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  • tiawritz 65w

    When you fail to find words, look for humans.

  • tiawritz 66w

    The only truest way to hold on is to let go.

  • tiawritz 66w

    Let's hear some stories and talk out ours too.
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    If there is anything capable of surpassing the beauty of moon then it is conversations,


  • tiawritz 82w

    You are strewn
    all across my palm
    Unequally though
    Seeing which I wonder
    if I defined equality... correctly... ever

    I do not wash you off
    For you are no dirt
    You are the words
    I was never able to scribble
    You are the phrases
    That I couldn't use
    because my courage had boundaries

    I don't write rhymes
    I write out myself
    Call it deceiving or hiding
    I am deft at it
    in this wordly world
    It's poetry to the pages
    But only I know
    That it's my heart
    Like always it's wrapped in
    illegible handwriting
    incomprehensible sentences

    My ink stains you are too real to be painted
    And I am too afraid to reveal the real shade
    You are the reality
    that my fiction is based on
    You won't be washed off
    You will be looked at
    with anxiety
    a little bit courage
    And with a lot lesser love
    But you will never be washed off

    You... my ink stains
    will always be the part of my poetry
    You... my ink stains
    complete all these poetries

    You are my power, stains
    You are me.


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    To the ink stains on my hands:


  • tiawritz 82w

    The sky was different
    Not altogether
    Just slightly different
    The sky was a bit closer
    Somewhat bulged inwards
    Seemed a bit approachable
    Shining like never before

    Hovering over its clouds
    Tiptoeing over them
    Seemed somewhat realistic today

    Even at 6 in the evening
    I felt like the day had just begun

    Blushing in the most adorable shade of pink
    The sky slowly and steadily
    took away Sun
    As if
    Stretching the time
    So that dreamers like me
    Could savor it

    It was kissing the Aravallis
    Not all ranges
    Just the one to the left
    Whose curves are visible
    Even from a far off terrace
    In fact, I was standing on one such
    I look on one side
    Then flip to another
    I take a round
    Cavort a little
    And I find that at every corner
    The land ends at the foothills of Aravallis
    They extend to my right
    As well as on my left
    Ahead of me are it's high ranges
    Behind me are the most fertile ones
    Beyond the houses and
    The traffic jammed roads
    The crust of Earth
    Goes far off
    And lie at the bottom of these ranges
    As if surrendering themselves
    Aravallis don't block my view...they are the view
    Covering us from all sides
    They assure of never letting us drown
    A flood can never take away the land here
    For Aravallis stand firm
    They don't block us from all our sides
    They protect us


    The story isn't about the different sky
    It's woven on Aravallis

    The poetry of life isn't about finding someone you can love
    It's about finding yourself
    And the fact that the entire scheme of it's rhymes
    Is as per your whims


    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Different Sky or the same Aravallis?


  • tiawritz 89w

    I want to travel with you
    To a far off distant land
    Where we cry out loud
    Tears rolling out of our eyes
    Head brimming with dreams
    Heart content with the reality

    Looking at the beaches
    Unending sea
    I want to spend the night
    I wanna sleep not to awake
    But to get lost
    Lost forever
    Such that none could find me
    Except me

    High like our aspirations
    I wanna climb them
    With you by my side
    So that we can shout at the top
    "Fuck off"
    Not to the world
    But to our fears
    And feel
    That rush
    The adrenaline

    I want to dive off the sky
    Jump into the ocean
    Sit with you
    Beside the fire
    Bitch about the world
    And scream how I so wanna find love
    But doubt it's existence at the same time

    I so wanna go away
    Away with you
    Don't hold me
    Just fall with me
    Let's go
    Let's run
    Let's build sand castles
    Let's just lay under the starry sky
    Holding hands
    And nothing else in mind
    let our brains be

    I so wanna travel with you
    Let's go to worship
    Not God
    But our faith
    Let's go to clubs
    I wanna be unconscious
    In your arms
    But you don't keep holding me
    Be insane with me
    We are two half moons dear
    Two lost pieces
    Broken but beautiful

    Will you go for the cliff jumping with me?
    We will jump like we have never known how to
    The ground beneath the feet will go
    And so will the fights we had
    We will fall to gravity
    And rise to ourselves

    Let's just go
    To a far off distant land....
    To Paris
    To Amsterdam
    In dim road lights
    And on bright streets
    Let's just leave our shrug of regrets
    And walk to the castle of our desires
    Selfish but ours
    Too bad, too luscious, too stupid
    But do we care anymore?
    They are ours
    So let's preserve everything and everyone that's ours
    What the world says
    Will be taken care of
    When we return back from this journey
    But will there be a returning back?

    Let's go in that air balloon
    I wanna tell myself
    That sky isn't worth my limit
    Let's just go to that shady shanty
    We will live there for one or two days
    But together
    You will fetch water
    I will cook
    Though I don't know how to
    Fine we will cook together
    We will walk on those hills
    And then take a leave
    We will go to Vegas
    To be lost again
    But this time there will be bodies around
    I wanna teach myself
    That it's okay to not be known
    It's okay to not be identified
    It's okay to be simple and not famous
    It's okay if you walked on the earth and no one knew that you did
    No one except you
    It's all okay
    You remember to live
    Live I repeat
    Not exist.

    I wanna sit
    Do Nothing
    Stare at you
    Fill my mind with your thoughts
    To empty them in my diary
    Not to lock you up
    But to set you free
    I want to write in the sands,
    In the street at midnight
    Which is empty of people yet full of stories
    I want to scribble on the terrace
    On the 100 year old houses
    I want to jot down
    This travel
    This travel to a far off distant land.

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    I want to travel...

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  • tiawritz 119w

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @readwriteunite #ceereposts #V #thisoneforyou

    It's quite long but do give it a read...
    You weren't a coward

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    I have started living again
    For I have started writing again.....

  • tiawritz 123w

    You didn't steal my rhymes
    You just murdered yours.

  • tiawritz 125w

    Silence never teach......

    It just helps you to comprehend the teachings that the noises imparted.


  • tiawritz 131w


    It's just not another love story
    It is about the change from 'is' to 'was'

    He was
    Fierce and tall
    Young as much as youth can be
    Magnificent as much as magnificence can be

    Near his room
    Nearer to his heart
    And nearest to his soul
    Was this gorgeous lady
    She had those perfect eyes
    Those perfect curves
    Those perfect nerves
    Fluffy and furry
    She could even stop the life which always is in hurry

    The love of Romeo and Juliet was eviscerating
    For the world moved on keeping them behind the dirty stanchion
    And they ended up falling in an abyss
    The valley of reality was too far to reach
    And the ocean of fairy tales wasn't close suffice
    So to revive what's lost
    And to reborn what's dead
    These two were welcomed on this sphere

    He could spend hours playing with her
    He would carry her in his arms
    Protect her from all the harms

    And she had an unsaid but clearly felt surrender
    To the loud confessions that were made
    To the games that the universe played

    They would roam around the house
    With fingers intertwined and eyes interlocked
    They were more than "just perfect"
    But then endings are inevitable
    They arrive without permission
    Wrapped up in the most eerie way

    And so came theirs
    They had different origins
    Their meetings were now suspicious
    And their closeness was a sin.

    The mind was in the spell of rituals ....
    Rituals that brought autumn to many springs
    The heart turned blind
    And differences were too huge for those naked eyes

    So the world around those two didn't wait much
    To destroy the castle they built unknowingly
    It was shattered to pieces
    It's remains and ashes recited a dark poetry
    For separation was the storm that broke in
    While he was isolated in a place darker than nights
    She was blinded by the light
    The face she so wanted to see was no more in the radar of her sight

    He was murdered by seclusion
    And she was given to death
    By her own companions

    But let me warn you again
    Don't you think of mistaking it as another love story
    For its a prose of how homosapiens threw out love from farthest of places
    Its a ballad of how the creatures of flesh are so hollow and void
    Its a tale of how after myriad of love stories
    We finally evicted love from the entire "Animalia Kingdom"

    The love we so wanna live
    Is smothered to death by our ownselves
    We haven't just kicked it out
    We have thrashed , crashed and smashed it
    We have uprooted it
    We have done to it every possible inhumane thing that a human can possibly or impossibly do

    And now we stand fallen
    In our well defined chaotic lives
    Craving for what we have never cared for
    Satisfying out thirst
    With sex and obsession
    The pseudo replacements
    And no soul
    No body
    No reason
    Could bring back that mess

    We once chose it
    But now we are destined to it
    Destined to be incomplete forever.........