ok party people in the place 2 be gnarly b in the place to be come and rock with me

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  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 1w

    A new solace fleeing

    A new solace fleeing

    But I can still see the old me

    Holding a apology

    Heard her calling  me

    A Murder of psychology

    Cause she can't figure out

    This new side of me

    This new side of me

    This new side of


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 2w

    I hate you more than life itself

    I wish I could rape u or make ur life shorter than a elf

    Cause u gotta be gifted with fxcking with my mind and my  sanity

    Got me putting u on these rhymes just to get some clarity


    I thought when I saw u I saw heaven leak

    Till I saw hell unleashed And saw u Embarrassed(in bear rest) me

    Cause u made me wanna go to sleep forever  and hibernate so these

    Thoughts could not tear my peace

    But I know life aint fair it's cheap

    So gave her my 2 cents

    And i cant help but feel 2 tense

    So I grab my mad dog 20 20 and take 2 sips

    Embarrassed that I even drink this shit

    Feeling like a slumbdog

    but wondering if I had a million  could I make u run off

    to the young god

    Probably so

    All I know

    That right now I'm feeling like knocking on God door

    Hopes he's up right now

    .tired of writing this shit

    Wish the verse would just end Cause right nowI'm highly fucking piss

    And I just want something to read

    To cut my mind off of she

    Before I bust my mind so she can see

    I don't care no more

    Or maybe I care too much


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 2w

    Houston lone star

    With a cold heart

    With memories that keep sending me

    To this road dark

    And there's is  no cars in it but it still able to drive me crazy

    Im just a broken a c

    Tryna be cool but there's something off about me

    His house be

    full of spider webs just for decoration

    Tryna red the nation

    Like wayne and game and put blood all over this declaration

    Some say a patient

    Of the loony bin

    and they're be right but he still rocks until the groovy end

    He's thinking lubys and


    Cause His father was a Luby's dishwasher and his mother was a maid

    Now he's a made nigga watching the ditches of rappers as he put them in their grave

    Didn't pass 6th grade use to be seen as the sixth man

    Nows he's a something like the 6 God With a hospital wrist band

    Cause if I die I'm a legend

    Still the hardest nigga reppin

    If I die I'm john Lennon

    Throwing pedestrians these Lemons


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 2w

    Freedom is not free

    To free them is to bleed


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 3w

    American most wanted

    I am the testament

    That leaves u haunted

    With Mary in my blunt and

    Some bad sentiments

    And a broken promise

    Cause u told me ur never leave me

    But now I Feeling like Annie

    On these damn streets

    Just looking for a fix

    I need pure to sniff

    That will keep up for hours since

    Time is the only luxury and I'm feeling poor as shit

    So i sip

    Nah I'm lying I chug the shxt

    Looking 4 euphoria I think she stole her

    When she ignore me quick

    Just looking for euphoria I mean I need more of yall  don't u ignore me bxtch

    Cause I been tired and sick

    Trying find a reason get out my bed

    And get back on my grind and spit

    And Try to find a way to get her out my head

    But still back on my dxck

    It's so moronic honest

    Feel like I'm being mock with

    Every couple I see

    turning me to a kamikaze

    Knowing the only way to get them to notice me is 2 be flash from the paparazzi

    Cause its all about status who is the baddest if blood didn't intice the ratchets

    They're would be no gang banging

    Pussy runs the world

    And with these quotes im.slanging

    I'm bout to put the pussy on the chainwax

    But don't ask me to explain it


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 3w

    Hold up flow nuts it belongs in a asylum
    It just line dem up and nine them it's a sign of the times where we reclining feet on the stars with Mars on my hand full of foul men & i was a fool just rhyming till I found myself in the sanctum of my mind & sank in the brain cell where I was grounded the demons were the guards & the book i was reading was God I was speeding thru Odds felt like I was speeding thru Oz seeing my scars and dermarollling  them till the skin was uneven no more felt like I was Stephen King of these bars thinking how the mac eleven leads u to God but still heaven seems far


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 3w

    I'm not like dem

    I just spot dem

    Then drop em like snoop dogg and

    Pharrell with what i tell

    They say the pen is mightier than the sword

    So I put my mind inside a pen just so I can explore

    Every nook and cranny on the very uncanny man he

    is and can be

    felt I did 25 to life and I just want my quarterback like Peyton manning

    So I can Run it back

    And tell my younger self the joys that comes with that

    Of being urself

    Could have stop me from being that  snake that was  constantly eating himself

    But then I ponder & wonder maybe that what everyone is

    Tryna be someone till one day they finally is

    Finding u is like finding truth and throwing this fake image into the abyss

    Letting go of what people want you to be

    It's like the sprout of a hundred seeds

    Being a slave to their opinion

    Only makes u a minion

    So what tune is u singing

    Hope it be the one to sting them


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 4w

    Lost in the dub one

    Trust no one

    But the lone gun

    In the dark

    Ur find my heart

    Feeling so Numb

    As I roll one

    In the dark

    I saw a spark

    And I just put my shades on

    And let it grow some

    Thought like a road run

    Ner in a blurr like a eye on this hot sun

    I knock one

    Down then chug  another for some more fun

    Thinking what's meaning to be but to be and if ur not doing that u become the roadkill instead of that road run


    Sure it's the catch me if you can like the gingerbread man

    With these sins in my hands

    Call it catching me red handed

    Cause I just can't seem to get this blood to rinse off my hands

    With my witts I withstand

    Their sick lil plan

    To put me under this land

    Thinking if God grants him knowledge first thing to do is to humble that man

    So he can rumble young man

    rumble young man


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 4w

    I see a mystery

    A scorpion kissing me

    Then putting a pistol at me

    A Babylon


    For this sabotage

    A rabbit on

    Getting his ravage on

    A malice song

    Living lavish on
    many bones

    Without any homes

    I saw a Orphanage in this lonely heart I saw Annie home

    I saw hope and dreams of just wanting take a Grammy home

    And the industry smoking on Him like this the type of gram we on

    Saying picture me rolling gone and get ur camera phone

    Cause this the type of gram we on


  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 4w

    Breaking rocks into tinier rocks

    I feel like my opp today

    I feel like my opp today

    If the mirror could talk it would mirror this lil sharp cold blade

    & tell me 2 cut like a scratch dj

    From the black he came

    And back to the black he'll fade


    made to make bluez

    And taste the tears of angels

    Raise to make u

    Get lost in this triangle

    Like Bermuda a shooter

    To ur medulla pursuer

    Of these cruel words

    Ruler of this new dirt

    Where the dark side of the moon lurks

    The loser With truth that's uglier than Medusa
    Planting his feet in Jerusalem

    In the middle of the beast
    He rocks his teeth

    Like the black panther

    The mouthpiece to this cancer

    That yall can't cancel

    For he only answers

    The call of the madd dancer

    Dancing on yall Graves with

    A top hat that let the bunny out

    And showed u the money route

    To have Benjamin Franklin with a running mouth

    To have a feast on those who's time and sins are Runnin out

    I'm thinking gun in mouth

    Cause I'm feeling like my opp today

    I feel like my opp today

    Saying if the mirror could talk it would mirror what this glock would say


    We're all in the chain ⛓gang