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  • tonie222 6w


    You professed your love 

    Said you would make an honest woman out of me 

    Spoke sweet nothings in my ear 

    Got into my head 

    I had never been in love before 

    Call me naive, selfish, or gullible 

    I waited for you at the church 

    Archbishop waited patiently 

    It started to get late 

    You never came 

    I felt this anger uncontrollable rage in the pit of my stomach 

    Few days later you returned 

    Saying I am nothing more than a young child 

    You spat at me cursed my families name 

    Said you will never give me or my family honour 

    I could not take it 

    The rage built up 

    Millions of witnesses to see 

    Red filled my eyes 

    As you lie on the ground 

    You come from a prominent family 

    I am of middle class 

    Yet you struck in the end 

    The sky turns red with black rain 


    I am no longer in this life 

    Just fragments in your imagination 

    I am Null. 

  • tonie222 12w


    Layer by layer
    My clothing shall fall
    You will look at me in awe
    Adoring imperfections
    Loving sensual
    Your fingers touch my skin
    Tongue caressing ever
    Part of my body
    A blank canvas
    For your design
    Unfolding my body
    Just as you did my heart years ago

  • tonie222 12w

    This Counter

    You have given me great comfort

    Holding my makeup





    Yes, me is that so surprising

  • tonie222 12w

    Sunshine In Mars

    The sun shines in Mars 

    A beautiful planet yet to discovered

    The beauty of red and how it contrasts so well within the atmosphere

    So delicate and yearning for more than just the sun. 

  • tonie222 12w


    Noticing me 

    Seeing my anguish 

    Anxiety you do not

    Get the better of me 

    I am more 

    When I get anxious

    Feel hands clammy 

    Heart beats irregular

  • tonie222 12w

    Or Satisfied

    Do you remember

    Your little town, it's a land of broken dreams

    And the streets you can walk on without a smile

    And when you walk those streets you learn

    Where the heroes go when they get called

  • tonie222 12w

    Blood Red Moon

    Blood Red Moon 

    Having a true 

    Crimson aftertaste 

    Beguiled the mind 

    How can this 

    Moon be so sacred

    Undignified yet so 

    Sweet, the true delicacy 

    In knowing that 

    This moon loves the vision 

    Consuming my mind 

    I am caught within myself 

    Worshipping this Blood 

    Red Moon. 

  • tonie222 12w

    Calvary of Stars

    The Calvary of stars 

    Opened my third 

    Eye, echoes formed 

    Inside my mind 

    These stars showed 

    Their true colors 

    Dancing along 

    The dark blue sky 

    Waiting to find life 

    Such as this one 

    So brilliant, magnificent

    Beauty is in the Calvary 

    Of Stars. 

  • tonie222 12w


    The stars truly aline
    When I opened my eyes
    Started to look to the
    Universe for Guidance
    The life and stars
    Perfectly Alined.

  • tonie222 12w

    Six Diamonds

    I wore six 

    Not for the gratification 

    Simply because

    I read your words 

    That your lucky 

    Number was six 

    These diamond 

    Symbolize my 

    Divine Energy 

    The energy that attracts 


    Away from Negativity.