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  • thoughts_onwheels 5d

    Killing again
    Dying again
    Question is will I be able to revive again


  • thoughts_onwheels 14w

    Soo clear it is
    Soo clear it is
    That little space between you and me
    Just like a crystal of quartz
    Alluding the existence with
    illusion of nothing

    But only thy and thee
    Know the wholeful vibrance
    contained within the dancing souls

    Soo clear it is
    Soo clear it is
    Just like nothing
    To the physical world
    But , only you and me know
    The beautiful waves of cosmos
    Arrayed in that space of feet apart
    Between thy and thee !!


  • thoughts_onwheels 22w

    Dont say YES beacause
    you cannot say NO


  • thoughts_onwheels 26w

    Uncertainity it is
    That prevails
    But the journey
    You make can be
    Made certain
    By striving for or against
    The result you need !


  • thoughts_onwheels 28w


    We fail to smile
    when everything
    around us is fine


    We seek smile
    When actually
    Tears of burden
    Can soothe us down !!


  • thoughts_onwheels 28w

    There is always a possibility of anything and everything ..
    The only question is which way your are choosing to make this world a better place !!


  • thoughts_onwheels 31w

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    Every other second

    We all are lucky in a way
    that the next second doesn't stop
    passing by giving us a chance
    to be the change we wanted to be !!


  • thoughts_onwheels 32w

    Somewhere deep within ..each one of us has desire to make this world a better place to live . we maynot be in supreme powers to govern the laws and destroy the bad . Least we can do is to be good at our own level ..who knows ..maybe one day ll all be good ..but first ..lets start with us !!

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    A load that disheartens
    to see the evil thrive
    A load that cringes
    every cell in body to fight
    A load that reemerges
    till the devil dies
    How long to bear this
    burdening site !?

    Let the downtrodden good
    unite manynot be in fighting
    the dusky woes
    But , in reaping the utmost
    Good till the crop of filth
    has nowhere to go
    But to die in its own abode !!


  • thoughts_onwheels 36w

    I am glad everyone is at different phases rightnow ..
    Or else what would we doing if everyone goes mad at the same time !!


  • thoughts_onwheels 38w

    Sometimes battles have to be fought alone ... when your words cant make sense .. Atleast your actions can !! .. Its painful when our dear ones donot understand us. But thats okay ..neither you can understand them always as how it is .. Once you do your part ,it will be understood that u made it !! Kudos till then !

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Hello, Is anyone there !?

    I look everywhere
    Here and there
    If i can find one
    To hear mine

    There maybe one or two
    But i doubt if they understand
    Even if they did
    The weight comes back
    As the ones close to the heart
    Are still apart
    Far apart that they donot
    understand even if i scream

    Even if they did get me
    Somehow thet want me their way
    At a point it just hit me that
    Everyone of us live a life for
    everyone else except us

    We want them to understand us
    We want them to accept us
    We want them to be our side
    Somehow in this world of them and us
    Its has been us wanting them to be us
    And them wanting us to be them !!