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  • toxicity 141w

    Flat line

    Solder your poems 

    Into my bones 

    Turn these twilight hours 

    Into chaptered years

    Make this manifested time


    So when my eyes 

    Read 'flat line' 

    You could tell me 

    The seconds 

    Were painless


  • toxicity 142w


    The sun fell asleep
    So God gave us fireflies
    And the devil gave us jars
    So through the darkness
    We would have some light

  • toxicity 143w


    Shield your eyes from the fire

  • toxicity 143w

    Foolish One

    He poured his dreams into a glass

    But his eyes made them nightmares

    The moths fed on his clothing

    His mind drank from his heart

    He was a foolish one

    The words were inked in his hands

    He was senile 

    Or so the voices told him

    But the bones in closet 

    Didn't make him a collector

    It made him an artist.


  • toxicity 143w


     Night after night

    I sat upon a staircase 

    Scratching at the gold

    That surrounded my finger

    And sipping on the lake

    That quickly became shallow 

    Waiting for the bride

    That traded her mind

    For a body of paper

    And the hands

    Of men


  • toxicity 143w

    Frost Bite

    In the fatal night
    Of stillness and breeze
    We would swim in seas
    Of glacier and infinity
    The numbing held us
    As we greeted the abyss

  • toxicity 143w


    Your body
    Curves of brilliance
    Bleeding gorgeous
    A cigarette in one hand
    And a razor in the other
    Drunk on issues 
    In love with the thought 
    That it could end tonight

  • toxicity 143w


    Your bruised heart
    My bruised mind
    We're tearing each other apart
    Just in time

  • toxicity 143w

    Judgement Day

    In the solar breeze
    Of a broken sky
    Cancerous rains
    Eat through the night

    Smolder the fields
    Of Graves and spirit
    Crawling through soil
    Denying I fear it

    A church of skeletons
    And stone cold crosses
    Where heaven was frowned
    For neglecting the causes

    He'll send upon horsemen
    Of napalm and chains
    Crowned of scripture and curse
    Death so hauntingly crocheted

    Prayer and confession
    So desperate for religion
    But to cleanse was a blessing
    In their blind vision


  • toxicity 143w

    Sincity Girl

    Blasphemy was on her breath while her lips felt like religion, blessing me with a curse, leaving the scent of cigarettes and sin on my neck. Her eyes mastered the art of manipulation and bad love. The ego her demons sculpted was as tragic as it was flawless, her heart once held purity and youth. But desertion and City lights slipped into her body, mind, and soul. She drowned her childhood away, but her bruised throat and the ice in her vanity drawer kept her alive. She sought out god but found herself slow dancing with the devil. Maybe one day she will liberate the hell she can't live without, and connect with the heaven she lives without.