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  • those_3_words 5d


    Craving to get under her clothes is higher than ever

  • those_3_words 7w


    Anyone who wanna have me, just come closer to me and I'll be all over you.

  • those_3_words 7w


    Biting and breathing her in, turning me on more than anyone.

  • those_3_words 8w

    Sex the medicine

    I used to cure everything by eating her all day, her body was my soother.

  • those_3_words 8w

    By unknown writer

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    Her hips

    Her Fluffy and bouncy hips, I used to put my head on them, grab them and squeeze them, they were juicy and erecting, I miss them.

  • those_3_words 10w

    Biting her lips

    Biting her lips to bruises has its own pleasure, the warm feeling of her lips and her gasping, nothing is better that that.

  • those_3_words 10w

    Her breath

    Her breath was so arousing, inviting me to kiss her tongue, wanna live that breath again.

  • those_3_words 10w

    Erection logic

    Every time light goes down, my pant goes up.

  • those_3_words 11w

    Winter morning kiss

    Her kissses in winter morning was so warm, felt so comforting and pleasing.

  • those_3_words 16w

    Hi sweety

    I have your undies, you left them last night.