Darkness Seems to Only Know Where it Goes...

    To Target a Spiraling Road of Sadness to Withhold, What's Truly Beyond The Flesh & Bone.


  • tr_tonyrodriguez 11w

    Troubled Twisted Tragic Acts

    Sat in The Back to Observe All The Tragic Acts,
    as Not to Repeat That Comes With That...

    While Living in This Twisted World,
    That's in Troubled to Comprehend That.


  • tr_tonyrodriguez 11w

    Silence Words Couldn't Cracked At

    Closed Mouth But Still Spoke Back With Silence Words, When Looked at...

    Broken Down The Courage, When Looked Backed...

    That Couldn't be Cracked at.


  • tr_tonyrodriguez 12w

    Wrong Caused Blood Straw

    Abusing a Straw Until it Draws Blood...

    To Bleed Out All The Darkest Calls...

    As it Numbs All The Wrong Caused.


  • tr_tonyrodriguez 12w

    Blinded Mind to Unsucceed

    Rhythm on The Mind to Succeed But Blinded by Washed Out Minds With False Knowledge...

    Then Call You Out That You're a Low Life,
    Why Haven't You Reach Succeed to Preach.