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  • totobii 5d

    Funny how I thought I was alone,
    Could swear I was,
    Believed it too,
    But I wasn't.

    Funny how I thought I was worthless,
    Could never ask for a penny,
    Thought 'twas too much,
    But it wasn't.

    Funny how I thought I was useless,
    Could see my existence as a burden,
    For me and everyone,
    But it wasn't.

    Funny how I thought I was unloved,
    Could see busy in their demeanor,
    Or too old to ask for love,
    But I wasn't.

    Funny how I thought all these,
    Could live by it,
    Every single day,
    But I wasn't.

  • totobii 7w

    Play by the rules, I'll kill you.
    Play by the rules,I love you.
    Play by the rules,you little thing.

    A game of wiles,a master of love.
    The gambit king, submission is a right.

    Choke me , Cher maître.
    Choke me, I love you.
    Choke me, I'll kill you.

  • totobii 7w


    Isn't it lovely, all alone ,
    In light,all adorned,
    My burden,all gone.

    Isn't it lovely ,all alone ,
    Yesteryear, chewed on bone
    As yet, licking cone.

    Isn't it lovely ,all alone ,
    Persona ,all torn,
    In lightness, all sewn.

    Isn't it lovely ,all alone ,
    I did feel,all pawn,
    Inner woman,all won.

  • totobii 8w

    Describing the fragility of a glass with water.

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    Colourless infinity,
    Gleaming with water,
    A picture of beauty,
    One tip over,
    Many tinkly pieces.

  • totobii 8w

    The ceiling's got my stare,
    The air's a little bit stale,
    The same as yesterday,
    And extra long,is the day.

    It's gotten a little outta hand,
    Thought I needed just a hand,
    It will take something stronger,
    To make me stronger.

    Can't help wondering,
    Are you all hurting,
    But smiling anyways?
    But it wouldn't matter,anyways.

    To no one am I indebted,
    I am disconnected,
    I could use the word useless,
    But I fear I'd sound hopeless.

    You'll seem weird, "Hush! Hush!"
    You'll appear ungrateful, " Hush! Hush!"
    You'll seem spoiled," Hush! Hush! "
    Attention seeker, " Hush! Hush!"

  • totobii 9w

    A gush of cold air,
    Clomping steps ,
    Fast approaching crescendo,
    Spritzing water,
    Pitter-patter drops ,
    Glistening skin,
    Exhilarating breaths,
    The night's promises.

  • totobii 9w

    Of imaginations and reality,
    Trauma and healing,
    The past and the present,
    The line between,
    A little blurred.

    The past catches up with the present,
    The present becomes the past,
    Imaginations become reality,
    Reality becomes a tale,

    New beginnings never end,
    Trauma after trauma,
    Healing after healing,
    Over and over,
    Life on repeat.

  • totobii 12w

    She is divinity,
    Wholeness, contentedness,completeness.

    She is illuminosity,

    She is the moon,
    The stars,the sky ,the clouds.
    She is me.

  • totobii 12w

    The first day I saw him,
    I called him hubby,
    There were no butterflies,
    Just infinite contentedness.

    I didn't freeze,
    And hoped I looked perfect,
    I eased,
    And knew I was gonna have a perfect time.

    I had no restrictions,
    No panic,
    No shame,
    I felt free.


  • totobii 12w

    I changed them all,
    The themes,
    The titles,
    The words,
    I wrote new poems.

    Because I met him,
    A kind soul,
    And I met another one,
    A patient heart.
    I met new people.

    And life's good,
    Life is bright,
    Life is positive,
    Life is refreshing,
    I found new life.