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  • this_divinelife 3w

    Divine BeLoved



    Be Loved Beloved

    for you are love and loved

    Be love Beloved

    for know that, you too, are blessed by God’s love

    Be love Beloved

    for you are here to be kind

    Be love Beloved

    for the sake of all mankind


    Be loved Beloved

    re-member who you are

    Be love Beloved

    a bright beautiful star

    Be love Beloved

    and illuminate the night

    Be love Beloved

    with your bright expansive light


    Be loved Beloved

    for truly you are Divine

    Be love Beloved

    and let us both entwine

    Be love Beloved

    know that we are one

    Be love Beloved

    your time has finally come


    To expand your light

    To truly shine bright

    To be a star in the darkest night

    To re-mind others they are the light


    Truly Beloved

    Be love Be loved


  • this_divinelife 42w

    Present Being

    Our being present
    Is honouring who we are
    Right now
    It’s not focusing on our past
    The things we have or haven’t done
    It’s not focusing on the future person
    We are looking to become
    The clue is in the being
    For being is now
    Not some half remembered or forgotten place
    Nor is it some imagined future space
    Rest quite literally in the being of now
    Of embracing who you are
    Yes, recognise how far you’ve come
    And let the rest unravel
    Pay it no heed
    It is not about diminishing
    Or denying in anyway
    It is merely recognising that there is another way
    A way in which we can uplift ourselves
    A way in which we can truly put ourselves first
    By recognising all that we are
    In this Divine moment
    And trusting that since we have come this far
    That we shall continue to thrive
    To go on and not merely survive

  • this_divinelife 42w


    What can I say?
    What can I do?

    There is nothing left
    inside of me
    to say to you

    We are done
    at last
    and it is time

    For me
    to fly free
    into the unknown


  • this_divinelife 44w


    why do I doubt
    is it you I doubt
    or what you are reflecting back to me

    is it your love I doubt
    or my own capacity to love

    to be open
    to be vulnerable
    to be seen

    are my doubts founded
    in truth or another reality
    in you or in my own reflection

    the water is muddied
    the surface is not clear

    I can not see
    for the eddies swirling round my head
    and the ripples swirling at my heart

    what would I say to another
    how would I counsel them if asked

    I would encourage them to honour their feelings
    to not dismiss them
    to recognise them for what they are

    for our emotions are our signposts
    our guiding lights
    that lead us through the darkness
    towards the greatest light


  • this_divinelife 50w

    Today is the Day

    Today is the day I choose the burial plot for my Mum
    Today, unlike most other days, it was snowing
    From the moment I wake up
    The snow poured forth from the sky
    Each flake unique
    Powerful in its own self expression
    Surrendering to this now moment

    At the burial sight I realised
    That the snow
    The coalescence of each mighty, majestical, magnificent snowflake added to
    And created this magical highlight
    And enhancement of all that is
    The snow became Mother Earth's highlighter
    Illuminating lesser branches
    And details, otherwise unseen
    Unobserved, unrecognised, unmet
    Welcome friends, welcome one, welcome all
    Extended family
    Fabulous companions
    One and all
    Always present
    The gift that nature
    Mother Earth
    Presents us with
    In every present moment
    Always here
    In her completeness
    Ever presentnous
    Knowing that that is all there is
    No more, no less
    Suffice it all
    All it is
    Blessed Be
    And so it is.


  • this_divinelife 50w


    Shine like a star
    Shine bright
    Burning in the deepest, darkest night
    Illuminate your fears
    And let them go
    For you are greater than you have dreamt possible
    And the world needs your light right now
    It’s time to show up regardless
    Regardless of what may have stopped you in the past
    It’s time to show up and be seen
    It’s time to show up and shine
    To shine like the big beautiful star that you are
    Darling it’s time...


  • this_divinelife 53w

    The Brightest Star

    Sometimes I feel your presence near
    And I can't help but think of you

    Near or far, wherever you are
    I hope you are being guided
    by the brightest star


  • this_divinelife 56w

    One day...

    Blindsided by my emotions
    Battered by the depth of my feelings
    Broken by my ego and my pride

    My heart may be bruised yet she is not broken
    I am broken.
    Broken open with all of this emotion and despair.

    These emotions.
    All linked to this one now moment.
    The power of samskara.
    Of release of letting go
    Of facing pain & fear & rejection

    Of opening to love again & again
    Of entering into the abyss of not knowing
    Of taking the leap of faith in to the unknown
    Again and again

    And yet one day. One day will be different.
    One day will not be the same.
    And love will truly be born again.


  • this_divinelife 57w


    If you were a vine
    I would harvest all your bounteous bunches
    So that I could drink you in
    When we weren't together

    20. 12. 20


  • this_divinelife 120w

    A Prayer for Change

    Dear Angels
    Thank you for helping me create positive change in my life and therefore in the world.
    Thank you for inspiring me to initiate change & for sharing your courage, strength & wisdom with me, to carry out this change.
    May I be filled with the light of love that dissolves all fear and anxiety.
    May I feel the joy of change & moving forward.
    May I embrace the opportunity that this change will bring.
    Thank you.
    In Love & Light.
    And so it is.