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  • theycallmetreacle 133w


    I stumble through this concrete jungle life.

    It’s not just all the faces it’s the pace that dilutes us as our balance displaces; the haste with which societies chase us. Peace evades us from places we seek to be; where solace waits to embrace us.

    It’s like being always there but never present.

    I observe this world, soaking in all that confounds, such insanity surrounds me that I find of late, the necessary comprehension still hasn’t found what would compound and break down all this uncommon ground.

    Conformity is the window I gaze lustfully through.

    Seemingly always off kilter; off balance, off key like I’m destined to be on the outskirts; just me. Not chained or involved, yet glaringly to me somehow still I’m not free.

    Normality is the poison at which we sip; it infects us but we fail at total intoxication unless we acquiesce and ingest its full dose.

    I’ve not been let down in the abundance of comparisons to always find and to pale in, things to try in; win and fail in. I’ve found life won’t always give room to divert or curtail in; leaves you flailing in the midst of your self-cultivated derailing.

    This world is not obligated to make sense to me. I see so many people, through them, into them. I know enough to know I’m not missing enough to miss it.

    Escape from this madness feels imminent somehow, the idea of it pulls at me softly; the thought knows something of me so murmurs too often words certain to soothe me.

    I will wander alone until I find my unascertained destination.

    The exit light shines brightly, my feet walk there despite me, carrying me lightly to where I should be rightly. To where fighting what’s inside me isn’t nightly, where solitude won’t slight me.

    I will find a plane of existence that makes sense.

    I know I'm not wrong; that there’s harmony somewhere, I just have to get there, I’ve felt its existence in highs and in despair. I’m all too aware of all that I forswear in the burden I bear in my journey elsewhere.

    I just must.

    Journey elsewhere.

  • theycallmetreacle 146w

    i hope that when i leave,
    you forget how much i love you.


  • theycallmetreacle 151w

    but darling, you reek of reminiscence

    yet somehow the melancholy looks beautiful on you

  • theycallmetreacle 151w

    we drift back

    ❤️miles and years can separate two people. All of a sudden though, they can reek of one another. ❤️

  • theycallmetreacle 153w

    are there musketeers that guard the heart?

    I've not finished breaking yet, not far to go
    Before I start mending here's what you should know
    I loved you the moment my eyes met your face
    Your beauty made it such a wonderful place

    Beautiful fingers and beautiful toes
    Beautiful eyes and a beautiful nose

    I've never been able to miss you for long
    I miss you forever now, everything's wrong
    Nothing feels right now we're so far apart
    This is why I can't function; I don't have my heart

    I'll love you forever and always will be
    So sorry for breaking and not being me

    When we used to sing and to dance on the table
    And laugh and be crazy each time we were able
    Your smile is the sunshine and all of the stars
    Your life is my blessing; so perfect you are

    So be all the things that you think you can be
    Be the change in the world everybody should see

    Make the most of this world; see the magic around you
    Use your voice and your mind; they're the things it comes down to
    Show the world who you are and they'll fall at your feet
    You're perfection my darling; you made me complete


  • theycallmetreacle 153w

    have a think

    People throw love around these days as though 'like' is isn't enough or, a good thing.

    If you like someone lots but don't love them enough to be a joyful bonus in the good times and their solace in the bad, enough for them to be yours; because really, that's the love we all need...

    Just say like. Like is good.

  • theycallmetreacle 153w

    it's too late and i'm too tired

    I don't want go or to do this tonight
    I just can't find any end to this fight
    My love for you burns but I'm frazzled and scarred
    I've never had anything nearly this hard

    I cant accept blame for an argument had
    Where you rant and you curse and go over the bad
    Where you speak over me, through me and each time I speak
    Put it down to a rant or erratic or weak

    Saying you haven't spoken and I just won't stop
    That I just don't listen, I'm over the top
    Sometimes you're those things at once all mixed together
    But to tell you that now would just cut your last tether

    I don't want to be in this thing if it's fake
    We're much better than that, we'll admit our mistake
    Of prolonging a thing thats just not meant to be
    Let me love you from here now where you can't see me

    I let you go baby, you're free now, move on
    I'll remember with love how I once found my someone

  • theycallmetreacle 153w

    requital not required

    I’ve got lots of secrets I’d love you to know
    I wonder what you’d have to say
    I’d tell you them all and you’d tell me yours too
    If you ever looked over this way

    You don’t know who I am but I love you despite that
    As I keep you like this in my mind
    Whilst you’re perfect like this you are all that I need
    We can keep it this way that’s just fine

    You smiled at me once you know, ages ago
    What a beautiful thing to behold
    I bathed in that moment and you’ll never know
    How the magic you weave took a hold

    When I see you the Jazz Divas sing in my head
    They croon at the beauty of you
    They sing things to me you’d have certainly said
    If this thing I pretend at was true

    But you’ll never know, I won’t make that mistake
    I will love you this way, just for me
    I’m a smart girl you see so my heart will not break
    I can love you forever, pain free

  • theycallmetreacle 153w

    in that wakeful daze

    If I stand on my tiptoes I can see a good night’s sleep
    I can’t quite reach it but I’m sure I might before the morning creeps
    It hides from me as if I’m counting from behind a tree
    I can’t get it to understand I want it to find me

    It’s like I’m skating constantly between awake and dreaming
    Exhaustion takes its toll on me my sanity is screaming
    It blows its fuse and finds its calm and bliss finds me instead
    My brain shuts down and hears no sound but thoughts in my own head

    But still no rest I try to dream but constantly I’m thinking
    And that just makes it hard; I close my eyes and end up blinking
    I try new ways to mute my mind but options limit me
    This over thinking pit I’m in is causing sleepless misery

    I need to shut the world out temporarily to mend
    I need this sleep to find me and to love me, be my friend
    I wish it wouldn’t run away I’m longing for its care
    I hope one day it just stays still so I can meet it there

    I’m sure they say that hurt or loss is something you should sleep through
    Supposedly it benefits to do the things that heal you
    So I’ll keep chasing and keep hoping, I won’t give up trying
    Until I’m sleeping through this pain and dreaming that I’m flying

  • theycallmetreacle 153w

    love mindfully

    When I tell you I love you as much as I do,
    The me that you found I am giving to you.

      She's got so many questions and thinks you’re the answer,
      She thinks you’re the truth and not just a romancer.

    Try not to take what you don’t really need,
    Love her just as she needs you to, like we agreed.

      She’ll love you right back and she’ll love you with fire,
      She’ll love you in all of the ways you require.

    Be carefree not careless and, more than before,
    Fill your cup up with her love and hers up with yours.

      She’ll make you some rainbows if you give her rain,
      Fill her rain with your sunshine and make them again.