These writings speaks more than i do!

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  • thetrappedsoul 4w

    I realised that we are our own problem
    I realised that it’s me and that I need to be saved from myself
    Because it’s me who keeps going back to people who don’t treat me right, hurt me and what not
    But I don’t know how to really do that

  • thetrappedsoul 4w

    The people who don’t know you closely might believe your lies and get fooled by the mask that you’re wearing but the people who have been with you will always know the truth. So you might fake it all till a certain amount of time but after that everything gets crystal clear to everyone.

  • thetrappedsoul 8w

    He was selfish enough to hurt me each time for his wants
    Then why was I not selfish enough to save myself instead of being there for him as per his needs
    He kept himself and those girls above me
    Then why did I not keep myself above them all

  • thetrappedsoul 8w

    That last ray of hope on him
    Well I lost that today
    And with that I promised myself that I would not let anyone treat me like that ever.

  • thetrappedsoul 9w

    Change for good
    Before they change for not giving a fuck about your existence
    Though doing both us a difficult thing for each
    But know what would hurt more!

  • thetrappedsoul 10w

    If people are dumb enough to not even notice
    That the only thing you have been trying all along was to help them be a better human being
    Then you should be sensible enough to stop putting efforts in doing so

  • thetrappedsoul 10w

    Before you blame them for not being there for you in times of need
    Make sure that you were for them in theirs

  • thetrappedsoul 10w

    I am scared of the past
    I am scared of the future
    I am scared of the past things to happen to me in future
    I try my best to let go of my past
    I try not to get haunted by it
    But no matter what, it hunts me down eventually
    What do I do?
    How do I trust people
    How do I know it won’t happen all over
    They say not to fear
    But here I am falling deeper into that fear

  • thetrappedsoul 10w

    Nobody knows the real you
    Everyone might know a different and somewhat the same versions or bits about you
    But the only person who truly knows you is “YOU, yourself.”

  • thetrappedsoul 11w

    Most of the times when we push people away we actually need and want them the most, it is a shattering moment for us where we want them to hold us when we are falling into the deep miseries and sorrows but least are the times when people actually get that.