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  • thewiserone 3h

    Its up there

    Mark my words.

    Imma be the greatest person you ever grasped with your two eyes.

  • thewiserone 13w


    Together we can do anything.

    Individually we can do everything.

  • thewiserone 13w

    We love

    Trump knows how much we hate him and thats why we hate him.

  • thewiserone 15w


    We have to be strong.

    Not me.

    Not you.

    But Us

  • thewiserone 21w


    The world has changed.

    It may change again.

    We will never know for certain.

    But change is only negative if you see it that way.

  • thewiserone 22w


    Without hate in this world. There couldn't be love.

  • thewiserone 96w


    The bond of sisters...
    The eternal nearly unbreakable bond.
    Broken by only pettiness and jealousy.
    Destined to share your most secret of secrets.
    To share you most wonderful of experiences.
    To complain about bad ones.
    Listening. Loving.

    To love the unlovable.
    To bear the unbearable.

    As sisters.

  • thewiserone 97w

    All of us

    We were all human until race disconnected us, religion seperated us, polotics divided us, and wealth classified us.

  • thewiserone 99w


    O captain my captain,
    Our fearful trip is done.
    The ship has weather'd every rack,
    The prize we sought is won.
    The port I hear, the bell is near.the people all exulting.
    While follow eyes the steady keel,
    The vessel grim and daring.
    But O heart!, heart!,heart!
    O the bleeding drops of red.
    My captain lies fallen cold and dead.-

  • thewiserone 100w


    How long must you wait until you confront life?