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  • thoughtsinwords 217w


    Your existence in my life
    Can't help but compare
    To how an ivy grows
    And covers a wall

    Over years it dries up
    But it doesn't fall off
    Sticks to the wall
    Still overlies every brick

  • thoughtsinwords 217w

    I need to taste some chocolate

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    So many Chocolates cross these hands
    Yet I fail to remember how it tastes
    They've all been for you always
    I hope they mean the same to you

  • thoughtsinwords 222w

    Advice to self

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    Fresh start

    Stop waiting for another fresh start
    To make your life better again
    You had your chance

    Welcome to the game called life
    You cheated, You lost
    It will suck

    Deal with it

  • thoughtsinwords 222w

    "Table for one please"

    It has started

  • thoughtsinwords 222w

    I learnt it the hard way

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    Some things don't need getting over
    They are over the moment they end

    Might bring out the best in you
    And then show you reality
    That you were an idiot
    To believe that
    The false world you lived in
    Would become reality

    You reach your limits
    Yet continue to believe
    In things that can never exist

    And when it's finally over
    What fills you isn't grief
    It is relief

  • thoughtsinwords 223w

    A lot of memories associated with it

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    The Window

    Those lonely moments
    When we wished for a glimpse of one another
    Or when one of us would be out all day
    But we had to see each other to sleep in peace
    The times you fell sick
    And i wouldn't see you all day
    Nights when I was too broke
    And you lent me money to eat

    All the times I would pass by
    I couldn't help but get a glimpse of you
    Happiness or gloom
    It would be shared
    The distance never mattered
    The very sight of you was enough
    To make my day
    And fall in love all over again

    That window has seen it all
    Seen our love and supported it
    For times when I thought the day was over
    It gave me an opportunity to be with you again

  • thoughtsinwords 223w

    Those smiles kept me going.

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    Walking away
    I still wait for you to turn
    To turn and smile
    And make the goodbyes easier
    Like you used to

    And now without that
    I'm just a kid who let go of his balloon
    Watching it drift away
    In the endless sky

  • thoughtsinwords 223w


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    Learn to take a No from people sometimes
    The world doesn't always work your way

    Accept the pain of rejection
    And nothing can hurt you ever again

  • thoughtsinwords 223w


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    It's something about the new year
    That makes you take decisions
    And I've taken mine

    To be worthy of your love again
    To be a pillar you can lean on
    To be someone you can look up to
    And be someone you can trust

    This is my resolution
    And I'm starting from step one

  • thoughtsinwords 224w

    Over thinking is a bitch

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    A lonely and depressed mind
    Is a devil's workshop

    Brings out the demons in your head
    Let's them feed on you whole

    Makes you think about the worst of possibilities
    Even about the one's you love the most