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  • tista_mahendra 2w

    Everytime I see you, It's never enough
    Everytime I see you, I'm stuck in that view
    In your presence everything seems faded
    Because afterall it's all about me and you
    Come and hold my hand
    Take me away to your wonderland
    I'll be here waiting for you
    Oh honey, this world is so big to explore
    So today, let me explore you
    Pull me closer until I smell like you
    Pour your love onto me, I'll pour all of mine onto you
    Put your head on my lap, let me gaze those eyes too
    I will be acting like a mother, like a baby I'll be treating you
    Because afterall it's all about me and you
    Just me and you.
    New one is here...
    Show your love!✨

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    Me and You.....


  • tista_mahendra 14w

    "Where do you find peace?" Someone asked her. "The way he caresses me while I'm on his lap" she replied with a gentle smile on her face and got into his beautiful thoughts again....

  • tista_mahendra 19w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Jealousy

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    Makes you ruin your happiness- Jealously

  • tista_mahendra 20w

    A night alone,
    Under the scattered stars.
    Their shimmery silver light,
    Filling up all my scars.

    Reminiscing with a pinch of hope,
    Believing everything to be fine but no one knows,
    But let it be,
    Cause its beautiful how we stay
    Even on a stormy day
    Hands open to hug the fierce wind
    So gracefully like no one did.

    A night alone,
    Under the shattered stars
    The sound of silence
    Had me to forget all those painful wars
    The sweet scent of grass
    And Watching the moon and sky for hours.
    Yeah, its okay
    To somethimes leave things where it was....

    Try to spend a night alone,
    Under the scattered stars
    Share company with the moon
    Just take a pause for a while and leave everything where it was...
    Give it a like... ��
    Do comment and share....

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    Scattered Stars.....


  • tista_mahendra 29w

    After a long time.✨

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    Chal Vaha Chalte hain....

    Chal vaha chalte hain,
    Jhan khusi ke phool khilte hain,
    Jhan zindagi ko mohabbat se silte hain,
    Chal vaha chalte hain.

    Jhan sitaare tootkar jameen par girte hain,
    Jhan raat ke andhere ko roshan voh jugnu krte hain,
    Chal vaha chalte hain.

    Jhan zindagi hame bulati hai,
    Jhan khushiyaan hame apni godh me khilati hai,
    Chal ab to yha se chalte hain.
    Chalte hain vaha,
    Sukoon hi dilo me palte hain jahaan.

  • tista_mahendra 35w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Hollow.

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    Hollow heart was what I got from you!

  • tista_mahendra 35w

    Let's make memories of you and me,
    Each one of them will go in the sky,
    And will twinkle every night.
    Our sky will hold it and never let it shoot,
    We will make sure our love is on Loop.
    Each and every star seems so much easy on my eye,
    That I can gaze it for hours, Looking at the sky!
    The day you kissed me~
    Heaven it felt like,
    That day we promised, by each others side we will always reside.
    You held my hand and I held yours,
    We were still but it felt like tour.
    Tour to the whole universe,
    That lies in our heart,
    Cause this is love~
    And Love is an art.
    Then comes the night,
    We spent by each others side.
    That whole night, in your arms I wanted to bide.
    Everything seemed faded,
    The only thing We scanned~
    Was each others eye.
    Even everything was so tranquil,
    But I spoke my heart out, it felt like.
    My head on your chest , holding you securely,
    Writing a song on tunes of your heartbeats quite solemnly.
    My feelings for you are something difficult to Express,
    Cause this is Love,
    And Love is a extramundane mess!

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    Cause this is Love~


  • tista_mahendra 36w

    My soul found a happy place to stay,
    When it saw you that day.
    Never knowing whether it was perfect,
    But it was sure that it found a happy place to stay.
    Your beaming smile,
    Can attract my soul from miles.
    It would come and land right there in your heart even if I am far to feel ,
    My soul is there with you,
    So that I can feel the real~
    It will live right there in you
    Your eyes,
    And where your heart lies too.
    Your hands,
    And every part of your body, where love lies!
    You hold my souls~
    And I will carry yours away,
    Cause love is exchange of souls,
    Which can't be separated,
    Like light and it's ray!!

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    Our entangled souls~


  • tista_mahendra 38w

    You are....

    Your are scent to my flower
    You are clouds to my sky
    Your eyes are the place where
    my happy word lies!
    You are the sun to my days
    You are the moon to my nights
    Holding you, all my pains get wiped
    Seeing your smile, my happiness
    comes out to be even more bright!
    With you my life is filled with colourful lights!
    We are the creator of our love,
    And it's incomplete without either of us!

  • tista_mahendra 40w


    Your love was like a butterfly~
    I caught it but found it dead!!