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  • tia_writes_ 9w

    Special one

    Woh mera sabse pyaara dost hai..
    Main jaab bhi sabse jyada dukhi hoti hun
    Main usse call karti hun
    Or uskesamne roti hun
    Mujhe rote hue sharam nhi aati
    Woh kehta hai tum baccho jaise roti ho
    Aur phir woh gussa karta hai
    Woh bolta hai tumhe bhaut log millenge
    tum roya nah karo
    Tumhari ankhe bhaut khubsurat hai
    Aur isme main annsu dekh nhi sakta hun


  • tia_writes_ 19w


    Dear Immanuel Rajkumar Junior
    "तुम ना हुए मेरे तो क्या
    में तुम्हारा में तुम्हारा में तुम्हारा रहा
    मेरे चंदा में तुम्हारा सितारा रहा"

    Can we just pretend that you're here, you've not gone anywhere?? Can we just pretend that you were sitting right beside us crying as loudly as we were??
    We lend our hearts to the right persons at the wrong time, isn't it!
    ये प्यार नींद की तरह ही आया और धीरे धीरे से आया और एक दम से हम आप में खो गए।
    You sneaked into our life exactly the way Manny has sneaked into the life of kizzie, looking at her from that mirror and turning around to see her. Everyone says that falling in love is not our choice but staying in love is. So suffer so hard that this life seemed mortal and death seemed immortal. Manny is gone and so are you,but the only difference that Manny and you hold is kizzie and JP got to read their eulogies to Manny but we didn't got the chance to tell you that how you've made us smile with Manny's smile.
    (Continued in comments)


  • tia_writes_ 20w

    When i hear about betrayal,
    I think about you
    When i go to know about happiness,
    I think about you
    When i don't feel anything,
    I think about you
    When i feel all the emotions in one go,
    I think about you
    When i miss myself,
    I think about you
    When i miss you,
    I think about you
    When i listen to a sad song,
    I think about you
    When i read a poetry,
    I think about you
    When i run my ink,
    I think about you
    When i see my old pictures,
    I think about you
    When i see the new me,
    I think about you
    When i see my smile,
    I think about you
    When i see my tears,
    I think about you
    When i see my past,
    I think about you
    When i see my present,
    I have your memories and i think about you
    When i see my future,
    I want you in it and sadly you are not there and again i think about you


    This life is nothing,but you.
    Its all about you, its all about you

    Even my words can explain how much i miss you........❣️


  • tia_writes_ 25w

    All about girls.....

    The first boy who held my hand.
    told me boys don't want to hear about vaginas bleeding . Younger me could smell the misogny vaginas only meant to be fucked breast only meant to be sucked. Mouth only meant to blow
    It's true. I know
    My waist meant to be compared to an hour glass
    My voice only meant to quiver. "Ugh please fast "
    Yet. I am silenced
    For all we boil down to his sexual interactions
    Not just me, my mother, sisters, friends all quicken their pace post 8:30 in the evening. My mom telling me to wear skirts out less often.
    Nirbhaya and more left forgotten
    We don't want to be another of india's daughter.
    Do we? So i wear my jeans long and tops high
    Don't show my cleavage or hint of my thighs . Don't want to be mistaken for wanting it. Cause if i wear less. I am more than just flaunting it. I am risking it. Risking not mt verginity but my life . My hymen should be sacred told to keep it till I'm a wife. If not i'm whore, a slut a skank and more not as pure as i was before . 15 yrs old laxmi didn't like 32 yrs old guddu back and guddu dealt with it real maturely he made her the victim of an acid attack .
    We are girls , women , human not a burden. My male friend to drop me home because his privilege will protect mine. I am sorry dad for i was catcalled in my uniform in the age of 9 . This isn't an all men thing i know. Trust me i do but the men i can trust are only a few. At the age if 12 my bra straps were sexualized. At the same time we don't get damn sexual rights . So what i am trying to say here is
    I am sorry i was brought up in a family where my brother taught me wrong from right where my mother believes in our generation to better the world . Make it slightly easier for each and every girl. Thankyou for i see men suporting women.........


  • tia_writes_ 26w

    You know me.
    You know me not.

    There are nights I can't put myself into bed.
    There are mornings I can't pull myself from the bed.

    There are times when mugs of coffee can't keep me awake.
    There are times when the most comfortable of beds can't lure me into the world of sleep.

    There are days when I want to travel each corner of the world.
    There are days I don't even want to step out of my room.

    There are days when I can finish a whole diary, writing.
    There are days when spilling a word becomes a herculean task.

    There are days I go talking for hours.
    There are days when words seem to choke me.

    There are days when I want to explore every new song that's out there.
    There are days when twenty four hours fall short, listening to the same old song in a loop.

    There are days I love myself.
    There are days I can't get myself to face the mirror.

    And you thought you know me.
    I am a stranger to my own self, let alone the world.


  • tia_writes_ 27w

    Tu bhale bhul janna mujhe
    Par mera dil tuje bhula nah payega
    Tu jaab bhi hoga kissi or ke baho main
    Ek dafa toh khayal tujhe mera jarur ayega


  • tia_writes_ 28w

    Dear Zindagi (2016)

    That's the problem with the ones who can't cry, they suffer in silence.

    Your tears don't make you weak.
    Your inability to shed tears can make you feel the worst.

    Or as Jug said,
    "Tum agar khul ke roo nhi sakogi
    Toh khul kar hass kaise sakogi"

    Crying it out or letting it out takes a lot of courage and not everyone is courageous that way.

    Piling it up within ourselves, is never a solution nor does it promise us a second of solace.

    We all are fighting our own battles.
    We all have our miseries.
    We all are dealing with them, some way or the other.
    But the bravest of us are the ones, who keep the courage to face the reality straight.

    Cry it out or let it out when your heart feels heavy, and don't let the world tell you otherwise.


  • tia_writes_ 28w

    Tum jaab kahoge, Hum taab millenge
    Lakin ek sharth par

    Nah ghari tum phennoge
    Nah waqt hum dekhenge♥️


  • tia_writes_ 29w


    Sunno kahi takra jao kisi dohrahe pe toh murkar maat dekhna...
    Chalo muskura dena thoda ya sir hi hilla dena
    Magr mur kar maat dekhna
    Woh sawal jo dafaan hai humme woh jawab mange usdin kahenge ki ek baar toh baat kar hi le
    Woh alfazz bhi bayaan hone ka rasta talesenge
    Main bhale hi ek baar ko kamjor paar jao
    Magr tum dur se bhi ek nigah bhi mujhpe maat fekna........
    Sunno tum murkar maat dekhna......


  • tia_writes_ 29w

    "Main tujhe firse toh apna bna sakti hun
    Dil main humesha ek swal aata hai
    Ki jo insaan ekbaar chhod sakta hai
    Woh dusri baar bhi toh chhod sakta hai nah"