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  • thewitheringink 81w

    The Greatest Expression of Love,
    in Today's Age
    Is The Sound of The Mobile Msg Beeps,
    From Someone You Love.
    - Roshini Singh

  • thewitheringink 83w

    You know you are
    in love,
    When you see the world
    in her eyes,
    And her eyes
    in the world.
    -Roshini Singh

  • thewitheringink 84w

    What is love?

    No one can define it,
    its something so great,
    only God could design it.
    Love is beyond,
    what man can define,
    for love is immortal,
    and God's gift is divine.
    -Roshini Singh

  • thewitheringink 84w

    During our conversation
    I hugged him tight
    and started crying
    just because
    of the fear of losing him.
    the person whom
    I loved from my heart and soul.
    -Roshini Singh

  • thewitheringink 85w

    My love for you

    Youare the million reasons,
    why There's love reflecting in my eyes.
    I only wishthat,
    I could see the way youlove me.

    Youare the million reasons why ,
    There's smile on my face.
    I only wishthat ,
    I could see the way you smile
    after hearing my name.

    my love for you,
    willnever end.
    it will be constant,
    till infinity.
    -Roshini Singh

  • thewitheringink 85w

    तेरा साथ है तो मुझे क्या कमी है,
    तेरा हर मुस्कान से मिली मुझे खुशी है,
    मुश्कुराते रहना इसी तरह हमेशा,
    क्योकी तेरी इस मुश्कान में मेरी जान बसी है।
    -Manisha singh

  • thewitheringink 85w


    I am surrounded by people
    they say that they are
    I know they are not
    I am very close to my tears
    I want to die
    I want to make my hands bleed
    but I am ignored by those who says that
    they are
    I want to ran away from this world
    I want to go somewhere where there is no
    a place where no one knows me
    and I don't know anyone
    bit instead I m still there..
    - Roshini Singh

  • thewitheringink 85w

    3 AM

    It was about 3 AM
    And I was still up
    Searching for my dreams in the silence...
    And I saw
    My dreams in the darkness..
    I was lost
    I found nothing
    around me.
    It's made my dreams
    more terrible...

    Slowly I heard
    a whispering winds
    My soul speaks
    A new one is about to begin
    Once again
    I was lost..
    And now I found myself out of darkness
    I fall asleep..

    -Roshini Singh