welcome to my distorted mind

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  • thirteenthofaugust 15w

    One string

    We were once woven together
    But now shredded tapestry are we
    Slowly destroyed by lies
    Yet stabbing me until i bleed and die

    I'm gracious for your mercy
    Withholding the truth that will set me free
    Stop clinging, just give it to me
    The blade to sever this connection

    I'll free myself from your grip
    No tears will ever drip
    I'll bid my goodbye
    Hoping that we will never have another tie

  • thirteenthofaugust 17w


    I remember it
    The night when the moon is our witness
    The big, round, yellowish hue
    The moon is you, the light in my darkness

    But just like that celestial body
    You left during my brightest

    I bump into another one, who adores the moon so much
    Those eyes full of stars, it was nice to see
    But just like before, you vanished
    Can't handle the heat, because you're too damaged

    I still love the moon
    The same light that shines your night
    At least we share the same beacon
    I just see it differently than you


  • thirteenthofaugust 20w

    I want to don't want it

    Let me breathe
    Forget all of you, i want to sleep
    It all keeps popping, please make it stop.
    The urge to reconnect is a trap of the past
    I miss the sensation of being alive
    But being treated as an emotional slave is something that I'm done doing.
    Go away, I don't want to remember and feel anything

  • thirteenthofaugust 22w


    I woke up feeling exhausted
    With the ray of sunshine beaming at me
    I stood up and did nothing
    In a blink of an eye, the light already left
    It was dark, the moonlight is shining like a diamond
    My day passed, yet i did not noticed
    My mind's afloat in the surface of fantasy
    Reminiscing, going back to the time you're here
    My world is frozen, stuck in a loop
    Wondering how are you doing
    Thinking about your happiness
    I was once that happiness, but now I'm no one
    Tick tock...
    The time is ticking... here we go again


  • thirteenthofaugust 29w


    I'm tied with the cord that you gave me
    A promise that you will always be with me
    A symbol of love and promise
    Now filled with abandonment and feeling of demise
    You tied me, not with your love but with the past
    I'll never take it off, because its keeping me dead.
    And dead is better feeling than living without your hands tied into mine.


  • thirteenthofaugust 29w

    I'm right here

    I remember those times, clear as water
    Those times wherein you're in the dark
    Unable to help yourself, finding someone to help you get out of the dark corner
    I told you that "I'm right here, you're not alone"
    Ups and down of your life, I'm always here for you
    Even the times that you don't want me to anymore
    I insisted, pushed myself to you, to be with you.
    Now, no one's here for me, unlike you.
    Then you made everything clear, that you're here for me. I said "Me too, I'm right here...not for you but for myself."

  • thirteenthofaugust 29w


    Do you see them? Do you feel them? Can you hear them?
    They haunt, they make you feel uncomfortably afraid.
    Are they real? Are they beside you? Do they live with us?
    They're alive, they're not dead. But they make you feel like you are.
    Disturbing you every night, like a nightmare that nothing seems to be right
    These are people who made you feel things like those sweet dreams
    Open your eyes, for they are closed
    The ghost is in front of you, all so familiar and seems true.
    It called itself love


  • thirteenthofaugust 29w


    You knock on the door that you never adore
    Learned to love its flaws, every shade that it has
    The clock ticks, it all passed. The colors faded and you never cared
    The door that you once loved is forcefully closed
    Now that you opened another, you will be never bothered
    The door will remember because of the scratches and gloom it has, it'll never subside.
    The new colors that you see, will soon be destroyed by the pain you've caused me.
    The memories of the past will never leave, it is painful, horrifying, and sad.
    Keep the door closed, don't let the sorrow break loose.

  • thirteenthofaugust 29w

    There is no escape

    Life is free flowing like how it supposed to be, a cycle.

    A cycle of happiness, a cycle of sorrow.
    Life is never balanced like how we think it is. Life will continue to tilt towards one end. We will run away from it, as long as we live. Find something that will make the cycle worthwhile. A way for us to endure the excruciating cycle of life. The choice to choose whether or not we live everyday is in our hands. And maybe, for some people it'll be a lot better with a book in their hands. And for some, a stick of nicotine and a bottle of alcoholic drink. One thing is guaranteed when we choose to live. That is there is no escape from the ups and downs of life.