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  • thismind_amess 51w

    May be just another
    Or the last time
    I would like
    You worshipping your sins
    On me.
    Make your breath dance
    On my skin,
    Your smile fading in the
    Darkness of my hair,
    Your shine
    Lighting my scars and reading the stories out loud.
    One last sin.

    ©Navjyot Kaur

  • thismind_amess 65w

    I loved you many times.
    You remember the day
    When you cried like a baby
    Because you lost an argument
    With your family
    And you wanted to run away
    Because you felt alone
    And you wanted to shout so much
    And you were holding me
    Tight enough that I felt your screams
    In the marks you left on my skin
    With your grip.
    I loved you then
    Enough to love you for the lifetime.
    I loved you then and I love you now
    And I wanted to tell you
    That you can run away
    And scream and hit a wall
    But every time,
    You get tired and you feel alone
    Every time,
    You want a pillow pressing your eyes
    Every time,
    Your heart beats a little less
    Every time,
    You feel lost and hopeless
    Every time,
    You want to tell stories to
    I'll be there standing by your side.
    I loved you many times
    To love you even more.

    //Navjyot Kaur//

  • thismind_amess 81w

    Just when you see
    I am crying so much
    You know that every night
    I am lying so much
    I've never heard the voices inside my brain
    Making peace with troubles so much.
    I can make your heart beat like a new baby
    Every night in your arms I can sleep so much.
    You never saw in my sad eyes
    All the chaos that's troubling me so much.
    My crackling bones and wrinkled skin
    This growing heart wants you so much.

    Navjyot kaur

  • thismind_amess 82w

    One thing I would tell my 15 years self is:

    "Always try to give another chance to yourself the way you often give others. You deserve your attention more than the people around you"

    Navjyot kaur

  • thismind_amess 83w

    I was thinking about the time
    When for hours nothing really mattered
    By our souls touching each other
    From a distance
    Let's say
    Rings revolving around any planet
    Being around still couldn't out grow the resistance in between
    Like I was around you
    Sitting very near to you
    Knowingly doing the things for you to look at me
    Thinking how would you sway my hair from my forehead
    And then you looking at me exactly the way I wanted
    But couldn't do anything
    Like the rings you remember, I mentioned
    Sitting close to you
    But aware of the distance. Couldn't touch you
    Or get wrapped around you
    Coz' aware of the force.
    It's such a messed up galaxy I am moving in
    You been my brightest star.

    Navjyot kaur

  • thismind_amess 84w

    Women's DAY

    I wish I could
    Hold the day
    Without the armor
    Every fight to slay.

  • thismind_amess 88w

    Acceptance is difficult at times.
    You know
    Like how people come
    And how they leave.
    Creating a void in the space they left.
    Hoping that we might fill that space soon.
    It's like
    Take my heart out of my chest
    Create a whole burmuda like void
    And ask me to bring other thing that beats similarly.
    And yes the acceptance is difficult at times.
    You left and now you came back
    Asking my full attention cum devotion.
    Trying to fit into the space like earlier
    Like adjusting in and around me
    Trying to relax your leg while hustling with your arm
    Breathing heavily.
    You ask me,
    "Did some other guy came in my life"
    And you know what acceptance is difficult at times.

    I reply more often
    "NO. I am expanding"


  • thismind_amess 90w

    मुलाकात उनसे इस कदर हुई
    कि इश्क़ भी उनसे कमाल का हो गया।
    यूँ तो मर जाते थे मरने वाले।
    यूँ जीना फिर सवाल सा हो गया।

    उनके चक्कर में आदतें सारी यूँ बदली
    कि आँखों के नीचे काला बगीचा हो गया।
    एक पौधे के रखवाले सभी
    और ये दिल भी टूटे फूल सा हो गया।

    Navjyot kaur

  • thismind_amess 91w

    Create the magic with those lies
    On my lips for tonight.

    Navjyot kaur

  • thismind_amess 91w

    मुझे कोई शक नही इसमें
    कि उनकी महफ़िल में हम बदनाम है।
    दिक्कत तो बस इसमें है
    कि सारे आरोप हमारे नाम है।

    कि उनसे कहना कि बातें ही झूठी थी
    इश्क़ बेशुमार था।
    यूँ तो वो भी नही इतने सच्चे
    जितना उन्हें गुमान था।

    वो कल मिलें थे गले
    एक मुद्दत के बाद।
    कि उनके लहज़े में एक एहसान था।
    यूँ तो हक़दार हम ही नही अकेले इन नतीजो के।
    कि कुछ उनका भी हाथ था।

    Navjyot Kaur