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    Inform me if you find any mistake.
    #thewritingspook #tws
    By unknown writer

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    Practically, none of us knows the true meaning of love. We know what we read in the books and saw in the movies. But every person has a different, how can that book or movie story work for everyone? Get your own meaning of love and then love. These books and movies can ruin your life.

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    Words can be deceitful, actions can change. Eyes can lie too and people can be strange. But the one thing that shall remain unaffected and untouched by all this is you and thy heart and best way to do that is to invest your time and energy in nature and art.


  • thewritingspook 52w

    "I could have lived a little longer,
    I could have seen a little more;
    what was my age Daddy?
    I was only 10 years old.

    I didn't even know the meaning of pandemic,
    where it started and what was the reason;
    out of all the things in the world,
    I died because of the lack of oxygen.

    Just like the old days,
    i saw my daddy kissing my forehead;
    the only difference one could notice
    was, this time i was dead.

    Everyone got the news that i am no more
    but no one came to the sight;
    daddy then carried me in his arms
    and took me for my last rites.

    This is not just about me,
    there are so many others,
    dying untimely;
    because of the poor medical system
    and are not even getting four shoulders.

    I hope this doesn't happen with anyone
    and everyone stays safe,
    even those who didn't help us in need
    gets the help when they pray."

    ~ neither alive nor dead, just stucked somewhere in between.

    #thewritingspook #tws #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #poem #covid @writersnetwork @miraquill @readwriteunite

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    Read in caption.

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    Sometimes I feel lonely,
    so lonely and empty
    that nothing else in this world
    seems complete and like
    no one and nothing can
    take away that feeling.
    And those are the moments
    when a thought
    "Am I supposed to live like this
    for the rest of my life?"
    crosses my mind,
    not once or twice
    but a million times.
    I feel incomplete and
    like something is missing in me,
    I look around myself
    and try to find that piece of my soul
    which I've lost somewhere.
    I get restless and sad
    without any reason,
    I feel like I need someone
    but I don't want to talk to anyone,
    I want to stay alone
    but I'm afraid of loneliness.
    It's like I'm trapped somewhere
    and something is not letting me go.
    That's the time when even after having
    a beautiful family and some good friends,
    I see happiness standing far away from me.
    It's not like I'm all alone or I don't have people
    but still, I feel the loneliest sometimes.
    So I cry as I find myself helpless,
    but who cares as this world is full
    of selfish and emotionless people.

    ~ Bhavesh Jha

    #writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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  • thewritingspook 98w

    I've wounds my love,
    that you don't want to see;
    Oh! I stood with you lady
    when I had no one with me,
    I had no one with me.
    O.. oo.. oooo.. oo.o
    O.. oo.. oooo.. oo.o

    I stood with you
    and told you the things
    that no one ever knew.
    was this feeling
    so I had it all,
    not knowing the fact
    that I was about to fall.
    makes me feel
    the memories you left,
    I showed you my weak points
    and you broke me at your best.
    I gave you love,
    I gave you time,
    I gave you care,
    I gave you fame;
    now I understand
    it was a part of your game.
    Blames, fights and tears
    are the things I got
    for the acts I did,
    to keep you safe
    and for the wars I fought.
    But then,
    when I needed you
    you left me in pain
    and now I pray to God
    that I never see you again
    I never want to see you again.
    O.. oo.. oooo.. oo.o
    O.. oo.. oooo.. oo.o"

    I've wounds my love,
    that you don't want to see;
    Oh! I stood with you lady
    when I had no one with me,
    I had no one with me.

    ~ Bhavesh

    #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork
    By unknown writer

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  • thewritingspook 100w

    Aayush was a middle class boy who was in the first year of graduation. There was a girl named Aparna in his batch, who was quite a good student. Both of them were working on a project together. Spending a lot of time, doing nonsensical craps; they enjoyed each other's company a lot. The highly enjoyable and strong bond soon turned into love and after some time they were a couple. Both of them were mature and handled the relationship very well.

    As they were serious about their love and wanted to take it to the next level, they informed their parents about everything and theur parents seemed to have no issues at all. Everything was going well, they completed their graduation and Aparna got a job in a MNC while Aayush was still looking for it. Aparna stood strong with him in every failure, every struggle and gave her best to make Aayush a better person and helped him with his interviews. She used to make time for him even after her job and in between. She was the happiest person when he got a job and finally, both of them were settled.

    It was very often for them to visit each other's house and to spend some quality time whenever they used to get holidays. Everything was good and everyone was happy until the day when someone gave a false information about Aparna to Aayush's mother. Aayush asked his parents to go to Aparna's house and talk about their marriage. Aayush's mother refused to do that and after a lot of drama she gave Aayush her swear to not argue on that issue. Aayush was helpless and couldn't say anything. On one hand it was his love and on other hand it was his mother, both of them were important for him and he couldn't afford losing any of them.

    Time passed and Aayush went into depression, he was taking help of a consultant but his conditions were getting worse day by day. After some time, his parents decided to let this marriage happen and went to Aparna's place but everything was changed by that time. After all she did for him seemed useless and worthless, she felt deceived and was in deep pain. When Aayush's parents came to talk about marriage, Aparna refused to marry him saying, " When he was going through his tough time, struggling to get a job and couldn't spend a penny on me, I stood with him and supported him. When it came to marry me, he didn't stand for it and I can't marry such person."

    Ayush hanged himself to death, Aparna couldn't bear this loss and ended up being in a mental asylum. Alas, one misunderstanding can change everything.

    ~ Bhavesh Jha

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #love #writersnetwork #story #poem

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  • thewritingspook 100w

    When I'm gone,
    they'll burn my body.
    Maybe they'll forget my soul,
    but the words I am writing here,
    I'll leave them.
    For the world to read,
    To feel my pain,
    To live my happiness,
    To see my love,
    To break the chain,
    They'll read my verse,
    But I won't be there,
    Maybe they'll feel guilty
    But I won't care
    They'll  set fire to my body
    And the river will taste my bones
    Maybe they'll miss me
    Maybe they'll cry for me
    But I won't care
    Because I'll be gone.


  • thewritingspook 101w

    I am frequently asked,
    "Why does love hurt so much?"
    and the answer is,
    I don't know.
    But, I personally think
    that we have exaggerated
    love in a way where people
    can't think of anything
    less than what they've seen
    in movies,
    heard in songs
    or read in poems.

    For me,
    love is simple.
    It's about being with the person
    with whom we're happy
    and most comfortable.
    It's a habit of being with
    someone or talking to someone,
    whose company we love the most.
    We feel safe there because
    we know that person won't judge us
    and will support us in any condition.

    We're taught that
    love is a soul to soul connection,
    we connected that with moon,
    stars and roses became
    which became the symbol of love.
    Every good thing about it
    was mentioned very briefly.
    But no one ever told us
    about the things we must do
    when the our partners leave,
    and why do they leave?

    They leave because
    they are not comfortable with us
    and how difficult is this to understand?
    They have all the rights to live
    their life in their own way,
    if they are not happy with us,
    we must be good enough to
    let them go and be happy.
    we give our best in our relationship
    but if the person is still uncomfortable
    then it's better for them to leave.

    We should be brave enough to
    understand the fact that even after
    giving our one hundred percent,
    the other person may not feel that love
    because we're not the right one for them.
    Instead of understanding the situation,
    we keep crying about it
    and the situation gets worse.
    We behave like an immature kid,
    and we must not do that rather
    welcome our partner's decision
    as it's beneficial for both of us.

    who we think is right for us,
    is probably not the right one for us.
    It happens,
    and we must celebrate the love
    as well as the separation.
    Because we've got a very less
    amount of time to live
    and if we'll waste that over
    such silly things then
    we won't be left with anything
    except sadness and regrets.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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