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  • timeblossom 8w

    Life is nothing but
    a galaxy made with broken
    Promises .
    //Promises are meant to be broken //

    Life is nothing but
    a plethora of feelings made with
    Deep voids .
    //Emptiness is attractive after a point//

    Life is nothing but
    a serene rain made with
    Chancy tears.
    //Every tear worths a lesson , a relief//

    Life is nothing but
    an intricate sonnet made with
    the right amount of tragedies and fortunes.
    //After every fall you rise //

    Life is nothing but
    an unpredictable journey made
    With mistakes , hopes and magic
    // Journey which ends with an end //

    Life is nothing but
    a war where the only weapon
    you have is you and the only rival is
    // win over you , by you , for you//

    Life is nothing but
    a house made with the footsteps
    Of people who loved us.
    // In right proportion , love is life //

    © Timeblossom

    Tere sath tera man hai ..dil ki dhadkan hai
    Agey badke jeele zindagi ��- vilen


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  • timeblossom 10w

    Being broken can mend many other hearts .
    #raindrops #wod

    She borrowed some raindrops from the
    rain , for her seared heart .
    For how they fall everytime to sow
    the seed of life.
    She learnt to wipe tears and drizzle
    Sunshine after every night .

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  • timeblossom 10w

    Ik . This is rubbish. N not making sense .. But after reading this you'll feel good ;)

    #past #wod

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    We leave something of ourselves behind
    When we leave a place ..
    A place that lifts our soul to a different
    Conopy of contentment.
    Whenever we leave a place ,
    we leave a part of our soul
    in fragments .

    Then we become a vagrant ,
    Who seeks peace in
    the lost hopes in loops .
    In search , we search things
    But the need is to find the feeling we left .
    Stolen by the places ..We feel empty .
    Our soul is troubled . But
    The place where we left is in our heart .
    Not in a country , not in a state , not in a city ..

    We leave something of ourselves behind
    When we leave a place ..
    We leave// self// and than find ourselves .
    Something so intimate
    And serene.
    We find that lost thing in humans
    And get betrayals .

    We need to find the self we left
    Not the place where we were lost in.
    We need to value ourselves .
    We need build up self love .
    The lost us is in ourselves .

  • timeblossom 11w

    Without him ,
    She is like a deserted home ,
    Too empty to stay , too early to leave .

    He left like he was the last autumn leaf
    She is wizened ,
    He was gone .
    Too early to be a bated breath , too young to be old .

    Without him,
    She is like an alive being , being
    trapped In a casket.
    Too scary to live , too arduous to come out.

    She is swaddled
    With emptiness and agony ,
    He was unconscious.
    Too tired to stay , too juvenile to die.

    Failed attempt maybe .

    #wod #deserted .

    Bg. Belongs to me��

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    Without him,
    She is like an
    Alive being , being
    In a casket.
    Too scary to live ,
    too arduous to come out.

  • timeblossom 11w

    I'm a woman , who is taught to stay inside
    Because I'm not safe outside .
    People will raise questions on me
    because I'm a woman and I'm not allowed
    to do all the things men are permitted to do .
    There are so many times the society will
    tell you to shut your mouth in front of
    Men . Men are superior and you can't
    raise your voice against them . Yes this
    Patriarchy system is eating me inside .

    Women are asked to do household work ,
    From making the morning tea to washing the
    Utensils of night .. because it's a gender role ( a major barrier and myth )
    It's not a gender role but a necessity that everyone should learn . But I can't change it , because even the ladies of my house says :
    It is how it is .
    This inferiority complex is making me weak .

    Under a major illusion of equality , oppression of women is still considered as a traditional .
    Women is still considered as a machine to give births . Women are still treated
    With derogatory remarks and seen with immoral eyes . I used to feel disappointed for being a girl but now I feel disappointed because I'm a part of this impaired , selective and orthodox society .

    © Timeblossom

    #letdown #wod

    @writersnetwork thank you for your worthy ❤️ and for the correction :)

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    Being a part of
    This society
    Leting me

  • timeblossom 12w

    Cz I can't miss any chance to write an acrostic.

    #acrostic #wod #autumn

    Autumn is my favourite season because it taught me that endings are always Beautiful... letting go is growth and a new start is always pleasant
    Falling is not always aching brings the best out of you .

    Thank you for your precious heart @writersnetwork��

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  • timeblossom 12w

    Life is so endlessly Beautiful in all
    it's colours .

    White ( symbolic of purity and innocence )
    Life is beautiful in white when worn by
    a bride going towards a new beginning .
    Representing her hope and glee.

    Red ( symbolic of sacrifice and courage )
    Life is beautiful in red when worn by the
    brave soldiers who keep their family photo in
    their wallets but the nation in their hearts .
    Representing their bravery and warmth.

    Yellow ( symbolic of happiness and optimism )
    Life is beautiful in yellow when worn by a
    Child who never fakes a smile and there is
    no cruelty . Who never seeks a reason to smile .
    Representing his inner joy and credence .

    Black ( symbolic of power and rebellion )
    Life is beautiful in black when worn by the
    Black people who fought bravely for their rights and identity, making everyone to believe in the elegance of black .
    Representing their authenticity and proud .

    Blue ( symbolic of serenity and stability )
    Life is beautiful in blue when worn by a mother
    who carries her child for nine months in her womb
    calmly . She herself looks like serenity and stability and never complaints for her torments .
    Representing her motherhood and kindness.

    Green (symbolic of vitality and fertility )
    Life is beautiful in green when worn by the nature ,
    Always giving and expects nothing . Breeding life ,
    Green color is god's blessing to the humanity .
    Representing life and harmony .

    © Timeblossom

    There are opposite meanings of these colors but I choose to represent the positivity . Why to seek for negativity when you can seek for optimism .

    Let's enjoy the occasion called 'life'

    #life #wod #lifeacrostic

    @writersnetwork first repost ! Thank you WN . ��

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  • timeblossom 12w

    I remember you as you were the last autumn ,
    Close to my heart and gone .
    In my hands I see flames of memories to
    Fought on .
    And I remember you as a tree losing it's leaves.

    The voice of falling leaves ponder my heart
    With the echoes of your going feet .
    I clasp myself and look at the waterfall ,
    It's as enthralling as your eyes
    And as nimble as you left.

    Drizzling sunshine , igniting the bornfire
    Of unconsidered love . I swept it all in
    the name of culpability.
    Your soul shines among me like the water
    pearls on a leaf

    I'm humming screams like autumn's
    humming with the wind .
    The trees sings the mournful departure
    of their leaves .
    I feel your hands traveling and the
    Autumn is far off , a tear stained

    The autumn leaves revolve around the
    Memories of the gone.

  • timeblossom 12w

    In the sombre nights ,
    I hear the echoes of the
    hollow Sky,
    clasping the stars to

  • timeblossom 14w

    Young writer ,
    You survive many deaths.
    Keeping your wounds
    alive in your words .
    You stand and rise from the ashes of
    Your Broken and veiled soul.