Sometimes it becomes too heavy and we can't even cry... but we can express a little using words... just give it a try...

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  • thoughtsoftears 18w


    U might need people but I need only u
    If I'm not there for u...
    U got people assisting
    If u are not there for me...
    I got absolutely nothing...


  • thoughtsoftears 32w


    Yet another night is goin to pass with "heaviness" in me which usually visits me more than "happiness" does ...


  • thoughtsoftears 36w

    Whatever I feel!
    Will always have no value to u...

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    Is it wrong

    If I want to be valued by u
    Is it wrong
    If I cry and expect a hug from u only
    Is it wrong
    If I want u to understand atleast a bit that I'm shattered entirely...
    Is it wrong
    If I need u to say "I'm here for u always" in ur own way...
    Is it wrong
    If I feel lifeless whenever u are away...


  • thoughtsoftears 37w

    Dream Shatter's

    You replaced me easily,you made be me feel useless
    Even if it was a bad dream...
    It was enough to make me feel completely lifeless


  • thoughtsoftears 72w


    Everything related to me is negative....
    And everything else not related to me is positive??..
    To you❤️


  • thoughtsoftears 78w


    I said "I dont want to kiss u"...
    And you went away angrily
    As you considered it true..
    But your picture knows I lied perfectly...


  • thoughtsoftears 80w

    A big question raised by my soul!

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    Feeling "less"

    I can feel it if you are angry
    I can feel it if you are sad
    I can feel it all your mood swings
    I can feel it when you're happy
    But Why can't I feel your love towards me?

  • thoughtsoftears 81w

    Give enough value to the person who loves u... ❤️

    #lifequotes #happylifeafter #midnightquotes #love #weirdfeelings #nomorepain

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    When I no longer exist....
    Please don't cry because I'm no more....
    But be happy thinking that a 5.11feet burden is no more....


  • thoughtsoftears 84w

    Cant stay alive ... Cant die in peace...
    ����hard Fun life....

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    If life could be purchased...
    having unimaginable worth...
    I wouldn't mind giving it for free...


  • thoughtsoftears 87w


    Just because u are happy ... Im smiling...
    And just because im dead from inside .... I can't be crying