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  • theuntoldstory 215w

    Tanha akeli raaton mein.. ye ashq beygane ho jae
    Jab tum humare ho jao aur hum tumhare ho jayein..

  • theuntoldstory 215w

    Random ranting. You can happily ignore.

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    YOU contains the darkness

    YOU contains the fireclouds

    YOU contains the baker
    So bake. Bake your own life.

    Rain the fire from those clouds to enlighten your dark soul. Bake it until brown, crispy and tasty.

    After all it's your life.

  • theuntoldstory 215w

    He: "Hey girl wait, I think I know thy."
    She: "No you don't, if you did you'd cry"

    He: "okay then cool I wish to know you"
    She: "starting from colour, my fav- sky blue"

    He: "What do you love in eating stuff"
    She: "Anything will do except for bluff"

    He: "oh kay..!! I got it. So you don't believe"
    She: "Yes, because everyone will deceive"

    He: "No, let me prove that I'm not same"
    She: "This is my life dear and not a game"

    He: "I think you should experience UnLOVE"
    She: "what's that? let me put on my glove"

    He: "Carefully and slowly you need to enter"
    She: "This feels like a comfortable shelter"

    He: "Please come sit and have some rest."
    She: "Umm.. Sorry it'll take time to adjust"

    He: "No worries dear take your own time"
    She: "I loved someone once. Is it a crime?"
    He: "Not at all it's the best feeling ever"
    She: "I've been there, it feels like fever"

    He: "Don't take me wrong that person's fake"
    She: "But it was too late when I was awake"

    He: "It's never to late to love someone right"
    She: "But I don't feel that I can or I might"

    He: "Believe me. One day you'll fall again"
    She: "I don't fall for anything except for rain"

    He: "accept my friendship and tie a band"
    She: "But for that dude. Show me your hand"

    they used to talk and fight alot
    Making each other a favourite spot

    And one fine day she came up with a question
    "Do you love me? My everything's rendered"
    He: "I'm onto my knees fully surrendered"

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  • theuntoldstory 215w

    Kabhi kabhi mann to karta hai ke chale hi jau to kya ..... par kuch niraash ho jaenge aur kuch hataash to bas iss liye jaane ki baat bhi nhi.

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    Mai chala jau bhi to kya?

    Bas kuch dil tutenge aur kuch sapne.

    Mai laut ke na aau bhi to kya?

    Bas kuch lamhe chutenge aur kuch apne.

    Mai patthar dil ho jau bhi to kya?

    Bas kuch afsos karenge aur kuch koshish.

    Mai pith dikhau bhi to kya?

    Bas kuch baatein karenge aur kuch sazish.

  • theuntoldstory 215w

    Mai yaari aisi nibhau tujhse ke dildaar bhi tera kahe mujhse
    Mai rahu na rahu iss duniya mein mera pyaar hamesha salamat rahe.

  • theuntoldstory 215w

    I keep on writing and composing these incomplete songs. I wish I could sing them...

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    Bhulo bhale mujhe
    Ehsaah ko mere toh yaad
    rakhoge na tum

    Duaon me na ho
    mera naam duaon ke baad
    rakhoge na tum

    Khushiyan na sahi
    Par mere naam ki ek fariyaad
    rakhoge na tum

    Mujhko to nahi
    Par yaadon ko meri aabaad
    rakhoge na tum

  • theuntoldstory 215w

    Tum kho rahe ho vajood apna ek zindagi ki talaash mein
    Patjhad ke ful na bhul jana tum baarishon ki aas mein

  • theuntoldstory 215w

    Chal pada tha duniya se mai sab rishton se ruth ke
    Uda zara sa fir gira mai zameen par asmaan se tutt ke

  • theuntoldstory 215w

    In the end we are all lost and I believe we belong there.

  • theuntoldstory 215w

    Na ye virat aasman
    Na ye vishal dariya
    Mere jeeney ka bas
    ek tum hi ho zariya