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  • theyoungpoetess14 9w


    It makes one perfect
    Thou i'm yet to know
    who is good in that aspect
    The scent of it is like that of a bouquet of roses
    Falling from the sky of flowers
    It rains heavily with passion
    Hope you got the transaction
    We gathered in the mansion for the faction
    And still we respect for the caption

    In search for who was good in that section we started action without fashion and it all backfired without tension
    We need respect for the concept
    And we realized that even the non living deserve to be respected

    We acquired the knowledge of the respect and everything went smoothly without protest
    Respect is reciprocal as every word is

  • theyoungpoetess14 10w

    Stop Kidnapping

    I was in my room sleeping
    together with my kid napping
    i heard some people wispering
    about the recent kidnapping
    which was abysmal
    They took me out of my house like taking fruit off a tree
    they forced me to dree 
    and stopped me from holding the tree
    They held my spree
    Because i tried to set the world free
    They didn't bother about how my parents felt
    They cried, cried and cried
    till they became dried
    they formed a bad conglomerate
    and tried to discredit the climate
    Stop kidnapping
    For you deal steal and kill
    Stop kidnapping
    For you stain drain and pain
    Stop kidnapping
    For you smash crash and trash
    I was traumatized
    As well as critisized
    I had many things to worry about
    That made me gained a gout
    Stop kidnapping
    You might end up dying
    And make yourself disgusting

  • theyoungpoetess14 11w

    Closure of schools

    The immoral disease
    That makes the world to freeze
    It denies humans to achieve
    And seize their hygiene
    It only needs vaccine
    To release the victims it restrained

    It is trying shutdown our school and seize our right
    It is only song i can recite
    And only car i can ignite
    We want to fight
    For our right
    And it's blocking our way
    With a fright

    Now schools have closed
    So how do we learn
    It still exists
    Though we don't value it
    Some said is a lie
    But i believed it's real
    We can get rid of it
    By following safety measures
    With cooperation
    Like wearing our mask
    Storing our goods in a cask
    and applying sanitizers to our hands
    Because it is a deadly disease
    That ambush everyone ©️Aysha Makoda

  • theyoungpoetess14 14w

    Life experience (part 2 women)

    The faded memories
    Kept flashing back when i already moved on with my life
    All the pain i endured inside my pure heart
    For couple of years
    Kept flaring back
    All because i saw
    a figure
    A familiar figure
    That destroys my life
    Same face same body
    The person i thought had gone forever
    Was right in my presence
    His red eyes
    His black cap
    And an evil smirk displayed on his face
    All the pain i went through
    Was it because i'm a woman
    Or as a poor
    They took women as worthless
    Substandard Second class and unfortunate human beings
    They didn't know that a real woman
    Should be taken care of like an egg
    She is a diamond very rare to find
    They stopped them from educating theirselves without knowing that
    If they educate a man, they educate a man but if they educate a woman, they educate the nation
    The thing women are yet to learn is nobody gives you power you work for it
    Help yourself strive through greatness and show yourself you are worth it and you can do it
    You are not just a housewife that takes care of children, wash clothes, cook and do the chores
    You are a total happiness that brings the family together
    Take care of your woman for
    Once you lose her, you lost her forever and can never get her back

  • theyoungpoetess14 16w

    Brown Skinned

    I drowned in the sea of thought together with my brown skinned girl
    We were created from thesame clay
    Of different complexion
    We are not indigenes of thesame nation
    But we are indigenes of thesame soft heart
    She was humiliated
    Because of her brown tanned skin by the sovereigns
    She tried to talk and was shut
    She tried to move and was tied
    She tried to smile but cried
    She tried to help and got caught
    She got exposed to a new life
    And was pulled out of her shelter
    Only to be registered as slave

    The death she mourned
    The pain she healed
    The happpiness she lost
    and the sorrow she was in

    What's wrong with the brown skins?
    We are different skinned
    Not because we aren't worthy to be loved, cherished, or taken care of
    We are brown skinned
    We are proud to be
    And our lives matter
    ©️Aysha Makoda

  • theyoungpoetess14 17w


    A six lettered word
    One meaning
    Very immutable
    Found in several places
    Mostly relevant
    Attended by the ones that can afford
    Not the ones that can afford actually
    The ones that want and see the good in it
    What is this 6 lettered word that is very crucial
    It makes the unknown to be known
    And dispels illiteracy
    What is this 6 lettered word
    That gives us company
    Helps us in many turns of life
    Very efficacious
    What is this 6 lettered word?
    This six lettered word is an institution where instruction is given especially to persons under college age
    This six lettred word is a school

    ©️Aysha Makoda