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  • tomgirl 3w

    Sour lemon fruits

    Lemon tree, lemon tree
    How do you do standing under the sky
    Hour after hour?
    People say your fruits are really sour,
    Though yours aren't as sour
    As some people's words are ,
    Bitterness goes nowhere year after year!!

  • tomgirl 4w

    Mango tree

    Mango tree, mango tree
    Why are you so long?
    Will you give me a mango,
    If I sing a song?
    I'll sing you happy rhymes,
    Have a smile in bad times,
    Your mango makes me a happy one,
    Will you give me some?
    Or I'll have to wait more long ,
    Until mamma comes?©tomgirl

  • tomgirl 5w

    Poetry darkness love soul

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    The world I belong to

    The world I belong to
    Sometimes I know who you are,
    Sometimes I don't,
    Sometimes you let me know who you are,
    Sometimes you don't,
    The more I go to you,
    The more I want to be yours,
    Sometimes,I want you to give me
    Some place in your world,
    And then I know we live in the same world,

  • tomgirl 5w

    Someone who is like me

    You are someone who is like me,
    You are someone who likes me,
    I have seen you sitting in the dark
    And smiling,
    You have seen me seeing you smiling,
    And then both our eyes met,
    We didn't have to say anything
    Because where eyes talk,
    Words just stop,
    And the silence says everything.

  • tomgirl 5w


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    I love you

    I love you with your irritation,
    I love you with your pain,
    I love you with your anger,
    I love you with your stain.
    I love you with your tainted heart
    I love you when you are over alert,
    I love you with your false,
    I love when you are bitter,
    I love you are building stone walls,
    I love you when you hate me ,
    I love you when you curse,
    I love you when you leave me
    without any fault!!
    I love you when you cry,
    I love you with your misery,
    I love you when you stand up
    Burying down all your sufferings.

  • tomgirl 5w


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    I want to be a butterfly

    Orange,purple,yellow or dark blue
    I want all of them on my wings,
    With them I am gonna fly
    One day , I will become a real butterfly!!

    Deep dark house , surrounded with stone walls
    One day, I will break my horrible cacoon
    And become a butterfly.

    Sliding on the flower petals ,
    I'll be collecting all of honey,
    Blowing with the wind ,
    Going with the flow,
    That's how I'll be continuing my journey!!

  • tomgirl 5w


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    I want to be lonely

    I want to be lonely ,
    In a dark place , where nobody stays,
    Where my suppressed monsters can come out
    And making their voice loud
    say whatever they want to say,

    I want to be lonely,
    So that I can just be with me,
    The real me who has broken down
    Who is just trying to gather her world all around

    I just want to be with me,
    Who is collecting her broken pieces,
    Even though she gets lost
    She can find her home in the deep darkness.

  • tomgirl 5w

    #self #poetry #life #self-expression #soul searching

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    I search me in me

    My perfect life doesn't lack any abundance,
    Still I think what it could be,
    My perfect house gives me perfect shelter,
    Still I search my home in somewhere else,
    The perfect me doesn't have any flaws,
    Still I don't know who I should be!!

    I take care of me greatly,
    I do all my work properly,
    I give myself enough time ,
    Still , in my perfect life there is no life,
    In the perfect me , there is no me!!
    I have everything I want but not me!!!

    I search me in me,
    I search me here and there,
    I search me into somebody else,
    Sometimes, I find me(not the whole , only a little glimpse)
    Sometimes I don't, and then I keep
    Walking in the road of life,
    With the no me in me!!!

  • tomgirl 7w

    Somehow I live ......

    The night goes , the day passes,
    And I go with it somehow,
    The sun shines and the moon lights,
    And I go with it somehow,
    And even though they are in front of me ,
    They just aren't
    All I can think is just you
    All I want is just a glimpse of you
    Just a glimpse , just a single touch
    On your cheeks.
    Even though you're not here baby
    You're just all over me,
    You're just everywhere, where I sit,
    Where I rest , where I live,
    Where my mind wanders and my soul sings,
    You're just everywhere.

    You're with me more than me now
    And me?
    Still confused !! That I should be celebrating
    of getting you or
    mourning of losing me!!!

  • tomgirl 13w

    My sleep

    Sometimes, when I am not able to sleep, I wonder what is it that is bothering me subconsciously and unconsciously. Is it my dreams , my desires or some part of me that I have forgotten and now it isn't let me to sleep? Nowdays, my sleep is being too different than normal.I just can't sleep like before.The days when I was used to a daily routine and slept in my bed normally were gone a long time ago. Nowdays, I may sleep in the bed, but deep inside I am always awaken . Some thing inside me really doesn't want me to sleep. Most likely it's the scarcity of losing grasp of something more than my inability.
    But still I really hope one day all parts of me will sleep properly