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  • thoughtsofme 8h

    This is my first eid without my gems of life "khalamummy"&"Siraj baji".still I am unable to digest that you are not with us. it was a biggest shock ever I get khalamummy you wasn't with us. Exactly, Last Friday I lose you . May your soul rest in peace .
    You are my mothers without whom I felt lonely in this world .I don't know how I would be surviving my rest of life .you gave me all love and affection which I completely lost when mamma passed .it was your love with it I could able to were the one who rejoice on my success and at your last breathing days I was so close to you .It was like bestfriends our bond cannot be described .you were the one who guided me to the righteous path . I prayed all in my prayers in my long sujoods with silent continuous tears but don't know why allah didn't accept my prayers ��.your presence cannot be forgettable and are always on my heart and prayers. I thank almighty for giving me opportunity to have you and spent a part of precious life time with you .I am trying to accept this bitter truth with patience but I couldn't able to be patient . The last moments already given us indication as jannaties. I pray to allah to grant me again same relationships and companies with them in the true world i.e Jannah in sha allah . They are the one with all my heart I respect them and I want them back again in sha allah in Jannah ���� .I miss you so much ���� . Meet you soon in sha Allah . Eid Mubarak ��

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    Gems of my life


  • thoughtsofme 2w

    The easiest way to hide ones sorrows by just laughing ��

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    The person who laugh so much in infront of others may be the person who cried more than twice all in her loneliness .

  • thoughtsofme 3w

    I am not getting why allah is not fulfilling our prayers even after we are since 2 years .yes I am talking about covid -19 .
    Isn't we praying since 2 years? To get rid of it in each and every prayers and duas but why it is not being vanishing instead the situation is getting worst day by day.
    I heard that allah never makes ones prayers and duas null . Even the whole world is praying still it is not being fulfilled . why?
    " I think we hurted our lord so much"
    To the disbelievers this pandemic is proving the presence of almighty. Allah is showing by taking his people to him that is "death".so before it's too late accept the presence and repent to it .
    Remember that "surely we are from him and returns back to him" .
    To the believers "why we are not able to agree our lord"?
    I think it is our plenty sins stopping so .
    Even after so much punishment and unease situation we are not changing evil ourselves .
    They are no serenity, sincerity and grateful prayers.
    We never appreciate we just act to pray, we don't know the purpose why we pray :(
    I even heard that allah will forgive our sins though they are equal to the oceans but it should be heartful and we should feel regretful .
    Oh my ummat-e-mohammadia , let's make our lord agree upon us .let's make our duas so powerful which is stopping to fulfil in a manner that no chance of deny.Let's make all possible prayers and repentance in our holy month so it will be forgiven . In sha Allah.
    Ya allah grant us furnishing knowledge and teaching it is you who have the only ability to grant us .
    We agree we are sinful but please allah don't punish/test us by this dreadful covid situation. Indeed you who knows best us the righteous path which you want us to be followed.
    Grant us the ability to pray in such a way so that it puts a great positive impact to fulfil our prayers and make you agree.
    And by the grace of prophet s.a.w please forgive our sins and make this covid -19 disappear from this world
    AMEEN ����

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  • thoughtsofme 6w

    Once the heart is broken it doesn't be pure anymore

  • thoughtsofme 9w

    *(Quran, 53:7-18)*

    From above ayah, we came to know the peak of Miraj where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) met Allah Almighty in person. Every Muslim is aware of this particular happening during the night; yet, *there are three other major events happened on the night of Isra and Miraj*. Below a brief detail about three major events on the night of Miraj is mentioned.

    ✅The first major event of the night of Isra was Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) *meeting with many other Prophets while escalating towards higher skies*. At the first heaven, Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) met with Hazrat Adam (AS). Hazrat Adam (AS) had bodies on his left and right. The right ones were believers who were laughing for whom there was a reward and the left one were disbelievers who were crying for whom there was punishment. At the second heaven, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) met with Hazrat Isa (AS) and Hazrat Yahya (AS). Both of them greeted Holy Prophet (SAW) and made supplications for Him. At third heaven, Muhammad (SAW) met with Hazrat Yusuf (AS) who was known for His beauty. He (AS) warmly welcomed our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and also supplicated for Him. At the fourth heaven, Prophet (PBUH) met with Hazrat Idris (AS) who greeted and made supplications for Him. At the fifth heaven, Muhammad (SAW) met with Hazrat Harun (AS) who was the brother of Hazrat Musa (AS), He (AS) warmly welcomed and supplicated for Him. At the sixth heaven, Prophet (SAW) met with Hazrat Musa (AS) who also greeted Him and Supplicated for Him. At the last seventh heaven Holy Prophet (SAW) met with Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) who was standing with his back rested on Bayt al-Mamur, which is the just like Kabah around which the angels do the Tawaf in the same way as Muslims do around the Qibla in the world. At this point, Prophet (SAW) also saw Sidra-tul-Muntaha the tree which marks the end of the heavens and from there on there is the residence of Allah Almighty.

    ✅The second major event was when *Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) met with His Lord Allah Almighty and spoke about the prayers.* At that time Allah Almighty made *five-time prayers obligatory* for Muslims, the prayers were fifty in the beginning but Holy Prophet (SAW) requested to Allah Almighty and reduced them to five. In Hadith Holy Prophet (SAW) said regarding this: “O Muhammad! These prayers need to be performed five times a day. However, there are ten rewards for each prayer!” (Muslim)

    ✅The third event was *visiting the paradise and hell during Isra and Miraj*. In hell, He (SAW) saw all kinds of people receiving different kinds of punishments. On the other hand in Paradise Prophet (SAW) saw all kinds of blessings and gifts that the dwellers of heaven enjoyed.

    In nutshell, the night of Isra and Miraj is considered the most respectable night because of miracle journey of Holy Prophet (SAW) that Allah Almighty provided only to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

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    Night of isra and miraj


  • thoughtsofme 9w

    Aesa Kyu hai yeh insaan?
    Jisey kisi se kuch lena asaan lagta hai
    Par dene ki bari aayi toh chup jata hai!!
    Jisey araam hi har taraf cahiye
    Jab mushkil ka waqt aaya toh usey dur bhagjata hai ya wo chod deta hai.
    Jisey auroun ki kamiya dhundne me badaa mazaa ata hai par wo kamiyo ko chupkar apnata nhi .
    Jisey logun ka mazaak banana badaa pasand hai par uski tarraki se wo jalta hai .
    Jisey kisi ki burai bayan karna badi achi tarha se aata hai par wo achai ko sun nhi sakhta
    Jo jhut bolne me mahir hai par sachai se bhaag jata hai.
    Jisey mehfil jamakar mouj masti karni aati hai par rab ko kabhi yaad nhi karta .
    Jisey taqleef dena aata hai par hamdard banna nhi aata.
    Jisey kimat ki padi hai cheez ki nahi.
    Jisey kisi ko badnam karna jaldi aata hai
    Aur kisi ka mashoor hona wo sehen nahi karta
    Jisey jasbaato ke sath khelna achi tarha se ataa hai par wo jasbaati kabhi nhi banta.
    Jisey kisi se dar nhi par darana sab ko hai.
    Aesa hai yeh insaan shayad isliye wo insaan hai!

  • thoughtsofme 10w

    I started preferring loneliness when I came to know the presence of almighty in it.

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    Ab toh tanhai achi lagne laghi hai jab se yeh pata chala hai k tanhai me khuda ki moujudgi hoti hai

  • thoughtsofme 10w

    I never felt this before
    "The pain which is not physical but mental"
    The bleeding heart,the crying soul
    More painful than an orphan
    to be the motherless child .
    Everyone ruining the life unnecessary reminding, Giving the pain of sorrow
    Judging, rectifying & commanding.
    As if born for them and taking breath for them
    Once they showed the sympathy now ruining the rest .
    No one to withstand nor to say as she is my daughter "how dare you do "
    Just benefit with the patiency and silence
    So to break inside with their
    sword like words
    Its is so to be the homeless child staying in the home
    I got the difference between the mother and father so later but soon
    Surrounding says before" it's less painful for the child to be fatherless than motherless " & those lines hit me so!
    Is It your justice almighty? I ask you now
    I want my life to be ruined by you (almighty) than by others .
    Why people think the motherless child is helpless and dependent and ruin them ?
    Is they don't have the right to survive for themselves ?
    "The message here I want to convey is love your mother more than anyone as the only species exist who love you for your sake"
    May Allah bless everyone with parents presence through out their life span.ameen

  • thoughtsofme 12w

    Asaan nhi hota kisi ko apna banana do pal nhi lagte unhe paraye banney me !

  • thoughtsofme 15w

    Thoughts in mind as new

    I am nervous
    I am shy
    How would be my first day
    For my next part of life

    Hoping the future to be Elite
    Doing good deeds and
    Vanishing bad from old times
    Winning the hearts of people,
    Making others me to like .

    Showing myself,
    Not fake neither double face
    The simple one as am I
    Helping and nature kind.

    Some I will gain
    Some I will losse
    Some I will teach and
    Some I will be taught

    With no disputes nor denies
    Expecting,same love and affection for other side

    Try my all possibilities
    To be the best student and friend
    So one day they miss my presence

    Praying for the blessings
    And the good companions
    Making the memories that makes me to survive for the future life .