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  • thoughtsprocess 1d

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    My recipe for poetry

    First of all
    collect some dry leaves
    of memories
    Remove the dust
    of time
    by washing them
    with tears
    Sprinkle some
    fresh dew drops
    to rejuvenate them
    Touch them with
    utmost care
    Because they have
    become fragile
    Close your eyes and
    relive those moments
    Please don't get lost there
    Come back to the present moment
    Now you are ready
    to create poetry
    Bring out the chain of
    emotions from your heart
    And transform them into
    the pearls of words
    Now arrange them
    with love and care
    And paint them
    with the hues of your
    And poetry is ready
    Try my recipe
    Follow these steps
    And you will see
    the reflection of
    your soul in your

  • thoughtsprocess 2d

    Poets' gift to the world

    Words full of hope
    Soaked in the ocean
    of love
    Painted with the brightest
    hues of the sunrise
    Filled in the jar of kindness
    This gift is magical
    It brings smile
    on the unhappy faces
    It heals
    the wounded hearts
    It brings light
    into the darkest corner
    of the mind
    It gives hope
    to the disheartened
    It spreads
    love and peace around
    It makes this world
    more beautiful

  • thoughtsprocess 2d

    It is said
    that everything is
    But it can be rewritten
    with prayers
    I don't know
    the script of destiny
    Nobody knows
    But when I met you
    I found you so familiar
    I felt that my soul has been
    traveling with yours
    for ages
    From that day
    I have never imagined
    anything without you
    I can't plan my future
    without you
    You have become
    the center point of
    my universe
    When we meet somebody
    We never meet accidentally
    We meet for a reason
    As I mentioned earlier
    Everything can be rewritten
    I have been praying for that
    If destiny has not included
    you in the script written for me
    Then my pure prayers will
    compel it to change the script
    Because you are my fate
    you have became
    my destiny

  • thoughtsprocess 3d

    Dear creator,
    I can read your mind
    I can feel your heart
    I have gone through
    this kind of phase
    When I couldn't breathe
    I could feel the suffocation
    of thoughts and emotions
    in your mind and heart
    It is just like the darkest clouds
    gather in the sky
    And get shattered without rain
    Blank pages of your diary
    have become the barren land,
    waiting for divine showers of words
    But trust me
    It is temporary
    It will not remain for long time
    Soon it will come to an end
    But yes,
    you will have to do one thing
    Hold your pen
    And try to pour out your heart
    Express your heavy heart
    Release your confused mind
    Let them rain
    If they don't rain heavily
    Then it is okay
    Don't worry
    The rain of few drops of words
    will make you feel
    like the first rain
    I know that
    few drops are not enough
    for any thirty writer
    But it will bring you
    the smell of creations
    And that will be enough
    to rejuvenate your creativity
    Gradually this rejuvenation
    will bring heavy rain
    And your blank pages will be
    blossomed with
    I believe in you
    and in the creator
    resides within you
    I can see the monsoon is nearby
    Just knocking at the nib of your pen

  • thoughtsprocess 4d

    When you
    hear goodbye
    from your loved ones
    It seems like
    you are inhaling
    your last breath
    Your life is about
    to end
    You start feeling
    It seems
    like the whole world is
    leaving you

  • thoughtsprocess 5d

    To me
    freedom is
    when you can fly
    without wings
    When you can express
    your views without
    any fear or hesitations
    When you can chase
    your dreams
    When you can take
    your own decisions
    When you can cry
    without being
    ashamed of
    When you can
    play and laugh
    like a child
    When you are not
    being judged by
    your clothes, money
    and appearances.

  • thoughtsprocess 5d

    Does love live forever?
    If yes
    Then where does it live?
    Love lives...
    In the fragrances of the wilted roses
    In the sonnets of poets
    In the yellow pages of the old diaries
    In the pale smiles
    In the dry rivers of tears
    In the sweet dreams of the soft hearts
    In the sleepless eyes
    In the silently whispering lips
    In the deep oceans of the hearts
    In the undelivered messages
    In the secret prayers for that someone
    very special

  • thoughtsprocess 1w

    Childhood was that world
    where we didn't know
    the difference between
    good and bad
    At that time
    for us everything was good
    and everyone was our friend
    We didn't need to know
    what was ours and what was theirs
    Because we could share everything
    We didn't even know
    what to share and what to hide
    Childhood was that phase
    when we could forget and forgive
    so easily
    We could smile at strangers
    We could laugh without any reason
    We could fight on small matters
    and could easily become friends again
    We could play with broken toys
    We were happy and contented
    with our treasure boxes
    which were full of old stamps, old coins,
    toy cars, colorful marbles, dolls, hair clips and old greeting cards
    We were living in an imaginary world
    with the characters of bedtime stories
    Childhood memories are incomplete
    without golden memories of those summer vacations which
    we spent with our cousins and our grandparents.

  • thoughtsprocess 1w

    Key stand

    Hanging at the entrance
    of my house
    It greets everyone
    It feels everything
    Though nobody notices
    anything about it
    It never expects anything
    in return
    Selflessly doing a thankless job
    Taking care of all the keys
    Silently wishes the best to everyone
    Welcomes each and every visitor
    A witness of happy hugs
    and tearful goodbyes
    Cherishing all the incidents
    Keeping all the secrets
    Collecting smiles and sighs
    So faithful and responsible
    We are grateful to you.

  • thoughtsprocess 1w

    When I think of you
    My silence shouts
    Your blunt memories
    Pierce my stone heart
    My flowing river
    of thoughts get frozen
    And my deserted
    eyes start raining