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  • thewandering_vqp 3d


    Controversially existential,
    Martial law might be essential
    To the cause of making sure
    The people know they are insured.
    This political climate so full of politics,
    We the People are tired of this,
    Yet we seem to believe that we need to revolt,
    That the government's wrong, and the Pres is a dolt,
    But we need to chill out, we just need to wait,
    The true King is coming, he's been on his way.
    So don't give us space, we need to keep faith,
    We need to be pressured to follow the Way.
    Let it be known, this is no
    Manifesto, but simply a message-
    It might be controversial,
    That all things will end,
    In time.

  • thewandering_vqp 1w

    Rise Up

    From king to cross,
    From cross to tomb,
    Pierced and stabbed,
    Eternal wounds.
    Laid to rest in an empty grave,
    From death to life,
    To the sky was raised.
    Blessed are you if you lose your life,
    Walk in love, in truth, in light,
    Close your eyes and turn your cheek,
    Blessed are those who choose to make peace.
    Warriors stand against injustice,
    Fighters war against the dark,
    Raise your blade and torches high,
    Walk softly with an open heart,
    And rise up.

  • thewandering_vqp 3w

    The Mailman

    I am the messenger,
    I spread the word,
    I will reveal what the world thinks absurd.
    I am the courier,
    I bring the truth,
    I will present what you know you should do.
    Ask me my name and you'll get no reply,
    I am unnamed, like the passing of time,
    I am a ghost,
    But more solid than life,
    Listen to me,
    And I'll show you the light...
    Ding dong!
    Your package has arrived.

  • thewandering_vqp 4w


    Forbidden fruit still tastes the sweetest,
    Every day I think I'm bleeding,
    Out from every bite I'm taking,
    Nowadays, my hands are shaking.
    Every single night I fear,
    Darkness rises in my ears,
    Every time I try to flee,
    The shadow grows,
    It lives in me.
    Light and darkness coincide,
    Life and death at war inside,
    My heart and soul are growing colder,
    Maybe one day when I'm older,
    I will burn these bridges down,
    I might care to hear the sound
    Of joyful singing in my ear,
    Like a bird, springtime is here,
    In paradise.

  • thewandering_vqp 5w

    Going Down

    So unfeeling,
    I'm concealing
    Every time my skin is peeling,
    Every time my heart is bleeding,
    Black and blue, my life is beating
    Me to pieces, scattered around,
    Gather round to watch it pound
    My mental state into the ground,
    Hear the screeching metal sound
    Of me screaming,
    Devil's bringing
    Me to hell,
    Where I belong,
    Who can save me,
    Going crazy,
    Lost my way,
    I'm going down.

  • thewandering_vqp 6w


    He's losing his mind
    For the thirty-first time,
    Anger and rage,
    With depression arrive.
    He tries and he tries,
    He screams and he cries,
    He picks up the pen,
    Wants to turn it to rhyme,
    But the lines are disjointed,
    His mind is a maze,
    His heart has been shattered,
    His eyes full of hate,
    He gets a fresh page,
    But his hand seems to shake,
    He's losing his sanity,
    Once again, gone insane.

  • thewandering_vqp 6w

    Survivor's Anonymous

    It's been so long,
    She's come so far,
    She's fought through hell, reaching up for the stars.
    She's grown so wise, through all her years,
    And yet no one sees every unshed tear.
    They look and see the end game now,
    They don't look beneath,
    They don't see deep down,
    All the things she's seen and the things she's done,
    They don't even know all the times she's run
    To God, to faith, just to try and find love,
    She's screamed in rage to the heavens above,
    She survived so much and felt so much pain,
    Yet she's still alive, healing by God's grace.
    She told me her story,
    She asked me to share,
    I want all to see how much strength still is there.
    All the times she broke, but she got back up,
    I tell you my friends, the Survivor
    Is us.

  • thewandering_vqp 7w


    I'm waiting in place,
    Escaping my fate,
    The flames deep inside of my mind won't abate.
    My pride won't obey,
    Been like this for days,
    Been fighting my way through a maelstrom of pain.
    Is this really my fate?
    I despise and I hate,
    I cry as I die and I scream in my rage.
    I want to be safe,
    To live unafraid,
    To walk in the light and be blinded by faith.
    I bow beneath this weight,
    Crushed beneath my saddened state,
    I fall to my knees,
    I think it's time to pray.

  • thewandering_vqp 8w

    Sound Waves

    Music needs a message
    Just like deserts need the rain,
    Watch the words grow louder
    As they grow and fester in your brain.
    Festering like maggots
    In every crack and crevice, every place
    That darkness hides inside your mind,
    The music shines, a bright parade.
    Like the tides, it rolls and sighs,
    Reverberating behind your eyes,
    It comes and goes,
    Like wind it blows,
    It fills you up with life's sound waves.

  • thewandering_vqp 9w


    I feel weak,
    I feel numb,
    I struggle with the urge to run.
    I want peace,
    I want calm,
    I know the best is yet to come.
    Storm is loud
    In my ears,
    As I struggle with my fears,
    I walk on,
    The end is near,
    The end of the tunnel,
    The light is here.