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  • tonyachali 5w

    I’ll forever keep the pages I wrote everything about you on.
    Maybe when the story is done,it’s going to be my favourite chapter to read.

  • tonyachali 6w

    You deserve a conscious lover.
    Someone who will not only know your favourite colour or flower,but when to offer words in your rage,or the strongest embrace when no words will do. You deserve a conscious lover. Someone who will not only work with you but for you. Work for your happiness when you’ve forgotten how to create for your smile when your lips won’t curve

  • tonyachali 7w

    You’ve always wanted me to write you a poem. Well here it is

    She said,”when we first met” pardon me
    But I don’t remember a thing cause those beautiful eyes took me to a place you and I would call forever.

    She went on and said “ we didn’t talk much though”
    Well we exchanged vows with each other on my side,and danced to our favourite song.

    Fast forward

    We became close and for once I was in the moment.
    She’s the greatest thing to ever cross my path. God knows too.

  • tonyachali 7w

    The stars hate to show their shine without your eyes glancing at them

    The sun hates to shine bright when all you do is sleep and cry all day

    The moon,however,is there for you day and night.


  • tonyachali 7w

    Her battles
    Her imperfections
    Her tears
    Her scars

    All worn as her best attire and she’s unstoppable not because she doesn’t have failures or doubts but because she’s continued on despite them.

  • tonyachali 14w

    All I want is someone to hold,love,miss and grow with but all that slips away each time I get a chance

  • tonyachali 14w

    If your absence doesn’t bother them,your presence never meant anything to them

  • tonyachali 14w

    There can be millions in a house but there will always be room for improvement

  • tonyachali 16w

    I’m here to make the colourblind fall in love with the rainbow

  • tonyachali 18w


    You are my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of, the one I use to color my sky.